Steps to Forgiveness

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

When we are unable to show forgiveness to others it feels like a dark spot on our spirit. Like a stain that won’t come out, it annoys us and angers us. There’s always that feeling of something being unresolved in the background of our minds, and it’s a burden. And that is the very reason why we should forgive—it not only erases that dark spot, but it makes us even lighter and brighter, more in touch with ourselves and closer to the universal spirit. Are you seeking someone’s forgiveness and not sure if you will ever get it? Talk to Psychic Tajah ext. 5732 and find out your next steps.

One of the very reasons, maybe the only reason we are here, is to learn and to grow closer to the center of our creation, our Source, our God, our Universe (Call it what you will.). Whether we’re here to learn the steps to forgiveness or seek it from others, looking at forgiveness as a lesson that propels our souls closer to our Source will give meaning and validation to our very being and all that we experience—the good and the bad.


The very first step in forgiveness is acknowledgement. It is done. It is said. There’s nothing that will change what happened. Showing forgiveness doesn’t mean that you will forget, but rather that you acknowledge what has happened.

Learn and Grow

Somewhere in the whole mess that is causing you to question your ability to forgive, there’s a lesson, whether it’s learning to forgive or seeing a bit of ourselves in the person we cannot forgive. If this was not something you were supposed to learn, if this reality was not meant for you, you and those involved would not be on this path. Forgiveness helps us grow.

Accept Guidance

Know that you are never alone and you are guided from above. We are not given life or lessons to learn in life if we are meant to fail. That is a choice we make. If you have acknowledged what has happened, and if you have realized the lesson in all of it, then you should be open to accepting the guidance of the wisdom that comes from your creator. Ask for guidance and accept it willingly. Are you having a hard time finding the lesson? Call Psychic Chastity ext. 5403 to help you find the answer.

The Karmic Path

Your job is learning the steps to forgiveness. Justice is the karmic return that will come from higher up. Even your offender’s soul has a lesson to learn. You have only your soul to tend to, not another’s. Showing forgiveness does not take away from what happened, but it does add something to you karmic path—it illuminates in your aura. Forgiveness helps everyone it touches, even the forgiven.

One Step at a Time

The steps to forgiveness are not always easy. Sometimes we don’t want to forgive. We see no reason why we should even remotely entertain the idea, but the gift of forgiveness is really a gift to ourselves. Showing forgiveness will free your soul and lift your spirit—because that’s what forgiveness does.

Our perspectives alter through forgiveness, and we begin to let go of long standing grievances.” – Psychic Faith ext. 9608

11 thoughts on “Steps to Forgiveness

  1. Araanza

    My best friend is still so mad, angry, and he can’t forgive his ex-wife for cheating on him after 25 years of marriage!! And my advice for him is, if you’re not able to forgive her, you”ll be always living full of anger and unhappy, forgiveness is the key to open a new beginning!! Simply to move forward with your life!!!

  2. sean

    I’ve forgiven my wife but doubt I’ll ever forget. It doesn’t bring back trust. You can forgive them all eternity but it will never restore the trust you had.

  3. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    Remember that forgiving is not the same as condoning. To forgive is not to say that what your offender did was okay or didn’t matter. It is simply to say that you are not going to let the past destroy your future. To not forgive is to forever live your life in the past.

    Forgiveness is the power build a new beginning and a bright future.

    Reed x5105

  4. Barbara Benschop

    What IF, the person you are seeking forgiveness from, does, but won’t let go of the past and keeps bringing up your mistake over and over again??

  5. patricia

    its easy to forgiveyour enemies but someone you thoght was yor friend and love is much harder.Sometimes I feel I have forgiven Ed and can move on but then feelings of resentment and bad memories flood back.Pray one day I can truely forgive and finally move on it is even blocking my trust to have a new relationship Patricia

  6. Viola Grant

    Thank You, this is right on time just for me and I learned along time ago that one has to forgive themselves, as well forgiving their offenders in order to move forward with their lives.
    I thank God using you with this message of forgiveness, now I feel lighter with no heaviness.
    God Bless!


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