Tibetan Astrology: What’s Your Sign?

Your sign in Tibetan Astrology is different than that of your Sun sign, demonstrating again that there are different types of astrology.

Your Animal Year and Element

If you met a Tibetan, they would be more interested in the animal and element signs of your birth year as an introduction to you and your life path than they would be in your Sun sign. Most of Tibet’s astrological interpretations are based on Chinese astrology, and its practical techniques are from the astrology of India. Tibetan astrology is most interested in the relationship between the Sun and Moon for its forecasting and Daily Practice Calendar, along with their ongoing element and animal cycles that repeat every 60 years. To find the animal and element of your birth date, use the table below as it is related to the years familiar to Western cultures.

“Your astrological chart is the map that you are given at birth as your personal outline of your life’s possibilities.” – Psychic Charrmayne ext. 5058

By the table below, you can see that we have been in a Water Dragon year and are moving into a Water Snake year on February 10, 2013. If you are born during or close to the month of February, the date change varies year to year since their cycles aren’t based on a Solar Calendar like ours. If you study further and sense that your animal or element is wrong, check the adjacent year. The Snake rules one of the four primary directions—South making it especially powerful. The five elements have a two-year influence, and the 12 animals have a one-year influence. These animals in both Chinese and Tibetan astrology are placed in a mandala/round-pie shape much like our Western zodiac, but they correspond to year, month and day cycles and the Moon rather than a Sun cycle year. If you count down six animals, you’ll see the one that opposes your animal. As an example, the Pig opposes the Snake animal that influences 2013. These animals are the most challenging to yours, so those with a Pig birth year will likely find 2013 to be challenging as it offers opportunities. For those whose animal is Tiger or Monkey, this animal is She Shey from yours (count three animals either direction) which is also challenging. If you count four signs in either direction, you’ll discover the Ox and Bird. These animals are called the Three Destroyers in Tibetan astrology.

“What more could you ask for? A science that not only helps you better understand yourself on the inside, but also helps with planning and event timing on the outside.” – Psychic Joyce ext. 9598

You should consider that creation/destruction is an ongoing cycle to those in Tibet and that isn’t considered negative. It would be a highly creative year if your animal is Ox or Bird. Relationships are also considered in this manner. If you want an exciting, productive life, you might find yourself with one of your challenging animals as a partner. You’ll likely find an easy, creative affinity with your Destroyer (to the Chinese—Three Friends) Animals. If your animal isn’t mentioned here, you can apply the same count to the Dragon of 2012, and you’ll find your animal among these. To the Tibetans, each element is an on-going process that interacts with the other. Interestingly, this is what our scientists have discovered is the truth about how our Universe works through Quantum Physics. The way the Tibetans use the elements is not really about relationships between humans, but they use it more to align the day of the month/week with the Nakshatras that you also find in California Psychics’ monthly Vedic forecast. According to Michael Erlewine, a very well-known astrologer and student/practitioner of Asian cultures, the elements have an on-going production cycle: Wood absorbs—Earth, which removes— Water, which puts out—Fire, which melts—Metal, which cuts up—Wood. It also has an on-going destruction cycle: Wood burning creates—Fire, which leaves—Earth/ashes, from which we make— Metal that can be melted to flow like—Water, which nourishes—Wood. Tibetan Astrologers consider Buddhist Dharma, a way of approaching life, as the most essential part of their work. If you seek guidance from an astrologer priest/monk, he most likely considers astrology part of his practice. Priests develop their minds, and an important part of that is their intuitive nature, like our talented psychics.


“Your love life will reflect your astrological gifts, or those that you need to work on! If you know your exact time and place of birth when calling for a reading, your psychic can help you in understanding your map!” – Psychic Simone ext. 5346

51 thoughts on “Tibetan Astrology: What’s Your Sign?

  1. Gyaltsen

    I was born on February 12′ 1972 which was according to western date. What would be not Tibetan calendar date?
    Thank you.

  2. eshey

    I was born in tenth month of Tibetan calendar date is 25 sheep year…give me the date and year of I born in 199- wat plzz

  3. Dechen Lhaden

    I am born in the year 1979, but i dont know my date and day…so please kindly arrange to give my day and date of my birth…

    thanking you …

  4. sonam dorji

    i am born in 1987 but i dont know my particular day and time…i am very thankful if you could help me in that case ,,

  5. sonam tsomo

    my name is sonam tsomo and I am born in the year 1991 but i don’t know my birth date and month can I Know it by your help.

  6. Shashi maya

    My name is shashi maya . I am married n i have two children ..
    I have a small business . But i thought it didnt suit me .. I cant earn good money , so any suggession for me pliz ..

  7. erena

    I’m a Dragon on Fire, born Sept. 4 1976. I have a good life going on right now, after most of my life struggling, new job I LOVE and is loving me back, my man makes me smile and laugh, I’m going to be a grandmother come Sept. Is my good-life going to keep on keeping on for a long long time? Geeze I hope so.

  8. pawan Kumar

    im Pawan Kumar born December 4, 1979, Tibetian sign-Earth/Sheep .How will be my status in life & What are the opportunities ahead to me this year?

  9. Jennifer

    im a rooster born November 2, 1981 i marry a man born August 9,1979. What are the opportunities ahead of us this year?

  10. Joe Bush Sr

    I have wasted time with many readings and each one is different-same day (date and time forcasts) which one is the right one? do I pick the right one and how do I make it come true. The day isn’t long enough for the good things to happen to me according to the all the readings, I still experience some misfortunes, nothing seriojus but how do I fit in with every reading there is whether I see them or not. Can fate change with the choice of one reading that is chosen? Is fate a matter of personal need or want? I have found that this is a con job, with the cons believing that every person is a superstitious fool and would like to rich and famous.

  11. linda

    Hi ,my date of birth is 17th december 1965 ,i m going through a lot with my husbands constant relation with other women in his life .

  12. Amy

    I’m a Gemini born in the year of the dog. May 31, 1970. I was wondering if there might be any positive changes to look forward to this year. Love, career, money? Anything?

  13. Jeffrey

    I’m a bird-rooster-scorpio and for years I made the wrong choices. I care how my decision affect others but rarely did I consider how those decisions would affect me. My life now has new meaning I have re-evaluated my future and I’m getting positive results. Amazing how a belief in oneself can change their situation for the better. There is just one very important task a person has to perform in order to start things off right. Some may find this extremely hard to do but it is necessary in order to gain progress.

  14. Melania

    I’m monkey …and I want to be a good year, travel, love, money, parties ….. but who knows? ultimately all about our choices …. if i know that’s that goooood…..


    Dear Charrmayne;I would like to tell you that I was born on April 19,1951 around 5:02 Am in CAMBODIA. Please, help to forecast my destiny when I will be able to return to my Country for the rest of my life and end up in my MOTHERLAND. Please , kindly forecast my destiny and email to me. Right now, I don’t have my money left in my Bank Account at all . Please. may I beg your favor. Your kind consideration would be grateful . Thanks in advance. Very faithfully yours;

  16. Randy

    Mine is bird with sign of scorpio my animal sign is rooster this mixed sagitarius makes for a mixed up animal. For starters I have aways been to carring and understanding to other peoples pain or sercomstance. This all left me in abit of pain myself and noway to dig out soon. When I get back on my feet again I will go it alone nobody cares when I get my self into troble by helping others so I need to keep my head up and go alone with life and if this sounds selfish to others that’s to bad because I am tired of being robbed of being happy.

  17. Udaya Kosala Sandirigama

    Dear Charrmayne,

    I would like to know my employment prospects in Year 2013. My birthday is 14.7.1957 and was born in Kandy – Sri Lanka on a
    Sunday at 9.06 a.m.

    Apprecaite your response at the earliest, please.

    Thanks & Regards,


  18. Liliane farran

    I have two sons the older is Akram was born at 6.07 am in South Carolina in september 4.1994 and the younger ‘s name is Jad was born at 3.30 pm in Lebanon in April 23,1997 could ls tell me what is their tibatan’s signs ???


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