5 Signs He’s About to Pop the Question

How do you know if your man is about to ask you to marry him? Sometimes the relationship can appear to take a step backwards, but that’s really just him preparing to make the ultimate commitment to you! These are five signs that you can keep an eye out for that might signal he’s about to pop the question.

Is He About to Put a Ring On It?

A man may offer you a number of signs as he prepares to pop the question. He could casually ask your ring size. He could exchange his Ford Mustang for a Volkswagen van with a diaper changing station. He could casually tell you that he always liked the name Leopold, and if he had a girl, he would be partial to Wilmarylizabeth. He could even grab your hand, skipping emphatically, each time you walk by a tuxedo rental shop.

These would all be clues that the soundtrack of wedding bells is repeating in your guy’s head… if we lived in a perfect world. However, in the real world, his clues are not always as romantic. In fact, at first it may appear as if the relationship is moving backwards, when, in reality, your guy has just taken a giant leap towards the rest of your lives together.

1. He Toots, and Actually Admits it

Part of a man’s ability to see himself with a woman for the rest of his life, is to become so confident in the relationship, he knows he can toot his bum horn, and she’ll still be there in the morning. In other words, he will shrug off his heavy chain-mail armor and allow you to see him at his worst. Keep in mind that you can discourage any of the less desirable behaviors this newly acquired confidence uncovers by not reinforcing them with your attention. Pulling his finger is always optional.

2. The Relationship Gets a Little Rocky

Stress causes a lot of problems in relationships. What you may not have considered is that the strain of preparing to transfer from bachelor to husband can sometimes rock a man’s boat on the way to a happily ever after. This strain may even have the effect of creating a temporary hesitance and distance on his part. This is often the moment when a guy discovers just how much you mean to him.

“In order for a marriage to last, it had better consist of two very secure people.” – Jesse ext. 9027

3. You May Even Break Up

According to a recent study, when men are distressed (such as considering marriage), their normal preference for a woman who is similar makes an about face, and he develops an attraction for the complete opposite. This is rarely a permanent situation, as most men eventually come to their senses and realize their true love is the woman who resembles him most. This does not mean you have to practically be twins to have a good marriage. However, studies do suggest you’ll have the best chance of success if you choose a mate with similar genetics, values and goals. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

4. He Becomes Better Behaved

One of the traits of an immature single bachelor is his quintessential bad-boy behavior. He may disappear for weeks at a time, especially after you’ve brought up the topic of taking the relationship to the next level. He might go out drinking with his buddies and return with hickeys under his collar. He may lie about sexting to other women late at night on various online dating websites. While it may not be a statistic that is thrown around too often, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that happy relationships minimize some of this bad behavior in single men.

He will shun his wilder bachelor buddies in exchange for spending time with married co-workers. He will spend more time at home, and become more honest and reliable. This is, at least, what you’ll want to notice in your guy. Increased delinquent behavior in relationships, is generally a sign of dissatisfaction and unhappiness, and will often extend itself to a bad marriage if you let it get that far.

5. He Questions Your Commitment

Once a man has dedicated his life to one woman, he may develop an ideal sense of commitment. This is because this feeling is relatively new to him. Bachelors will often leave a part of themselves open for someone better to come along. However, once he has closed this door, he will recognize this vulnerability and panic. It’s at this point that he may become jealous and question your commitment. Keep in mind, this has little to do with your actions, and it will be up to him to deal with these emotions and discover a secure place within your relationship.

“Honesty is an important component in any relationship.” – Giovanna ext. 5214

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5 thoughts on “5 Signs He’s About to Pop the Question

  1. mary jo

    This is so true. This just happened to me. I was with John for 6 years and he gave me a ring was talking and planing to build a house. I am not sure what happened he all of a sudden told me I was to controlling and I did not trust him. I have not seen him since than and its been 2 months. I have called him a couple times and he wont answer. He still has all his guns at my house and has not come back to get them even when I asked him to. I am confused should I just get over it and move on or just give him his space to think about what he will lose. I am a cancer and he is a Gemini. But we have every thing in common and were best friends.

  2. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    There is an old proverb that says that in every engagement, there is a divorce before the wedding.

    This is about how hard it can be to make the transition in the relationship. Expect a few bumps along the way. When a guy really needs to process something, he can go quiet and disappear into his mental man cave to sort himself out.

    Women get nervous about distance, but sometimes your guy really needs it.

    Reed x5105

  3. Psychic Makenna Ext. 5069

    Ironically true! Especially if a man has never married before, he may need a “time out” as he prepares to shift from Mr. Possibilities to Mr. Decided. I have seen this happen often, and when his partner gives him that space to think, he comes back grateful she didn’t smother him. Just look at Prince William and Kate! She definitely played that card right….

  4. In Love?

    Im a Scorpio, he’s a Leo… We have been long distance dating for 4 1/2 months now. We haven’t seen one another yet face to face. Though he has asked me my ring size, he repeatedly talks to me about marriage and our future together, the house, the car he wants me to drive and various scenarios of us meeting for the first time, him meeting my family, my parents… Still, I have this cautiousness about me, as if its “too good to be true”…. He’s wonderful, compassionate, sensitive, alluring, bold, confident, cordial, masculine, I love him very much. Please tell me, am I dreaming.???… or is he the one…?…

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I see numbers 2,3 and 5 alot…..as the guy heads toward marriage…..

    they will usually back off at some point, along the way to the alter, to really take a step back to analyze it from an objective view.

    I see this alot in readings….


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