Numerology 101: Your Numbers and Letters

Numerology 101: Your Numbers and Letters

An Ancient Tool

Numerology is a metaphysical art/science that deals with the significance of numbers in our lives. It’s a practice that has been around in some form or another for thousands of years. Though no one is exactly sure when it began, there is written evidence of it from the ancient Hebrews, Babylonians, and Egyptians. There is also evidence of its use in ancient China, Rome, Japan, and other cultures as well.

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The modern form of numerology, however, comes from the works of the Greek philosopher and mathematical theorist, Pythagoras, who was born around 590 BC. According to, “Although Pythagoras did not invent numerology, his theories took it to a different level. His revolutionary theories earned him the reputation of being the father of modern numerology.”

Your Name and Birth Date are No Accident

Not only does every number have a meaning, but every letter as well. All you need to calculate these base numbers is your name as it appears on your birth certificate or the date of your birth. Yes, even your name has a mathematical equivalent that holds meaning. As the famous numerologist Hans Decoz says, “Your name is not an accident.” And while some may find that hard to believe, your name says a lot about who you are. If you change your name, you change the vibration of your existence in some respects, but you’ll always be who you are as dictated by your Life Path Number.

What Numerology Can Tell Us

Numerology can tell us many things about ourselves—our hidden talents, our strong points, our weak points, what careers we can have, the paths that will bring us the most success in life, and so much more. Numerology charts can be quite extensive and quite telling, but at the base of every reading are the five core values that are the pillars of your chart. They are:

Your Life Path Number: This is the most important number of the five pillars of numerology. This is the backdrop of your life in general—what lessons you may learn and what challenges you may face. The number comes from your full birth date (day, month, and year).

Your Expression Number: Also known as the “Destiny Number,” this number is calculated by your birth name. This information will reveal your talents and point out what you’re really good at. It also offers insight into your future goals and what you want to be.

Your Personality Number: This number is derived by counting only the consonants in your name. This is who you are as you appear to people—and provides others with their first impression of you.

Your Heart’s Desire Number: This number is derived by counting only the vowels in your name. As the name would indicate, this is about what and who you truly want to be in life—and what you most desire to create.

Your Birth Day Number: This number is based on the day of the month on which you were born (from the 1st to the 31st). This number is considered very significant because it describes your hidden talents and when you’ll use those talents along your life path.

Letters and Numbers

Below you can find the modern-day numerology chart that shows each letter of the alphabet and its numerical vibration:


Master Numbers in Numerology

When calculating some important numbers such as your life path, the numbers are generally limited to 1 through 9. However, in some cases, part of your chart may contain a master number—11, 22, and in rare cases, 33. These numbers represent a “triangle of mastery,” according to Hans Decoz, thus the name, master numbers. When a master number appears in your numerology chart, it is considered important because the master numbers are the teachers— they carry with them the distinction of being a real obligation as they are able to influence others. Fully understanding and directing the powerful energy of a master number comes with time and maturity.

Numerology in Everyday Life

Numerology can be used to find out who you are, what your talents may be, your areas of expertise, and even your shortcomings. However, many use numerology in everyday life to check house numbers, suite numbers, and telephone numbers. You can use numerology to pick dates for events, identify high or low cycles in life, and even identify what universal year we’re in versus your personal year and how you can make them both work for you.

Numerology can help you make sense of the events around you and reveal your best options going forward. There’s so much that numerology can do!

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