A Secret Life

We were surprised to find out that many callers to CaliforniaPsychics.com lead secret lives, and others are the “secret” in someone else’s life. Our psychics tell us the majority of their clients who have added a clandestine path to their life’s journey are involved in affairs outside their relationships. Many call in to find out how their double lives are affecting their karma, and others want to free themselves of guilt.

Though our psychics feel that it is not their job to judge as they work with each case individually, they also believe that carrying secrets around will influence one’s spiritual journey. Secrets in general are not healthy. They can lead to a higher good, some psychics argue, but they usually have a spiraling downward effect, and they can be painful to all involved.

“I believe that we operate in a world where the energy you put out there is the energy you get back. If you are hiding something now, something will be hidden from you,” counsels Joyce ext. 9598. “This pattern is inevitable, and has been repeatedly taught throughout history, from “do unto others…” to the more-scientific and physical version of the same idea, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

The problem with a secret life is that the words imply dishonesty, “which, regarding one’s karma, is rarely a good thing,” reports Jonathan ext. 9601. “As with most everything in life, the more one is dishonest, the easier it is to have dishonesty spill into other areas of life. That being said, I don’t allow these generalities to affect my readings. There have been times when the secret life was actually the right path for the client, and the mistake was an earlier decision.”

“Intent” is as important as the action, some psychics say, especially when it comes to understanding the “positives” of secret lives. Having a secret life can affect a caller’s journey in life in various ways, believes Althea ext. 9582, whose specialty is helping customers focus on their paths. “If one’s secret is the existence of self-improvement and developing a new skill, or education level… this can be positive, as well as a secret life that may involve elements of being unfaithful, as long as it is aiding the caller to gain a level of self-confidence that will aid them in leaving a bad or abusive relationship. If one sets out to hurt another by keeping a secret, this will likely breed karmic retribution.”

Even if you have the best of intentions, when the secret life you have chosen causes pain to others you are often causing harm to yourself as well. Ironically, what drives folks to live in secret is fear, and when we fear something we attract more of the same, psychics say. Dishonesty often brings with it guilt, depression, paranoia… and these can torture the person living that secret life.

In order to be fulfilled and happy in life, one must first stand in their truth, our psychics remind us. “If we could be honest with each other about these things without fear or recrimination, we could erase this karmic situation completely,” Joyce concludes.” There are no easy answers in these complicated situations, except the truth. In the light of the truth, we are absolved.”

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One thought on “A Secret Life

  1. Mark Taylor UK

    Wowsa! very deep and very interesting, I was young once and very black and white about life and people, as I have got older i realise I am only human, fragile and vulnerable as the next man. I have had many tough experiences in life and felt at times I was drowning in the realities that were present at the time, however I never gave up the journey and battled on. In doing so I have learned to become more spiritual, less self centred and more understanding of other, tolerant to the extreme as well, for it is only when we are honest with ourselve;s we become more settled and happier.


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