6 Crazy Things Men Say After Rejection

When Men Get Dumped and Lose the Plot

When men face rejection they can say some of the craziest things. Rejection is a jagged pill to swallow in most all relationships. Some guys choke it down with a bottle of formaldehyde. Others ignore her request to leave her alone completely (at least until the court order goes through). Then there is that small portion of men who find themselves in denial. They will either fall into a blubbering pile of goo, or spit the pill back in the face of the women who dealt it. These are just some of the things men say, in order to save face after receiving the old heave-ho. Does it work? Well, I’ll let you be the judge.

1. “She said she wanted a separation. I was horrified, and I said, you want me to wear a condom!”

― (Jarod Kintz, excerpt from This Book Title is Invisible)

Some guys feign dumb in hopes that the situation will blow over. They figure that if they refuse to accept the rejection, it may never come to pass.

2. “I asked her if she’d give me all her love, and she flatly said no. I got excited because while she said she wouldn’t give me all her love, she said nothing about not wanting to give me some of her love.”

― (Jarod Kintz, excerpt from This Book Has No Title)

To some men, the word “no” does not always mean no. It means maybe a bit later, as was obviously the case in this next quote. Want to find out where to find real romance? Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 can help! Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

3. “In the seven years I begged Mr. (X) to let me be your science partner, I suggested you come over around five times. Each time you said no, I did our project—all of it. In year eight I sent you three valentine cards, candy and roses. I tried to be romantic. You gave those roses to somebody else and threw the cards away. In year nine at the school disco I asked to dance with you. You said ‘yes, give me five minutes, I need to go to the toilet.’ I waited for you to get back from the toilet for two hours; you never came back. In year 10, I bought us tickets to go and see your favorite band. You said thanks, took them off me and went with your friend. And now in year eleven I’m confessing all this, on Facebook, where everyone can see, to show that actually, sometimes boys are di***, but sometimes it’s the girls.”

— (Excerpt from Facebook. All names have been held to protect the innocent and pathetic.)

I truly feel sorry for this guy. However, in that same gesture of heartfelt sympathy, I also think he may be due for a little psychological evaluation.

4. “Why Not?”

— (Joe Schmoe)

For those who are quite bold, a simple no, will just never suffice. These guys need to receive insight on exactly what it is about them that makes you gag until a little barf comes up. Unfortunately, once you tell him the truth, he’ll probably get angry and retaliate, as was the case with this next quote.

5. He: “Thank you, I was only checking to see if you had good taste in men.”

She: “I guess I do.”

He: “Well, you do have a great body, and that makes up for a lot of other things. Have a good day.”

— (Mr. Jilted-One-Too-Many-Times)

Some of a man’s worst dates surface from a woman’s inability to just say, Get lost the moment she realizes that any more effort will be a lost cause. He forgets this, and ends up looking like a jerk. He has now blacklisted himself from every girl who will overhear this story. It is so much better to accept defeat graciously and look like the good guy in the process. One burnt bridge can start a wildfire, leaving a guy stranded in Datelessville.

6. “I don’t know how you could know that after the first date. I don’t know if we are a match either. But I wanted to get to know you. But no problem.”

— (A phone text from a lawyer after being rejected for a second date)

(… 30 minutes go by)

“And by the way, I think it’s your loss. I am an amazing guy and would have done anything for you.”

(The next day)

“Hey Buddy! Sorry I missed your calls. I am just finishing up in court. Rushing to my office for a 2:30 meeting. I saw the Avengers with her yesterday. She is ok. She is cute but not hot. I have dated much hotter girls. She is a 5.5 out of 10 (average). I wanted to get to know her more though but she sent me a message saying she didn’t think there was a connection. Can you believe? I was even super nice to her. Average chicks are the ones who always act like they are God’s gift. Anyway, I am going out with Nancy tonight. About to jump on the subway. Talk to you later bro.”

(An hour later, after realizing he just sent this text to the girl he went out with…)

“Hey C******! I’m very sorry! I just saw this. I meant to send this to a friend but mistakenly sent it to you. It is not about you at all. It is not about you. It is about someone else. I hope you are doing well.”

“Trust is so important in relationships and it can be a deal breaker when trust has been broken.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

And now we turn the stage over to you, our good readers. We want to hear about some of your own crazy guy rejection stories.

22 thoughts on “6 Crazy Things Men Say After Rejection

  1. Thomas H

    Wow. Makes me sad to be a guy. It’s funny to look at the differences between genders, and then you feel bad whichever side you’re on. Although, women are mean to women and guys are mean to women. I am glad I’m on the easy end (assuming I keep my own hormones in check.)

  2. gopinathan k

    Such discussions and informations are welcome for both sexes.The truth is that in
    cheating/neglecting/dont care attitude/selfishness/non-bothered ways women and men
    are almost equal.As long as you donot have a right approach and culture to lead you
    forward in life,selfishness would have the upperhand in relationships and hence all these
    problems.A bit of accomodative nature can certainly be helpful.Have a bit more patience.
    This is my opinion .

  3. gemini

    Yes, broke up with a Cancer. Oh! my gosh we had only been dating for a month. But, in that month there some things I did not like. Like always asking to by food for him and were he
    lived (rents a room with a family)that is so small. Anyway saw no future with him, when I told him that someone else came into my life, he just exploded. We had agreed to be truthful but if someone else came into out lives. I finally found out how immature he is. And his character.

  4. Alexandra


  5. Suzi

    Met great man as I was selling my condo, went out a few times, no passion, but great person, and made me laugh, he was going to visit me in Miami, counting the days.Giving this a chance, I’m 65(good shape), he’s 72! All of a sudden I get a text, “What kind of milk do you want me bring home”?He was involved with another woman 18& years, who commuted to another city.
    He was juggling us both, told him, “Thanks, but no thanks”. Do miss the laughter.

  6. Lisa

    Don’t know about these people but they should have had more communication. I have not been in a commitment or marriage for years and do feel more than ready I would love to have a life time with the right person one that shares the same values as mine and comes from a place of love and friendship for this to happen two people would have to get to really get to know each other and have chemistry trust and tolerence and last but not least patience and if you can not truly learn from one another what would one base a relationship on. In order to have a friend you have to be a friend. And one would have to love themselves before they could truly be happy with another.

  7. Ciara

    Well I will never figure men out. Even when they are in their 70’s they can still be stupid. Cn not for the life of me figure out why he came on to me strong at first and now has backed completely off but doen’t want me seeing anyone else any suggestions?

  8. sherry

    I have broken up with a couple of guys just to find out they never listened to a word that was said. Its like one would continue to call me and beg me to go out with him, although he was a lier, cheater and a theif. He would say he could not be without me but yet he would continue to cheat, such a jerk. He even stalks me to this day. The other guy i broke up with because he was just to uptight and emotionaless and could not communicate his thoughts. He would wait 4 or 5 days later to ask me if I was ok and that he was giving me time to calm down, then he would proceed to say how much he missed me and how much he cared for me. I just refused to respond. So he does the same thing again wait days to call me to see if im finally not angry and I guess the so called relationship will go back to it original status prior to the breakup.

  9. shirley

    This guy i ws dating wast helping me at all and i told him he doesnt act his age. He was so mad he havent called back. Will he finally call back or have i truly lost him?

  10. Edubs

    I went out with a guy a few times last year. I really didn’t feel anything for him, but he was really nice, and I kept thinking that something might develop, but after 3 or 4 dates, nothing did, so on the 5th date, I told him that he was great, but I just didn’t feel anything for him, and that I wasn’t interested in pursuing anything further.

    Despite this, he continued to call/text/send me emails/send links to articles pretty much weekly. I ignored them for the most part, but on occasion, would feel bad, and respond. He asked me out again a few times, and I always said “I’m only interested in seeing you as friends–nothing on my end has changed.” He would respond with “I’m sorry you feel that way” and then go away for awhile, only to resurface after a few weeks had passed.

    After 9 months had gone by, and he’d stopped being incessant in his requests to see me, which was good. One day he texted me to say that he was in my neighborhood, and asked if I was free for a drink. I was seeing someone else, and I figured that his passions had cooled at that point, so I said sure, and agreed to meet him (because, he WAS a nice guy, and I felt bad that we hadn’t stayed friends), thinking we could have a friendly conversation.

    We did have a nice conversation, and as I went to leave the bar, I started to say “It was great to see you…” when he went in for a kiss. He started pecking my face off like a chicken as I was pushing him away, saying “No, no no, I’m sorry, I don’t feel that way for you…I’m sorry, I only want to be friends!” at which point he burst into tears and said “I CAN’T JUST BE FRIENDS WITH YOU! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO ME!” Keep in mind, this was 9 months after we’d gone on FOUR DATES, talked about little more than movies and music, and nothing even vaguely romantic or physical EVER happened between us.

    So after I peeled him off of my shoulder, I said “I’m sorry, I have to go,” at which point he stopped sobbing momentarily and said “So, can I see you again?” NO! NO YOU CANNOT SEE ME AGAIN! I then promptly ran home and removed him from all forms of social networking…which, of course, caused him to email me and ask to be refriended…I didn’t respond, and then he emailed to ask if I’d gotten his email…I didn’t respond to that one and then he emailed to ask what he could have done that was so bad that I unfriended him…I didn’t respond, and this week, months later, he texted me a picture of his niece in a dinosaur costume. WTF?!

  11. chuck

    After a relationship with a women who was already in a relationship and living with a guy. She recently went off on me when she was taking one of her kids to the er. We hit a construction site and I was following her. She got mad cuz she went ahead on the side of tragic. I explained to her that a guy pulled infront of me, she proceeded to call me stupid and to shut up. She pulled over to wait on me. Then after all that said she needed me close after asking her if she wanted me to come or wait in my truck. she said don’t be so stupid cause I knew she wanted me close. My reply was I guess I’m just stupid but id better shut up. I was told to wait in the waiting rm then when she went back with her kid was instructed to wait in a closer waiting rm. Her child was ok. I think she was upset cuz I didn’t follow her out of town yesterday with her boyfriend driving her I’m about to through in the towel on this one.

  12. ann

    I have been trying to free myself now for over A year from my boyfriend as we are more like roommates then anything we never have sex he kisses me when he feels like it I just am looking for something else as I do not like how he treats me and have told him so but he persists to stay with me I pay for everything so what am I to do please tell me

  13. Anonymous

    wow, how about my old time favorite? “but can’t you see how much I’ve changed?!!” (raising his voice and crying as usual)

  14. Silas McQueary

    It is not only men it can be a women.I was with my girl friend in Florida when i got a offer for a higher paying job in Cincinnati;Ohio.I ask her what she thought and she said great can i go with you.I said sure that would be great so we where on our way within a week.While driving through Georgia she broke the news that she wanted to get married sense we where going so far away to prove that i loved her.So in Tennessee i decided we would go to Gatlenburg in the smokey mountains where we would get married and have a wonderful place to get married.So to make along story short we got married then headed to Ohio to start a new job.We got there i got a hotel for a week and i went to get ice and came back to the room to find her talking to her old boy friend in Florida telling him that i miss you and i want to come back home to you.We have been there only a matter of hours and i never started my dream job cause sense i drove there she didn’t know how to get back home so i maned up i drove her home safe what a kick to the head.

  15. ayobami adegoke

    Men are not trustworthy and they are heartbreakers.They don’t love but pretend to love u in order to get what they want from and immediatelly they have been able to achieve what they want from you,they jump into another relationship leaving the woman to lick her wound.it is unfortunate as they don’t worth a woman’s love.


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