Your Autumnal Equinox Horoscope: Bringing Balance

The Harvest of Your Life

After this past summer of exciting and shocking drama, in the skies and on the planet, it’s time to find balance, justice, beauty, and “peace and love” with the Autumnal Equinox on September 22. This period usually lasts about three months, but can go longer. There have been thrills and challenges, but now it’s time to relax and enjoy the harvest of your life while you plant seeds for the future. Here is your Autumnal Equinox Horoscope!

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You’ll enjoy a special time in relationships—at home, at work or at exciting events. What’s demanded is healing and recognition. Your powers and those of others are absolutely equal, no matter who seems to want the relationship more, or who has the bigger title at work.


It’s important to realize that all relationships are symbiotic. No one works, achieves or loves alone. Humans are a tribe—“All for one and one for all.” However, these relationships can be unbelievably creative and fulfilling, or toxic. You choose.

If you keep communications clear and full of respect, then everyone’s a winner. Recognize that while you’re great at one thing, others complete the interaction with their own talents. Just insist that they be aware of your talents as well.


The Autumnal Equinox is opposite your Sun sign. As you might expect, this is a period focused on all partnerships. In your case, innovative and generous ideas serve you well. Commitments to your education, spiritual pursuits or international relationships bring excellent, solid benefits. Also, potential career changes will benefit you in the long run.


You’ll be building a healthy, sexy, new you this season through sports or other fun activities. Recent loving and passionate chats reveal deep spiritual connections and may also offer an exciting vacation for the two of you. Intensity brings creativity and romantic interaction. Therefore, you need to focus, and then focus more on love!


This is your creative time of year and chats offer you financial breakthroughs, according to your Autumnal Equinox Horoscope. However, you need to take care with what you say regarding your career and dreams if you want to build something major. Those dreams become real only if you’re patient and watch them grow into something solid.


Your home life and relationship with parents have new openings over the next two or three months. Even if your parents have passed away, you’ll find a new way to interact with them. Consider your deepest feelings on this day and enjoy new emotions unfolding during this period. Surprising changes also happen in your career.


Surprise talks bring gifts you love, new friends you adore or even a generous trip you’ve wanted, according to your Autumnal Equinox Horoscope. Your money relies on carefulness and diplomacy. Be sure to read contracts completely before you try to negotiate so you can benefit from them. You’ve also had so much dramatic energy, but it’s time to find your direction and guide your ship.


Today begins a period of new values and money changes that will give you a sense of freedom—even joy. Legal issues require in-depth study, even if it’s a simple contract. Riches could follow. Meanwhile, your home and parents could require your attention, but you’ve been building a good foundation in these areas for some time.


This is your time, according to your Autumnal Equinox Horoscope. It’s the point when your Sun sign begins to take charge and everyone must focus on your love of diplomacy, fairness, and gentle, loving beauty. While siblings could be demanding, you may also find them unusually generous. Your love life can be as exciting as you wish. Just don’t risk your home life.


This is your time to examine your psyche, and everyone else’s. Actually, you’re pretty comfortable in this area because you love investigating how people think, including yourself. You enjoy investigating anything, really. However, if you choose the right subjects you could be building toward a financial windfall over the next year.


Friends near you personally and in cyberspace are emphasized over the next three months. Creative, even sexy surprises could ensue. If you’re not in love now, with someone else or with a long-term project, the time is near. Something unexpected revolving around love and art could really evolve during your birth month.


Your career and public image demand your attention over the next few months. Overconfidence can be a problem, but only if you fail to plan for unexpected circumstances. You’re certainly a powerful person these days. Also, deep feelings about rebellion and sexuality may come forward in dreams.


You’re old feelings of confidence and abundance come back over the next few months. Your old dreams have a new sense of reality and substance that can truly serve you now. Maybe make a list and give them serious thought. Friends may appear too serious but they may also have great ideas. This could be a real opportunity in those relationships.


This is an important time to consider investments—not just those that are financial, but those in your personal and career life too. Friends and partners may be demanding but helpful for your future. It could also be a very sexy time with your lover, according to your Autumnal Equinox Horoscope. If you just keep from sharing your expectations too soon, you could have a terrific life change.

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