5 Things Men Should Know About Women

Most men would like to think they have a pretty good grasp of women, but the majority of women would tend to disagree. Here are the five biggest things about women that most men would greatly benefit from knowing (or at the very least, being reminded of), uncovered over years of research.

1. Don’t Lie. She Can Read You Like a Book.

Despite what some men think, women do not posses psychic powers, and they do not have a brigade of girlfriends monitoring their every move. According to researchers, women are just naturally born to read nonverbal clues – when he is happy, unhappy, hurting and even when he’s lying. This comes from the evolutionary learning process, which has taught women the art of reading facial expressions to decode their baby’s needs and keep them alive and well. So don’t lie; they already know.

2. Speak Up

Men are generally fairly simple creatures when communicating with each other. One head nod means, “What’s up?” Two nods: “Well, okay, if I have to,” and three: “Yeah now, that does sound pretty good.” Women communicate using a full vocabulary designed to express their emotions and thoughts quickly and effectively. A man will fare best if he remembers that to keep the lines of communication open, he may need to travel beyond his comfort zone, learning to explore his feelings more. While men often clam up at the end of their day, women prefer they talk about it. When she talks about her day, he needs to know that this does not mean she wants him to solve all her problems, but only listen, repeat and understand. Let me say that again. Listen to what she says, let her know you are listening by repeating certain key points, and then try your best to understand where she’s coming from. She will love you for it!

3. She’s Not Rude, Just Excited!

When a woman gets excited or in a heated debate, some men might notice that her social etiquette seems to fly right out the window. Such symptoms will include finishing his sentences, talking over top of him and switching topics before he has even finished with the first one. Researchers remind guys that blame lies not in overactive hormones, but rather in an overactive brain. Women process language several times faster than men. Many men, in fact, decipher a woman’s voice as song, so you can only imagine how long it takes them to process a full conversation. This is a woman’s natural way to communicate with her female friends, so when she slips and falls into this habit with her man, it is actually a sign she is becoming very comfortable with him. So relax; it’s a good thing!

4. An End to All Driving-Related Arguments

A good majority of arguments that begin inside the cabin of a vehicle could be avoided if men and women just understood the way the opposite sex thinks. For a man, he is proud of his built in GPS mapping system, which he keeps in practice by getting lost and then finding his way back again. This goes back to prehistoric times, when men relied on self-navigation to hunt big game and then find their way home at the end of the day. This is why men do not like to get directions. Women, on the other hand, have evolutionary roots in gathering food and hiding it amidst various landmarks until ready to collect. This has given women a unique mapping system involving structural reference points rather than internal maps and compass settings. Men will fare best if they remember that in order to be a good copilot, they need to navigate using the terrain, rather than stuffy map talk, which will only bring misunderstanding (and agitation).

5. Keep Up the Pursuit

A man is often bad about doing the little things he used to do that let his partner know he’s thinking about her once a relationship becomes comfortable. This is why it’s important to remind him that the process of pursuing a lover should never really end. Studies show that the majority of married women who cheat do so because they either feel unappreciated or unloved, or they believe he’s involved in his own affair. It is true what they say: Good relationships take work. The good news is that the rewards of this so-called work far outweigh the effort required to say “thank you” when she does something nice. It outweighs remembering her favorite chocolate snack while at the grocery store picking up the milk, and it definitely outweighs taking the time to remember that intimacy is much more than sex, including touch (massage), romance, understanding, empathy and compassion.

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7 thoughts on “5 Things Men Should Know About Women

  1. Leah Priest

    First of all I would like to say to Michael Fury that he is generalizing all American women. Yes we are very independent and strong but that doesn’t mean we are cold and uncaring. To continue to have a good relationship it takes work and if your both willing to give your all you will have the most amazing friend and lover in that other person. Many people don’t want work at it. It’s easier to just walk away and that is the case for men and women alike. We all as a human race need to take other peoples feelings into account and realize that we are all different. Great article as always. I enjoy being able to understand why my guy does what he does. It helps me be more tolerant which is something we all need

  2. Michael D. Fury

    the elemental MO. of the man eater is gender opposition………..

    1. insecurity
    2. self ish ness
    3. hate men………

    most american women deep deep deepdeepdeep down,, are resentful and hate men………

    always waiting for the moment to claim “all men are dogs, your all dogs ”

    Unfortunately, this attitude is so ingrained in the psyche of American Woman that it spells doom for any right thinking American male. To wit,,,,,,, american women are bereft of hope or salvation…..

    my suggestion is to look beyond this continent toward the South…..where women revere men, understand the differences of gender and rather than compete……cooperate in a relationship.

    gringo bitches can learn a lot from the classic ~~latina…………….


  3. velvetoversteel

    Very good points and advice, Gina Rose! It took many years to work on some of those things ‘when excited’. It was still nice to read Eric’s article and feel like ‘it wasn’t just me’. LOL So good to see how far we’ve come and grown.. isn’t it?!! 🙂

  4. abigailx9570

    BRAVO ERIC !!! It is work as all things that live and breath in life are ~ You have to feed your animals and plants if you want them to survive and flourish relationships are no different, and on another point overwatering and to much fertilizer will kill it as quick as none ~ Balance body,mind and spirit.

    Many Blessings

  5. velvetoversteel

    Wow, Eric!! You sure know women, don’t you?! Everything here is absolutely true; at least for this woman! 🙂 This should be read (and explained when needed) to every man! 🙂 Great post!!!

    Big Hug, Eric!
    Coreen @ VOS

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Another grreat article by Eric…..

    I find # 3 very interesting : # 3 She’s Not Rude, Just Excited!

    “”” When a woman gets excited or in a heated debate, some men might notice that her social etiquette seems to fly right out the window. Such symptoms will include finishing his sentences, talking over top of him and switching topics before he has even finished with the first one “””.

    On the flip side of the coin,…. if a man communicated like that during a conversation he would be seen,
    ( by women mostly ), as domineering and just plain arrogant.

    Rude behavior is just that : rude behavior.

    Men view that type of behavior in women as rude, AND sometimes just plain scattered, hormonal and FLAKY behavior. And…# 3 is mainly WHY men dread having conversations with their women……

    I would say that women, and/or men, need to work on their social, communicative skills overall.

    If women, guilty of behaving like # 3 in this article, want their men to talk WITH them and LISTEN to them, and have productive conversations with their male counterparts,…. then they need to work on that problem.

    Bottom line….it’s not OK for either men OR women to communicate in a rude way with each other.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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