Your Weekend Forecast for March 22 – 24, 2013

What’s Blooming This Weekend?

Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming and our hearts are full of love and joy as we embark on this emergent time of year. With the Aries sun, our growth potential is intellectual in nature, and the onset of the spring semester prepares us to learn and absorb information. Friday gives the opportunity to show off skills on many different levels. If you mastered something you want to share, now is the time. The Leo moon will be with us most of the weekend, winding down as it moves into Virgo, giving way to a detailed accounting on Sunday.


Happy Birthday, Aries! A trip to Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts starts the day with a sugar and caffeine high. Your birthday never tasted so good. There is nothing this weekend can hold you back from doing. “Go for it” is your mantra for your birthday month.


It is good to have friends in affluent places. This puts you in the mix for doing your “thing” and having people cheer you on. On Sunday, recounting the events put a big smile on your face and they’re worthy enough to write about in your journal.


So many thoughts are whirling in your head that you need to sit down and think things through thoroughly. Brilliant ideas come to mind and your social networks are waiting for you words of wisdom. Do not fear. You will wow them for sure and remember, your opinions matter.


Saying so long to an old friend puts you in a moody mood. You will see them again in a few months when you travel to their city. So cheer up. There is music to dance to, pictures to take and food to cook.


Your heart is popping out of your chest with happiness and loving feelings. This weekend you take your spouse, lover or best other to a special, romantic place that becomes your spot for the rest of your relationship.


Making a bold move in your social circle by introducing your new romantic interest around really puts a spin on this weekend. Everyone is thrilled you finally found a person who you are comfortable with enough to show off. It all clicks, so take a deep breath. Success in love is actually happening.


This weekend gives you bragging rights. Your family/child shows you how much all your hard work taking them to classes has paid off by exhibiting their talents. Taking home first prize in a spelling bee or karate match calls for a dinner out at a favorite spot.


There is a new job/career opportunity coming up in the next week. Preparing for it is crucial, so get your wardrobe together, a haircut and meditate. Afterwards, you can let loose and have fun, knowing that this new opportunity is in the bag.


You are the point in the triangle of fire and all the fervor has you fired up for a very exciting weekend. A romantic partner picks you up in a red convertible and puts the pedal to the metal as you take a ride along one of the most scenic highways. Making a few pit stops along the way, taking pictures and listening to your favorite music is perfection.


Weeding out some people from your life might hurt at the first pull or two but as you feel the space, your emotional level climbs. Making more time for you is the whole point of creating space in your life. So many people and pets depend on you that you have become overwhelmed. Take this weekend to free yourself from others issues.


The mood strikes you to pull out your Tarot cards and have a few friends over for brunch on Sunday. Shopping and preparing for this event takes you to a new market where you find the freshest of fruits and veggies. A final stop at the wine shop and you are home to set up for one of the best times you have put together in a long while.


Finding a letter on Friday calling you to jury duty or another important venue puts you in a pensive frame of mind. Your civic-minded nature steers you away from trying to get out of this responsibility. So throw caution to the wind and have fun this weekend.

9 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for March 22 – 24, 2013

  1. quinn

    hi Lynda –
    hoping you meet someone soon if that is what you want. and much good fortune.

    hi madi,
    your very welcome.

    nice to see someone so accomplished. you go girl.


  2. quinn

    dear matt,
    this time you got me all wrong.

    sorry your friend left ya hanging. swaying in the breeze…
    no expections no dissapointments.


  3. bella

    Ms Quinn,

    OMG IT looks like Matt IS still reading you like a news paper/BOOK alrighty then (you now HOW MY OWN sense of HUMOR thought PROCESS reads/works LOL) ” IT IS WHAT IT IS ” 🙂 !!!! ITS okay because I still love ya, FYI I’m NOT the only 1 either !! Thank You ONCE AGAIN xoxo Bella 🙂 🙂

  4. Lynda

    Virgo- and haven’t been in a relationship in nearly a year so who actually will I be introducing? better yet can we just focus on money for the remaining of the month.

  5. Aggie

    I have mastered a lot of things in my life and now I am getting ready to publish three books I have worked on for a long time. They are very good. I have plans for two more when I can get to them.
    I say, if you want to do something–then do it!!
    Here are a few things I dived into and mastered–Tennis, eight years umpiring, ran a real estate office fifteen years, tought bridge five years, 186 average bowling.
    BUT the biggest chalange was getting a divorce –toughest, most chalenging, and the absolutely best thing I ever mastered–YEA for me–Love you all–Bye Aggie

  6. Matt Munro

    Attn Quinn 5484…We are a relfection of what we think…So I tend to believe that you have an issue with the responsibilities with your mate in imperfections…The make up sex is great…My friend yesterday left me hanging, but I stil love him as a friend…If you put anything on a pedistal, it will adventually fall, then great dis-appointment follows…Even if he was the most perfect man on this planet…

  7. bella

    GOOD morning Ms. Quinn,

    The retro BS period IS over, FYI jc IS going to come up MIA (LOL) just IN case anyone IS asking/goes LOOKING for him lol !! AH you know I love the man & he loves me, BUT IF his CAP hiny comes UP MIA, MY legal hiny will BE pleading the 5TH lol :):) .. ” IT IS WHAT IT IS ” I made a funny LOL .. Many blessings/hugs to you & to yours (((:)))) !! Thank You as always I hope you have a great weekend 2 !! xoxo Bella :):)


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