4 Hints When to Call it Quits in a Relationship

When you are in a relationship that has hit a road block and things are over we have to move on one way or the other. Trying to fix things before this happens takes some thought and looking in the mirror. We want to help you guide your way or learn to move on!

Get What You Need and Want in a Relationship

Breakups are very difficult. Many of us have gone through many, and some of us have experienced one or two in our lives. Either way, it’s always a loss in your life. Sometimes, we have to know when to call it quits. If it’s becoming unbearable to work as a team, then it might be time to go your separate ways. Relationships are full of fun, communication, trust, love, caring and friendship. When these factors cease to exist a relationship will suffer greatly. Here are the most common hints to think about when you’re considering calling it quits with your partner. Ask a psychic about your situation today!

1. Communication Ranks at 0

If you’re lacking communication, your relationship is already suffering. How can a solid relationship continue to grow if there is no sharing involved? This doesn’t mean that once a month you sit down with your mate. It means continuous sharing of each other’s daily lives. Once the communication stops, the relationship is already fading. If you feel that you both do not communicate anymore and if you feel there is no way to fix it, then sadly it may be time to call it quits.

“Communication is the key to confidence. Know yourself, find your voice, speak up and be decisive.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

2. When Affection Halters

If those generous kisses, moments of handholding and little touches as you pass each other by have stopped, this needs to be addressed. If you crave affection from your partner and they feel they can no longer give it to you, or just won’t, it may be time to end your relationship. Life is too short not to truly share a relationship filled with affection. If you continue with someone who cannot give this to you, you may begin to resent this person greatly; which is guaranteed to end in heartbreak.

3. No Talk of the Future

If you and your partner have been together for some time now and there is no talk of any future together, this may be a sure fire sign that you should end it now before it gets more complicated. If there is no future for you as a team, what is the point of wasting your time?

“In order for a marriage to last, it had better consist of two very secure people.” – Psychic Jesse ext. 9027

4. Effort and Romance is Dead

If your partner takes you for granted, this is a big hint that it might be time to call it quits. No one likes to be taken for granted, and it can easily happen when you have settled together. Make sure you express your need for romance, appreciation and attention, where applicable. If you are still feeling ignored, unappreciated and if you feel that your partner does not make an effort, then address the issue. If the situation remains the same after this conversation, it may be time to say goodbye and separate so you both can find some happiness.

It is very important to express your needs and wants in a relationship. Feeling dissatisfied, ignored, or alone within a relationship or taken for granted is not a great way to start a life together. There are many people in the world that will be able to give you what you want. Don‘t waste time; ask for what you want in your relationship.

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5 thoughts on “4 Hints When to Call it Quits in a Relationship

  1. Lisa

    My babies daddy and I ended getting back together after his divorce and it lasted 7 months, he doesn’t love me or the kids.

  2. diamond

    Wow, I’m in a marriage now for 5yrs and its drivin me crazy.I’m 40 and i’ve did all possible to make it work…dnt think so!!!!he use to tell me great things all the time but now i dnt hear it as much
    after he Cheated on me!!! I wonder if its because im not wanting to hear him and cant trust or believe in him anymore??With 4 Kidz @home its time for me say ITS OVER

  3. tammy

    I couldnt agree with you more. I stayed in my marriage for 18yrs, not wanting to hurt my kids or admit failure. When i finally admitted to myself that the only person I was failing was myself. Now at 40yrs old I can finally enjoy a new relationship with a man who tells me kind words daily. Stop failing yourself first and foremost

  4. Elena

    I wish I had seen this article years ago! I stayed in a loveless, un-nurturing relationship for over 10 years too long. I was ashamed to admit to my parents and his parents that I could not make my marriage work.

    Finally I had enough. We split up and over time things began to get better. My next two relationships were a carbon copy of my first. I didn’t realize I was picking the same person only in a different package.

    After 6 years, I met the man of my dreams. He is kind, caring, trustworthy and loving. He treats me like I was a queen. We have been together 6 years now and counting. If I had not made that move so many years ago I have no doubt I would still be miserable. It is true …….life is too short to be unhappy:-)


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