The 8 Best Crystals for Igniting Passion

8 Best Crystals for Igniting Passion | California Psychics

Feeling Down? Rediscover Your Passion

Sometimes life can feel like you’re going around exposing your neck with a sign tattooed on it that invites all vampires to: “Insert fangs here.” And even when you try to protect yourself from those who would gleefully drain you of your last drop of blood, your passion can wilt nigh unto cold death under the burden of trying to merely exist. Fear not, for help is on the way with these mighty gemstones that can revive your lust for passionate life, especially in love!

Certain crystals are highly prized for their innate properties to light the inner sexual fires of lovers. Just by their presence, these crystals can help shift any sensual energy in the right direction, fueling lovemaking sessions with burning fires of pure pleasure.

Red is the Color of Passion

While there are several kinds and colors of gemstones to get and keep your heart pounding, you’ll notice among those listed here deep red and red-orange gemstones that are known to incite some lusty, sweaty, salty goodness, and pink hues that tend to support, nurture, and inspire the gentler qualities of romantic love.

As always, simply go into meditation with your chosen crystals and imbue them with your intentions, then let them go to work for you. Here’s a hand-picked list of the eight best crystals for igniting passion to help get you and your lucky lover reveling in red-hot flames of desire.


Sex is good for you and your lover and can bring ever-deepening bonding to both of you in body, mind, heart, and soul. Garnet is believed to help heal broken relationships and bring lovers into sexually blissful reconciliation. Aligned with both your Heart and Root/Base Chakras, it is known to help create balance in your libido and physical energy, fueling you up for long-lasting sessions of intense lovemaking. This deep red gemstone acts much like the ruby in how it revs up your sex drive and entices passion to flood your body with orgasmic intensity.


Carnelian means “flesh.” It has the power to stimulate carnal desire as you gaze into the glowing orange-red embers of it’s fiery center. Connected to your Root/Base and Sacral Chakras, it acts like a crystal aphrodisiac as it invites fervent potency up from the depths of your body and soul. Carnelian fills you with fertile kundalini energy that makes your sexual desire rise up to a degree of heat that is almost too sizzling hot to touch. Almost.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is believed to literally carry your love for your beloved within its warm, soft pink walls. Aligned with your Heart Chakra, it can act like a first aid stone for your heart, transmuting lust into love, and passion into a tantric union of balanced yin-yang sexual energies. While any shape or size of rose quartz will do all you intend it to, heart-shaped rose quartz is perfect for the purpose of invoking love energy. There’s something immeasurably gratifying in pleasuring the one you love, and this lovely crystal makes sure you receive every bit of the love you give, and more.


This shiny gemstone with its golden glow derives its name from the Greek word pyr, which means “fire.” According to, Pyrite can be used to literally create sparks by being struck against metal, as in for example, flintlock firearms. This glittering, gold-like gemstone is connected to your Solar Plexus Chakra and helps spark the joy of sex that you and your beloved will fan into wild love flames!

Fire Quartz

Highly energizing and vitalizing, Fire Quartz stimulates your Root/Base and Sacral Chakras, activating your sexual desire to the state of DEFCON 1, Maximum Readiness! Although its coloring appears soft and gentle in shades of light orange-red, do not be deceived, for it will light your inner fire in a heartbeat and quickly have you and your lover ready to go in no time.

Red Tiger Eye

Gazing into the dark red and deep golden-brown tones of a Red Tiger’s Eye will have you feeling frisky fast. Empowering your Root/Base and Solar Plexus Chakras, things will start getting steamy as soon as you glance at it, making you want to pounce on your heart’s desire like a lusty love cat. Your ears will prick with delight when you hear the sexy growls of passionate intensity your lover gives as you get your come-hither on, and your bodies meld into one as you mew, purr, and yowl together in ecstatic bliss!


The beautiful red Ruby is known to invoke intense lifelong love and passion. Hold one up to the light as you gaze into its ancient fires and you will feel your sensuality come to peak arousal. It is one of the four precious gemstones and is connected to the Heart and Root/Base Chakras. A potent aphrodisiac in any form, whether rough and raw or cut and polished, a ruby may range in shades from pinkish-red to deep blood red to reddish plum. Placing it under your bed helps invigorate sexual activities to the pinnacle of ecstatic climaxes. If you could only choose one gemstone for the purpose of creating passion, Ruby would be an ideal choice.


The Lodestone is also known as Magnetite, and you can use this incredibly strong magnetic iron ore connected to your Root/Base Chakra to help you attract and manifest anything you want into your life. If you want a sex-tra hot tip to magnetize your passionate heart’s desire to you, however, snatch up a couple of these stones that come in shades of black, dark gray, and red-brown. You’ll feel a sort of sexual magic when you take two Lodestones that are meant to represent you and your lover and push them up against each other. Feel how they bond tightly together as you fill your spirit up with a sensual come-to-me vibe and talk to them. Tell them what you want to manifest in your love life, then get ready, for your lover will surely come racing right to you when the timing is right. Be ready for some very powerful sexual explosions.

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