When Sane People Become Insane

Hold On to Your Mind!

Everyone has the ability to lose their sanity and sense security within themselves. After all, we’re all human, and we all face life traumas and circumstances beyond our control. So if you’re wondering when being crazy is OK, don’t worry; life is crazy, and there are times when we just lose it.

Whether you have lost a job, broken up with your partner, are facing bankruptcy, survived trauma, facing divorce, lost a loved one to illness or faced numerous other crisis scenarios that can occur; you are not alone. Life is a roller coaster ride full of a variety of frightening scenarios and standard experiences. Standard experiences can range anywhere from having too much of a work load on your plate to fighting sleep deprivation.

As humans, we can naturally handle quite a bit of stress, and it’s not to be overlooked that we have good and bad stress. Good stress keeps us functioning at a faster pace, and can push us to achieve goals we thought were impossible. Bad stress is the kind of stress that can make you burn out and hide under the covers, or possibly suffer health complications from.

If you want to find balance in your life, you can. It may take some work and long term effort but it is achievable. Many people balance family, work, finances, social communication, time for self reflection and health activities.

“Meditation is key to a stress-free balanced spiritual life. Think of meditation like food. We have to have food to give us physical energy. We need meditation to give us spiritual energy.” – Lacy ext. 5494

Think of single parents who are overloaded with responsibility. We tend to think of single parents as super mom or super dad, because they seem to be able to manage work and family care all in one. This may look fluffy and smooth from a distance, but believe us, it is not. Everything looks easier from the outside. If we were to look within and hear the fearful thoughts and stresses of everyone around us, we would need ear plugs.

The most important method of finding balance in your life is to take time to be alone with your thoughts and feelings. Allow yourself to feel fears, worries and stresses, but learn how to stop them from cycling out of control. Put a HALT to your thoughts and talk yourself down off the ledge. We can all look sane; but many of us may feel insane on the inside. This is not to say you are crazy and should be put away.

Another idea to calm your nerves when you feel crazy is to talk to others than are going through the same issues as yourself. If you are an overwhelmed single parent, try going to single parent support groups. If you are fighting an addiction and severe anxiety, meet with others who are fighting the good fight. If you find yourself hiding away in your home and sleeping all hours because you feel scared that someone might see what’s really going on with you; talk to a professional or your general practitioner.

There are so many resources at our fingertips these days for momentarily insane people to take advantage of. So, you’re feeling crazy? It’s OK; we’ve all been there.

“Don’t hesitate to put yourself and your needs first. All else will fall into place.” – Maryanne ext. 9146

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6 thoughts on “When Sane People Become Insane

  1. MARY

    I recently started suffering from Anxiety mainly when I’m out with people eating or socialising this acticle is great as sometimes i do think what the hell is wrong with me i cant sit still feel very hot and faint I’am fighting hard to overcome it i make myself go out socially daily to get over this stupid phase its just nice to know everyone feels slightly insane from time to time great article. thank-you

  2. Luke

    I will also like to mention that most of those that find tveesmlhes without health insurance can be students, self-employed and people who are without a job. More than half of the uninsured are really under the age of 35. They do not sense they are needing health insurance since they’re young and also healthy. Their own income is often spent on houses, food, in addition to entertainment. Many people that do represent the working class either whole or in their free time are not provided insurance via their jobs so they go without due to the rising cost of health insurance in the United States. Thanks for the concepts you discuss through this web site.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Meditation will help a person deal with stress and anxiety….even if that person only meditates 10 minutes per day….it is 10 minutes well spent.

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    Lacy loved your take on meditation.
    just like we clean/shower or bodies daily – meditation is a cleanser/shower for our spiritual being.
    meditation is medicine for the soul.
    it is my survivor mode. the more i meditate the more balanced i become and are better able to handle life on all levels.

    wonderful article.


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