60 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

60 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married | California Psychics

Before You Pop the Question

Are you planning to get married? How exciting! If you’re making plans to marry soon, planning on getting married later on when you both feel the time is right, or even if you just want to dream ahead for that one special day, there are many questions that need to be asked before taking such a huge life step. This is one of the biggest life investments you can make, and you (and your spouse-to-be) will want to get it right.

If you do choose to marry, there are many questions you want to ask yourself, along with questions you want to ask your beloved. Here are 60 questions to ask before getting married.

Questions for Yourself

1. Do you really want to be married and bound for life to this person, no matter what life throws at you?

2. Do they have your back?

3. Are they generous with their money and time?

4. Are they genuinely attentive to and willing to meet your sexual needs?

5. Are they dismissive of your concerns or do they really listen to you?

6. Observe if their actions match their words. Is what they do the same as what they say?

7. Is your significant other a taker, a giver, or do they have a pretty good balance of give and take?

8. Are they faithful to you, both emotionally and physically?

9. How does your person treat people who act in service roles, such as food servers, store clerks, etc.?

10. How do they treat people who can’t do anything for them?

11. Do you trust them? Perhaps it seems absurd to ask at this stage, but it is imperative you know the answer is an instant yes. If you feel yourself hesitate, even a little bit, it’s time to put things on pause and dig deeper. If they lie to you constantly, if you feel like you’re always having to check and see what they’re up to, if they appear to be living a double life, please do not be tempted to make excuse after excuse for them. Face who they really are. Save yourself the agony of being tied to someone who may end up tearing your heart out, destroying your finances, your very home, and heaven forbid, the family you may create together.

12. Do they drink too much?

13. Do they do recreational drugs?

14. Do they have a porn addiction?

15. Do they gamble or are otherwise reckless and irresponsible financially?

16. Do they have a bad temper?

17. Do they criticize you constantly?

18. Are they always trying to “fix” you?

19. Are you on a secret or even open mission to see if you can change them?

20. Why do you want to change them?

21. Are you willing to accept them as-is? Growth, maturity, and willingness can help a person to change, but leopards tend to be quite attached to their spots, and very rarely will they change them.

Questions for You and Your Mate-to-Be

There are countless questions to ask. Some questions are not easy to ask your beloved.

Some of these questions are tough. Sometimes people are perfectionists and can run off a prospective partner with impossibly high demands that they themselves couldn’t meet.

Find a happy medium by perusing these queries and any others you may think of and take what best fits for you and your intended life partner.

Our Commitment

22. What does our commitment mean to each of us?

23. How do we make each other feel the most loved?

24. What do we most love about one another?

25. Are we willing to do all it takes to create the loving union we both dream of having?

26. Are we a real team?

27. Do we have each other’s back?

28. Will we stand by one another no matter what illness or tragedy might befall either of us?

29. Do we see our union as a lifelong commitment, no matter what?


30. How many do we want to have?

31. How will we raise them?

32. What if it isn’t possible to naturally have them?

33. Would adoption be an option?

Parents, Original Family

34. How do we feel about our parents and original families?

35. How involved do we want them to be with our family?

36. What boundaries will we set with them?

37. Will we live near them as they get older?

Sex and Intimacy

38. How do we want our sex life to be?

39. Will we be able to be honest about our wants and needs with each other?

40. Are we willing to fulfill both our needs in terms of sex and intimacy?

41. Do we agree that both physical and emotional faithfulness are equally important?

Communicating, Arguments, Fighting

42. Do we agree to always try to consistently communicate with one another in loving ways?

43. How do we each prefer to resolve conflicts?

44. Are we determined to be supportive and not be dismissive toward each other?

45. Do we agree to fight about topics and issues without tearing each other down?

46. Are we willing to establish some boundaries ahead of time, such as being able to call time out, etc.?

Money and Work

47. How much money do we each make?

48. Who will pay the bills?

49. Will we be generous with one another?

50. Will we have a joint bank account?

51. Will we save money?

52. What are our financial goals?

53. Will we continue to make time for one another no matter how busy we are at work?


54. Do we want to rent an apartment?

55. Do we want to own our own home?

56. Will we share in the housework?

57. In what state, city, or area would we be the happiest living?

Faith, Spirituality, Beliefs

58. What are our views regarding religion and different belief systems?

59. How important is it to us to keep a spiritual or religious practice?

60. Would we be okay if one of our belief systems changed?

The Most Important Question

Of course, not everyone is cut out for, or even wants to get married, so probably the most important question to ask first is: “Is marriage the best option?”

The reasons to not marry are endless, but here are a few of them:

•Lots of people choose to commit to one another without a legal piece of paper to bind them, for they believe only love is the real bond.

•Some people might want to marry, but don’t feel the traditional way works for them.

•Sometimes financial issues make it easier to avoid marriage.

•Some people don’t want to be monogamous.

•Some folks worry that too many marriages end in divorce.

•People may not want to have kids and therefore feel marriage is unnecessary.

Just the Beginning

These questions are enough to get you off to a good running start toward marriage and the rest of your life/lives. May all your questions be answered happily and may you be blessed with a lifetime union filled with bliss.

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