Your Weekend Forecast for March 9-11, 2012

Enjoy the Full Effect of the Planet of Love

With the Moon’s placement in Libra from Friday until very early Sunday morning, we have the full effect of all the beauty of its ruling planet, Venus, the planet of love. Passion is in the air blending nicely with the good vibrations of the Pisces Sun, making this one of the best weekends of the month for sharing affection.


There is a very strong desire to be with the one you love or to meet someone new. It would be wise to plan a weekend that involves working your body as the vibrations really lend themselves to high energy. Friday will start out strong and simmer down by Sunday.


As the weekend begins, you wish everything would come to you so that you can just relax. Take some time for freeing your mind of worry; by Sunday your energy will return and you will find yourself having fun doing something physical.


Your brain is working full on Friday night but will fade into a more relaxing vibration for Saturday. It is all about thinking about the week ahead, as there will be low points you need to consider and prepare for so you don’t lose track of your intentions.


How is it possible for you to be more loving? Meeting with a loved one or a new love on Friday takes lots of energy. Saturday you just want to chill out in front of the TV or with a good book. Be aware of that on Sunday, because the energy from Friday night will set the stage for some serious discussions.


This weekend you will find yourself empowered with creativity. An outing to a town that has antiques or visiting a few art galleries makes your heart sing. Sunday you enjoy having friends over to your home to show off your newly acquired items.


With so much to do you might need to catch a power nap. Getting your energy on track will take some doing. There are fun things to do, places to go and people to see, and although you’d rather stay home, you will find the weekend exciting, allowing you to make a new memory or two.


The world is your oyster this weekend and you can’t seem to stop smiling. Savor the vibrations of all the beauty you are being shown. Starting off strong then slowing down to a relaxing pace will keep you satisfied.


A hot bath, a full body massage and a glass of your favorite sparkly will be just what you need to start off the weekend. “Recharging” is your mantra for the weekend. By Sunday your spark is back and you attempt to tackle something new with a loved one.


Freedom, a weekend where you can go where you want and do as you please. A new adventure with new people will give you plenty to talk about on Sunday when your friends and family get together for dinner.


You start off running Friday, leaving you out of breath all day Saturday. Rather than go out Saturday night, have some friends over so that you can relax. You will find a great buy online at an auction Saturday afternoon. Some work that you find very intriguing on Sunday will allow your mind to be opened to something new.


Friday night you enjoy a great meal while making plans for a long nature walk on Saturday. Don’t forget to bring the camera; all the pictures you take will be put on exhibit for the gathering at your house on Sunday.


Feeling groovy, artistic and very spiritual will allow you to produce and complete a project that has been haunting you for a while now. Saturday is your strongest day, so embrace the energy as it will lead you into a lovely Sunday.

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7 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for March 9-11, 2012

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    dear bella, please take good care of yourself. i am sending healing energy and lots of love to you my dear.
    feel good and i am looking forward to talking to you when you are up to it.

  2. bella

    ms quinn here is a thought , no i m not on MY pain meds 4 5 days ?? maybe bc i am so grounded instead of another earth sigh maybe i DO need a water sign 4 the passion/spice UP in my life after all ?? you see i am listening 2 you , BUT NO air signs pls /or NO fire signs unless MY soulmate is a ” LEO ” but NO AND ” GOD ” would not punish me like that please lol , bc they are 2 much work , but their ” fire ” grabs MY attention but, IF you play with fire , you MAY/will get burned ?? haha lol … ( :

  3. bella

    thank you ms. quinn !! im still not seeing/feeling IT IN the luv dept ‘ YET ‘ its been about a month’s time , i am gonna ring you up after my throat surgery stuff get’s better anyway 2 chat up with you , bc i have a few more ?? ‘s 2 ask of you , about the luv thing / MY WORK thing is off the chart’s FYI , I ?? THAT’S THE ENERGY THING YOU WERE refering 2 / TALKING ABOUT ?? but im still not feeling gd enough 2 even try 2 talk/think/DO ‘ YET ‘ lol , & maybe that’s the problem HUH & you reackon ?? haha ” BUT ” maybe soon , HUH !! i think i saw jc checking up on me after MY surgery OR IT could of been my demerol HAZE/imagination maybe ?? bc i can’nt/don’t want 2 talk 2 NO 1 , but / + bc i hurt 2 bad 2 care right NOW !! lol lol i’m hanging in there … have a gd wkend yourself ms. quinn THANK YOU !! ( :

  4. Marvin Louis Johnson

    Yes, I can believe the passion of Pisces, I dated one back in
    high school and you are right the passion was there for both
    of us, it was so unspoken that you wouldn’t think the passion
    was there for both of us. Thanks for the heads up otherwise
    I wouldn’t guess it. She is still a fond memory in my passion

  5. ~Wren ext. 5383

    This is awesome, Quinn! Being a Cancer, you’ve got me pegged! Now let me check out my moon in Leo and Pisces rising…yep, those are right on the mark, too! Thanks for the insight!


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