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Sydney in Dallas, Texas writes;

My job requires that I travel frequently. On occasion, I do get nervous, most of the time when I am on the road driving or having to walk down the street in unfamiliar places. Is there an exercise that can help me with protection while I travel and give me peace of mind so I am not focused on my fears?

Marin responds:

A talisman, an object created and believed to bear energy for a specific purpose, is a tool that you can create yourself for protection while traveling to keep you safe.

In folk magic, money was often the predominant item used in the creation of talismans for luck or protection. You may have seen the Chinese “money charms” consisting of brass coins and red knots, hung in the home to offer good fortune. In Europe, silver coins were used, and the owner would file a personal marking, such as an “X” or initial on the coin, or even bend it, and carry it in their pocket for protection and luck.

In the United States, tradition dictates that the luckiest coin is the silver Mercury dime. Mercury dimes, which are also known as “Winged Liberty Head” dimes, bear on one side the image of the God Mercury with his winged helmet. Mercury dimes were made from solid silver and were minted from 1916 to 1945. In the early 1930s, the little “LUCKY Dime Register Bank,” a small coin box trinket, was popular as a tool for storing lucky silver dimes.

Why are only Mercury dimes significant, as compared to any ordinary dime? The significance of the Mercury dime and its use as a magickal coin derived from the Roman god Mercury and his attributes. The ancients made it a part of their culture to study the planetary movements. The Heavens served as their version of “television,” and they could see that planet Mercury was a fast-moving planet, orbiting the Sun in only eight days. Rapid movement and travel thus became associated with the planet Mercury. When the Romans began creating their pantheon of gods, they tapped Mercury, the swift messenger, who is still honored today for assistance in travel. He is often depicted wearing a winged helmet and winged sandals, flying through the sky.

1. To create your own travel talisman, you will need to obtain one silver Mercury dime, and some red string (optional). You can locate Mercury dimes on eBay, in coin shops, or on various coin collecting pages online.

2. When purchasing your dime, take note of the year on the coin. Perhaps you were born during 1916 and 1945, when these coins were in production, and select a corresponding birth coin. You may want to specifically choose a coin based on numerology. For example, a coin minted in 1940 (1+9+4+0 = 14 1+4=5) would represent the numerological association of “5” a number associated with speed and action.

3. When you receive the coin, concentrate, or charge the coin by grasping it in your hand and briefly praying for the intention of safe travel and protection. This simple action will establish a psychic link between the coin and you, transforming it from an ordinary coin to a talisman, just as a Catholic priest prays over water, transforming tap water into holy water.

4. Carry the talisman in your pocket or purse so it is with you at all times.

5. You may wish to drill a small hole in your talisman and wear it on a red string as a necklace, worn underneath your clothing for protection. It can also be worn around the ankle for protection while walking or traveling on foot as a tourist.

Your Mercury talisman is the personal equivalent of an automobile insurance policy. To renew its effectiveness and power, you may want to recreate a new talisman each year, coinciding with the renewal of your automobile insurance.

Safe travels!


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