8 Ways to Avoid the Letdowns and Disappointments

Valentine’s Day Sucks!

Americans spend up to 20 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day in the supreme quest to meet lovers’ expectations. Those expectations might cause devastating disappointments and Valentine’s let downs. Don’t fall into the traps, use these tips to stay sane and rational as Cupid lets his arrows fly.

1.) If you don’t have a beau, a partner, or a lover right now, plan a special dinner or activity with your best friend, your sister, or even your favorite neighbor. Buy yourself a very affordable luxury, and read Fall in Love With Yourself.

2.) Live in the real here and now. Pretty Woman was an awesome movie, but in real life, men are less likely to be princely. Keep your expectations real.

3.) Tell your lover way before Valentine’s Day: a. The date is February 14, and b. Little sweetnesses light your fire. DON’T play “If you love me, you magically know what I want.” Sidle up and whisper, “Honey, it would be lovely to get__ from my Valentine.”

4.) Start first thing in the morning and say, “I have never loved you more than right now.” Whether your lover is male or female, bestow gifts of smiles, compliments, special treatment and appreciation.

5.) Make sure you reciprocate. Lots of us expect to be showered with gifts and special activities, but maybe we don’t pamper our mates. Cook something awesome. Dress to the nines. Be your most loving self.

6.) Consider your real-life budget as a couple. If one of you is unemployed, or bills are a concern, steady yourself to appreciate simple gifts and rational celebrations. Maybe this year diamonds and lobster aren’t realistic. Love isn’t measured by dollar signs.

7.) If your love life is fraught with distress and discord in general, expecting Valentine’s Day to fix everything is a recipe for disaster. Identify and work on challenges you’re facing together, get professional help if you need it, and make Cupid’s day a new beginning.

“You must first love yourself before you can truly love another. Love is not controlling, it’s accepting. True love honors the differences in each other.” – Rivers ext. 5273

8.) Valentine’s Day doesn’t define how lovable you are or meter your relationship’s success, and it doesn’t change reality. It’s one twenty-four hour period in which we can be fun and flirty or cranky and miserable. If you or your mate don’t like the tradition, it’s ok to ignore it.

Valentine’s Day is mostly promoted by lots of retailers. They make nearly as much money on February 14 as they do for Christmas, and economy-wise, that’s not all bad. However, we need to realize that while most women get excited, anxious and swoony as the day is hyped in the media, many men feel manipulated and hornswaggled. If your expectations have been dashed time and again, the best thing you can do is adjust your thinking and relax. Make someone a little bit happy every day, especially yourself.

“We don’t need a special day for people to realize if they have or don’t have people they love.” – Vivienne ext. 5489

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6 thoughts on “8 Ways to Avoid the Letdowns and Disappointments

  1. Mark Taylor UK

    Well….. My biggest fear in life was lonliness, and coming out of a 20 year relationship was painful but my desire for my sanity and peace of mind was needed more so, I made sure the needs of others was put first, the children had left home and were on there own spiritual path/ journey! not that they are aware of that yet!……… I realised that I have no right to force others to change or fit in with my plans or desires in life, I can only guide and support………………The point of this article is I spent valentines day alone, happy, and aware I also do not need to be in a relationship to be happy on valentines day. My first relationship concern is to be happy in a relationship with myself, only then can I then be truly happy in a relationship with some one else who’s hopefully realised that life is a journey and yes happy with who they are first, then i believe we can avoid the many pitfalls of other relationships, and that is expectancy and demands that are really projections of self rather than giving of self!! makes sense? i hope so 🙂 P.S I have some one at home, Sammy the Corgi dog, my faithful companion, who lives a simple life, not screwed up, confused or bitter! not looking for answers and guidence! just has a simple life, and that is giving love and affection, without prejudice, hate, fear, or race issues, he is immune to these learned behaviours, he expexts nothing more than a return of affection and plenty of play time, oh and food and water, oh and treats! A simple relationship, and if I come home smelling of another dog he thinks that interesting! ( JOKE) !

  2. sammie

    does loving yourself include the stuff that grows hair on your palms, or how about the thing that makes you go deaf… I really don’t have the one for females… I actually make it a point to enjoy that part as well… you are perfectly right about pets, they really do keep you here… grounded

  3. Donna

    I found it very sad that the man who is supposedly my partner never even contacted me on Valentines day but my ex can send me a nice a message. Well I think I now have the answer I have been trying to decide he is going to become an ex also.

  4. virgo2757

    Ah, Valentine’s Day…

    My friend Marie made a scrumptious dinner for her husband, some exotic dish that I can’t even pronounce…

    My friend Jake, because he’s a guy, cooks simpler stuff, so he made his girlfriend a nice spaghetti dinner with garlic bread sticks, a nice crisp salad, and homemade sauce and meatballs, with a nice red wine to top it off…

    And my husband made me….run around the corner to Burger King and get him a Whopper meal with large fries and a Pepsi! :p

  5. Mark Taylor UK

    At last a sensible article about Valentines day, Yep I’m the guy who’s horns get waggled by retailers pressurising me to show affection on one day at inflated prices! Well Guess what? I am not a pack animal, and I will not bow to gang mentallity, I will stand my ground and show wisdom love and affection in my way which is 364 other days of the year, regardless of a females shoe size!!! And no I am not a miserable old cranky man 🙂 However shoe size is an indicator in females, I do find larger feet not as attractive!

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500GIna Rose ext.9500

    Well…..I like being single and I don’t feel the want for a relationship , not now anyway….

    but, yesterday,…..on Valentines Day

    me, myself, & I cooked a nice meal, and along with my 5 Guides, we had a nice Valentines Day dinner party of 8…..LOL LOL LOL LOL
    ( sorry, couldn’t resist that )

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great tips, Taryn !!!!!


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