Affair-Proof Your Relationships

No Need to Cheat

Instead of turning the other cheek when hiccups in your relationship occur, proactively create a connection with your mate that can withstand all sorts of challenges and temptations. Let’s look at some great ways to ensure both of you get everything you need in your relationship, instilling a connection so strong that cheating never even crosses your minds. Has the thought of cheating crossed your mind lately? Psychic Karmystic ext. 9457 know what you need to do before you go from thinking about cheating to actually cheating.

Appreciate Each Other 

Without appreciation, a relationship will not survive. Every healthy relationship needs mutual respect and gratitude. Your actions and commitment are directly related to your appreciation so make sure you both show your appreciation and gratitude to each other.


Communicating with one another satisfies multiple needs. As best friends, sharing your day will keep you close, and talking about struggles together will fulfill your emotional needs. You also need to talk through any issues you have with one another as they come up (including any needs either of you may feel aren’t being met) before one of you begins to look for it somewhere else, with someone else.

Have Intimacy

Intimacy is huge in relationships. Physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy are interconnected, so stay in tune with your partner. Keeping your sex life happily active, showing consistent affection for one another, and cuddling are all ways to keep the physical intimacy healthy between you and your partner.

Have Date Night

Make time to do a date night once in awhile. This allows you two to focus solely on one another, and the romance of your relationship if for only a night! A date night serves to remind you both why you chose to be together. Even after many years of being in a relationship, a date night can take you back to the excitement you felt when you first got together.

Establish Boundaries

Know what each other’s comfort levels are when it comes to things like friends of the opposite sex as well as guys’/girls’ night outs. Are you both comfortable with the way each other behaves? Know what would hurt your partner and what they consider disrespectful to your relationship, and respect those boundaries. Is there something that your partner does that makes you uncomfortable? It’s time to confront them, but call Psychic Libby ext. 5288 first, for tips on just what to say.

Learn Something New Together

Take the time to discover a new adventure together. Learn a new hobby, join a club, pick up a sport—anything you two can just have fun together with and which allows you to play with one another and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Affair-Proof Your Relationships

  1. Susan

    I am just disgusted with my husband right now cuz he does not meet my emotional needs and I am at the point I need some of that attention I am lacking from him… So its like this either he does what I need and desire or get the hell on!!!!

  2. Tracy

    Great article as usual. My boyfriend of 11 years doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. I write him little love notes, but he ignores them. We do have great sex, but it is the only way he shows me love. I have to ask for hugs and he kisses me like you would your grandma. I want a little romance in my life but he is too macho to do that for me. I love him and he says he loves me but he doesn’t really show it. We don’t go out unless it is to fly his remote control airplane. I want more from him than he is willing to give. I don’t know what to do any more. I tried to talk to him about it, but it always ends up in an argument.


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