5 Tips to Survive a Divorce

Emerge Stronger and Happier

Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging life events a person can experience. Some therapists even say that the emotional toll it takes on a person is similar to mourning the death of a loved one. It makes sense, right? Divorce is the death of a marriage, the death of your role as someone’s spouse, and the death of a life path you thought would be forever. It’s heavy stuff, to say the least. However, even a tough situation like divorce can be transcended. If you’re experiencing a split, know that you’ll emerge on the other side stronger and happier—it just takes time. And while you’re transcending, you can consider these five tips that will make you feel like yourself again.

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1. Self-Care Like Crazy
Be kind to yourself. This means giving yourself a break when you break down or forget something important or screw up at work. Divorce is hard and getting back on track afterward is just as difficult. Take time for yourself instead of over-committing to social events and try to do one thing every day that makes you happy. Go get your favorite coffee drink, take a bubble bath or read an inspirational blog. If there was ever a time to really take care of yourself, this is it.

2. Clear Your Head and Your Space
To help you emotionally, pick up an action-packed hobby like Crossfit, running, yoga or hiking to get your blood flowing. Exercise will help stave off depression and feeling like you’re in a rut. Plus, it will give you the opportunity to think and grow while you’re burning calories. While you’re at it, make sure you clear your space of any negative energy or symbols of your past relationship. If seeing your wedding ring makes you angry or sad, store it somewhere you won’t see it or sell it. Remove family photos of you and your ex and, if you have children together, take new ones with just you and your kids. Doing these things will certainly help you find peace in your new life.

3. Reassess Your Personal Goals
Now that you’re on your own, it’s a great opportunity to revisit the dreams and goals you may have had (and forgot about or put on the backburner) during your marriage. Leaf through old journals, do some writing of your own, make a vision board or meditate—whatever you can do to tap into your inner self and the truest parts of your soul. This will recalibrate your aspirations and help you become the best version of yourself post-split.

4. Make a Relationship Wishlist
Whether or not you’re ready to get back out there, it’s important to understand what you want (and need) in a partner well before you start dating again. That way, you’ll be sure to recognize the right person or the red flags that make someone the wrong person. It’s time to stop ignoring the red flags you may have ignored during your last relationship. Your list doesn’t need to be long but it should include the key qualities and character traits you really want in a partner and the ones you won’t stand for.

5. Figure Out Your Finances
Particularly for women, divorce can really take a toll on your money situation. While money isn’t the most important thing in life, by any means, having enough does make your life more, shall we say, livable. If your split put you in the red, determine how you can cut back on the nonessentials so you can feel more financially secure. This will help alleviate stress and allow you to pursue your post-divorce dreams.

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips to Survive a Divorce

  1. Sue

    My husband and I haven’t been talking for almost 3 weeks. His been given me the cold shoulder, every time I try to talk with him. He keep on telling me he wants to move out. My sister even had talk with him & he still says the same, wanting to move out. Do you think it’s over or is there any way I can safe my marriage.??

    1. Damon

      I left my wife over a year ago and she never once fought for me to stay. If you love him and don’t want him to leave, swallow your pride and tell him how you feel before it’s too late.

  2. Mie Christenson

    It is not really best practices for a divorcing person with children to remove all whole family photos. It is important the children be allowed to keep those memories of happier times.


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