Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Get More by Spending Less

The idea of getting the perfect gift began when a caveman got extra snuggling because he brought home fire! So it’s ingrained in our minds that to show someone you love them you must get an expensive gift. For many of us, that equates to spending more money than we can afford! So step one in this process is to listen to Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world!”

What our loved ones really want is to know that you are thinking of them. When it’s time to make a list, I play a game: I don’t just write up a list of names, I sit and put down all the aspects of that person that I can think of (try to keep each about a paragraph long). This should be diverse aspects of their lives; what have you seen them enjoy doing, what music do they like, what makes them laugh, what things have you enjoyed with them, what aspect of their lives do they say is important to them (being a Mom, Teacher, Coach)? Have they hinted at something they like? Hints can be subtle!

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Do not go shopping to find gifts for the important people on your list!

Do not wait until the last minute to go shopping! When we do this, we are in a rush to find something they like and we usually spend an average of 3 times what we would spend had we allowed time to shop!

Do not go to one store to try and buy it all in one day! Spread it out over time, and go to the store or place that has the best price for that item!

Go to the manufacturer’s website and sign up to see if they offer any coupons (Hint: Get a second e-mail address to use on these as they sometimes send regular e-mail ads and updates). Watch for coupons, or sale ads for these items, or call the stores to ask when promotions may be coming up.

Can you make or create something for them? (I like coupon books for hugs, dishes, dinner out, movies, etc.) Have something they love that’s broken repaired. Offer to paint their bedroom, or any room. Give a Gift Certificate for yard work, or housemaid service, or a beauty spa. Buy tickets for you both to go to an event they love that you would not ordinarily go to—opera, roller skating, bird watching, dance classes.

Every year millions go into debt to provide one day of wrapped happiness; why are we putting a price tag on love? Stop throwing money away, take some time and think about that person—then choose a gift that tells them you love them.

Let’s curb our consumerism, quit making stores rich, and spend love and time instead!

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping on a Budget

  1. ninelives

    What I have done several years in a row, and successfully, is plan different events with my friends that we are both highly interested in. A great time is had and best of all, memories are created that won’t be forgotten, in addition to picturess taken 🙂


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