3 Things Women Don’t Want You To Fix

You’re a man. Your woman is upset/mad/sad/hurt. You want to make her feel better. However, everything you do or say to fix the problem only seems to make it worse. Why? Because sometimes, most of the time, in fact, your woman isn’t asking you to tackle her problems. She’s asking for an ear, or a shoulder. The last thing she wants is to be told what to do!

A Guy’s Guide to Supportive Partnership

If this situation sounds familiar, here are three situations women don’t want you to fix… and what they want you to do instead! Ask a psychic about your situation today!

Her hesitation about asking for a raise/promotion/what she wants at work: Sure, you’ve been hearing her complain about her job situation for some time. But rather than offering her your favorite strategies in the form of “why don’t you just do x, y or z,” try taking the process out of the equation. Instead, praise her strengths. Tell her all the reasons she deserves what she wants. The boost she’ll get from knowing you see her good qualities on the job will go a lot further in bolstering her confidence (what she needs in order to ask for what she wants), than all the tips for how you’ve done the same thing 30 times already.

Her relationship with her parents: Every family has their issues. Your woman is no different with hers. And while she may have been spouting about her difficulties with her mother since your third date, the last thing she wants to hear is your thoughts on what she can do differently to please the people who are driving her crazy. Just nod and smile. Tell her you understand. Ask if there’s anything you can do. Odds are, there isn’t. She just wants to vent and you happen to be her nearest sounding board. Feeling rejected by your partner? Psychic Hern ext. 5239 can tell you what’s going on.

Her body: Whether she’s too fat, too skinny or just right, your lady doesn’t want your thoughts on what she eats… even if you’re a fitness pro (unless you’re on a health regimen together and it goes both ways). So if you’re caught in an endless cycle of “Do I look fat?” or “Should I get implants?” questions. the best thing to do, truly, is to tell her you love her just the way she is. Then, grab her and plant one on her to hammer the point home. She’s desirable and you desire her. That’s all you need to convey, even if she keeps complaining. Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 has the tools you need to take your romance to the next level!

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