Your Crescent Moon Horoscope for May 2013

What Does the Moon Have in Store for You?

May 10 brings the first view of the crescent moon just after sunset in western Africa. This is a very special “newborn” moon, as it immediately follows the solar eclipse, so this is one powerful “baby!” To make it even more amazing, the second crescent moon will have Venus in its “horns.” Any ancient, star-gazing priest would be so dazzled that he would be telling his king or emperor about this time with dramatic, poetic verse!

The gorgeous “prince,” Jupiter will be in the second crescent moon’s “embrace.” If you meditate or do creative imagining, this is a powerful time to view these sights to generate new love, money or both. This fits the overall theme of May for initiating love and beauty.


The seeds of “money, money, money” should be taking form for Aries with this crescent moon. It’s a rich, sensual time full of surprises, and Aries normally loves the unexpected. You’ll find your usual physical drive for sports or exercise being redirected to making money and love. How bad can that be?


This is your very special crescent moon in your sign. You will be your gorgeous, sensuous self, but intensified! Your biggest problem may be having too many people pursuing you. If you have a committed relationship, just use your powerful presence to thrill your lover.


This crescent moon is full of riches and feelings that the special person in your life may be an eternal relationship. They could be feeling exactly the same way even if they can’t express it, yet relishing your gentle words and loving company. While work is demanding, take a little time for romance on the 10th and the 11th.


The crescent moons on the 10th through the 14th could find a friend becoming a lover. If you use a relationship matching site, someone wonderful could appear and say just the right thing that opens you to a budding relationship. Nobody feels the moon more than Cancer, so this fresh, bright time could bring so much love and fun.


The stars are shining on your career and public image during the crescent moon period on May 10 – 14. If you’ve had a plan to dazzle others on the stage or in a presentation, this could be a great time for it. Show your creative, sensual side and your ability to make something beautiful happen.


You will be truly inspired by this special crescent moon. You will surprise yourself with what you’ve learned and can use to teach and inspire others. That special person could be found while traveling. Or, planning travels with someone special over the May 10 weekend could cement your relationship.


This crescent moon offers a really sexy, intense time for Libras. You’ll have financial concerns and demands to address, but other than that, you could be totally enthralled with someone mysterious and passionate. Soak in the earthy side of your Venus energy and feel really vital and alive.


The crescent moon beginning on May 10 really moves your focus to relationships and romance. You are usually a sexy animal and this week your lover will meet your appetite. If you aren’t connected to anyone special, you’ll find someone so appealing you may not be able to get them out of your mind.

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Those old feelings that have been pulling you down can be released during the crescent moon period of May 10 through the 14th. You’ll love the resulting new vitality that you can pour into making all of your dreams come true. You may have the urge to move from one relationship to another. Just be certain that you are truly “finished” with that steady person in your life.


Your creativity and love life will find a brilliant new strength and focus during the crescent moon period of May 10 through the 14th. Demands from friends may require some attention, but go ahead and indulge yourself. It’s the perfect time and place to luxuriate in this sexy time.

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The crescent moon period of May 10 through the 14th will allow your public image to gain a whole new life. If you perform or speak before crowds, use this period to engage a bigger audience and really expand your career presence. You can inspire others in new ways and even surprise yourself with what you have to offer.


Really begin to publicly communicate the creative seed you’ve planted over the past several months during the crescent moon period of May 10 through the 14th. Be relentless in showing people both the enchanting beauty and fulfilling feelings that your inspired offerings can bring, along with the financial benefits.

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  1. Robert


    Please help me. I have been single and celibate for over 10 years. About 4-5 days ago I meet a guy, but no sex yet. The problem is that he had to leave 3 days after we met for 3 weeks to go see his ex-boyfriend in Switzerland. He says, and I believe him that he does not like the guy, he says it makes his skin crawl to just be in the same room as him and before his plane took off he told me he wasn’t feeling very well and his stomach was upset. All I know about the reason he had to go to Switzerland is because its bussines related. I know, why didn’t the ex come here. Well, it turns out that Mr. Ex has more money then God and my guy doesn’t, so the ones who have get what they want and my guy go. I should say this trip to Switzerland had been in the works for a couple of months before my man and I met. My question is, I have not heard from my man except from the plane yesterday and the ex wants him back. My man has made it clear in no uncertain turns that that isn’t going to happen my man don’t want this guy back. But, why haven’t I heard from him? The ex is very controlling, so my man may not want the confrontation of saying he is calling another man. I guess what I am asking is, do I have anything to worry about? Is my man going to foget all about me before he gets back and, finally, I am an Aries and he is an Aquarius. What do you think? Worry, or don’t?



  2. hkraig

    Hello ljj and thanks for your question. Yes, the kind of astrology this article covers, called Tropical astrology, and many others does take into account everyone. To look up your zodiac sign according to Tropical astrology, visit our Horoscope page:

    You might be familiar with Vedic astrology and we do a monthly Moon forecast which you can find here:

    Thanks again!
    Holly Allender Kraig

  3. ljj

    I really want to ask u an important question i.e does all this foreign astrology applies to an indian?the timings ,region all will be different,no?


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