6 Annoying Male Habits Explained

There are many things that men do that are frustrating. We’re going to cover six of those annoying habits and explain. You’ll learn why he’s so stubborn, appears lazy, is a jerk to you at times, is a slob and more.

You Love Him, Except When…

Men are not always easy to deal with. In fact, there are six habits that may very well be the cause of two-thirds of the gray hairs upon your head. An explanation may not be as good as permanent hair dyes, but it will at least give you a good story to talk over with your hairdresser the next time you are in the chair.

1. “He never admits when he’s wrong.”

Guys are stubborn. However, even more than that; guys have a differing view of what is considered to be ill-mannered. Studies show that men are very capable of feeling fault. The problem is: it takes an anvil falling on his head, or I should rather say, your head, before he feels like he owes you an apology. Men are not as aware of your feelings, so hurtful words may seem justified, simply because he meant it while saying them. Men are also always negotiating for power within their relationships, and admitting being wrong may feel like a loss for the team. This is one of those habits that is easier to accept, than it is to break. Trying to squeeze an apology out of him may lead to more grief than it’s worth. 

2. “He never does what he says.”

A lot of women consider a man’s procrastination to be a sign of his laziness. A lot of guys are more worried about appearing good-hearted in the moment; rather than the disappointment, they are setting you up for. However, even more than that, it can also be a technique used to overcome his fear of failure. A guy who does not have clear goals in the relationship may not have the intention to follow through with his promises. Keep in mind, a man with a plan is also a man who can!

3. “He keeps jabbing at me until I lose my temper.”

Guys love attention. They love it so much, they subconsciously prefer bad attention over none at all. Do you remember those kids who used to tap on the teacher’s shoulder, until she became so mad, she almost stabbed her own eyes out with the chalk? Well, most of them were boys, and they are still doing the same thing today as men, only they have learned to be even more annoying than the pressure point of one finger.

4. “He’s like a bump on a log whenever we have an important conversation.”

Men and women fail to reach an agreement, because neither of them can agree on a uniform method of listening to each other. When women listen to their partner, they make it a point to give various cues (head nods, uh-huh, etc.), letting them know they’re understood. Men, on the other hand, have a style of listening that offers little in the way of feedback. What we have in the end, is a guy who appears like a bump on his log, and a woman who becomes a burr on hers, because from his viewpoint, she is interrupting him during his turn to speak. Not sure if he’s really hearing and understanding you? Talk with Psychic Nicholas ext. 5499 to see what’s really going on.

5. “He thinks my girlfriends and their husbands/boyfriends are dorks.”

It is not that men don’t like friends. However, once he has established a trusted circle of comrades, he doesn’t look to strangers as potential teammates. Instead, he perceives them as a threat to his time, attention, woman, and control over the television remote. Put two guys in an empty room who have never spoken before, and by the time you return, they will still be sitting there looking at the walls. If you really want your guy to bond with your friends, set up an experience that makes it easy for him, such as engaging in one of his favorite pastimes.

6. “He’s a slob!”

Men have a habit of leaving things in the most convenient place. If he brushes his teeth in the kitchen, his toothbrush will find a new home next to the spice rack. If he walks out of the laundry room with an empty bottle of detergent, and remembers there is a football game on, the bottle will wind up next to the recliner chair. Men don’t have as much of a nesting instinct as women, so a tightly run household is never a priority over his convenience. However, according to studies, marriage is one of the best ways to get a guy to clean up his act. The social support that marriage provides, gives men the inspiration to be more healthy, organized, and tidy. I did only say, more, so don’t expect miracles!

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