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Those with itchy feet who love to travel deserve to feel like they have some DIY protection that will help shield them from the stress, anxiety, and the unexpected difficulties frequently encountered on journeys. Being a stranger in a strange land, or even in a place you’ve been before, can be a joyful, happy experience, but it can also be a little scary, and crystals can provide a powerful shield of protection to the wanderers among us.

While there are many crystals to choose from that would be useful for all sorts of journeys, in order to make it easier for you to decide, here are the 9 best crystals for travel.


Stone of Life

Shungite is also known as a “Miracle Stone,” and it helps protect you by neutralizing EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies, which are found everywhere there are electronic devices, such as scanners, cell phones, and laptops that abound in airports. This deep black mineral is connected to the Root/Base Chakra, and although not a crystal, it is a grounding stone you can use to protect, shield, and cleanse yourself from negative energy with its massive healing power.


Stone of Change and Transformation

Also known as the “Traveler’s Guardian Stone,” Malachite acts as a shield, helping to prevent accidents and keep you safe from physical danger. It is considered an ideal assist in overcoming a fear of flying. It can also help with jet lag, and change anxious frustration to a peaceful, easy feeling. Connected to the Heart and Throat Chakras, its lovely green hues help transform your energy from being stressed and overwhelmed to feeling calm and serene.


Stone of Purification and Light

Aligned with the Soul Star (just above the Crown), and Crown Chakra, Selenite is believed to open your spirit to the light of the angels. It carries the protective, purifying energy of the Divine. Named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, this translucent crystal ranging in color from white to white-gray, promotes psychic ability, mental clarity, and protects from negative entities. Its soothing energy guides you safely along, making it a perfect travel companion.


Stone of Courage and Protection

Aquamarine is associated with the Throat and Heart Chakras, and its soft, soothing, pale blue-green color creates a sweet, serene calm for your soul. Believed to promote courage, it is said to be especially protective for travel by, on, or over water. According to writer Mary Ancillette, ancient folklore says it was “the treasure of mermaids,” and its name is “from the Latin Aqua Marinus, meaning ‘water of the sea.’”

Black Tourmaline

Master Protection Stone

Also known as a Force Field Protector, Black Tourmaline is believed to offer protection in any situation, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. It can shield you from all negativity and this makes it an ideal protector while traveling. Aligned with the Root/Base Chakra, this glistening black crystal acts like your personal bodyguard. It transmutes negative energy into a positive, relaxed sense of reassurance, and it is good to carry with you everywhere you go.


Mind and Memory Stone

Attached to the Root/Base Chakra, Hematite is a silvery gray-black crystal known for its grounding influence. Believed to imbue you with tremendous strength, endurance, and willpower, it can help you sail through negative storms with a protective shield of positive energy. It helps your memory remain sharp and clear in the midst of chaos, giving you true peace of mind.

Yellow Jasper

Stone of Nurturing

Yellow Jasper, connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, carries a warm, sunny, happy energy in its varying shades of bright yellow. It is known to balance energy and protect mind, body, and spirit during travel, and it can help prevent motion sickness. It can uplift confidence, increase mental clarity, and boost enthusiasm and joy. Gaze upon this little bit of crystal sunlight anytime you need to feel some nurturing comfort.


Stone of Patience

Howlite is aligned with the Crown Chakra and this white stone often looks like marble with threads of black, gray, or brown lacing through it. Known for its ability to fill you with patience, self-control, and calm, it can act as a protector from anger, both your own and that of others. It can help you relax and fall into a deep, healing sleep, which can be especially valuable when traveling through different time zones.


Stone of Healing, Protection, and Communication

The blue-green hues of Turquoise crystals are connected to the Throat and Heart Chakras. This ancient healing gemstone is revered for its ability to heal all things and bring clarity and wisdom in thought and communication. It is a powerful travel talisman, protecting you, your pets, and your possessions from attack, theft, loss, and accidents. It is known to attract true friends, along with blessings of happiness, fortune, and good luck.

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