3 Signs YOU May Cheat

Cheating is a popular topic… but what if you’re the one who’s doing the deed outside your relationship – or at least the one who’s thinking about it? Here are three relationship issues that can – and will – put you in danger of going elsewhere for attention if you don’t do something to stop them!


Feeling ignored by your partner? Maybe they’re extra busy at work, dealing with a personal crisis, or even seriously ill. Whatever the cause, it’s time to pay some attention to your feelings (and express them, even if it’s to a counselor). Inattention has the (often unintentional) side effect of making people feel invisible, unattractive or insecure – and the result? You go seeking a different kind of attention (emotional or sexual) elsewhere!


If you’ve been cheated on – or otherwise mistreated – it’s not uncommon to feel you’re justified in giving your partner a dose of their own medicine. However, while you can tell yourself that this just levels the playing field, what it really does is change the game – and not for the better. Playing dirty never has a truly happy ending. In fact, you’re usually thrown out of the game, and your bad choices come back to haunt you (in later relationships)! Don’t compound problems that already need working out, unless you’re prepared to pay the price!


A little fantasy is fine (particularly when it involves people outside your realm of possibility), but when you find yourself daydreaming about your friend’s new boyfriend or the cute girl in accounting (namely how the sheets may be greener… or at least a whole lot more fresh in their bed), you’re stepping into murky territory. Instead of focusing on these objects of projection (which is exactly what they are at this stage – your little two dimensional fantasy of a perfect partner – sex or relationship!), focus on how you can spice up your relationship – before it’s too late for you to successfully save it!

What do you think – what are the best ways to keep your mind from wandering to other people?

6 thoughts on “3 Signs YOU May Cheat

  1. Betty

    As far as cheating is concerned Men are the root causers of that , now you will find a man who is not happy at home at all very jolly somewhere even if you try your best to be a good wife and show him love. What can we do such men?

  2. Pdg

    Well after seven years mines has cheated several times I couldnt take it anymore so I moved cross country sad as it may be the hurt always will be there and the love I had for him will never go away but I wanted my heart back. I felt I allowed him to take away my inside so I had to get stronger. When my child saw him with another women and he text me that he loved me I said enough was enough he will reap what he sowed. So I am doing ok I left with two suitcases and did not know anyone and now I have a home a car and furniture but most of all I have my strength and my heart thank God!

  3. Rose Cocca

    i knos that my boyfriend is NOT cheating…there is no reason to do that…because he wont he wont hurt me…i love him and i trust him…i know he needs attendion but how can i when i cant see him…i know we both want to bo be together..but i dont know how…i have a lot of faith in him…thank you Carmen..HOW CAN WE GET TOGETHER..COULD I COME TO SEE YOU..im not cheating myself because because im not interest in anyone..i might talk to men ..but that is all.i dont pick them up..i just talk to them…there is no one out there expect my boyfriend…and that is the truth…xoxoxo

  4. Carmen Hexe

    Here is what always kept me from cheating. I recognize that the grass is usually NOT greener on the other side. Quite on the contrary, I assume the grass is going to be brown and dead over there 😉

    I understand that no one is perfect and when something bothers me, I speak up, instead of avoiding and daydreaming about someone else.

    I continuously strive to be a better partner as well, by asking my husband what he thinks I can improve on.

    And the final one, I don’t put myself in situations that could lead to cheating. Hence, I don’t go “clubbing with the girls,” I don’t get wasted when I am out with a friend for dinner and I always offer my husband to come along, no matter where I go. In other words, I simply don’t do “single activities,” while being married. And on the bright side, I don’t even crave them either!

    I have the advantage that my husband and I are best friends. We have our own “bubble” and we like being with each other best, even though we need our alone time at times. In which case I will go off to play WoW, or read a book, etc.

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Yep !!! These are the 3 signs alright.

    But instead of cheating, try therapy, counseling, or let your favorite psychic guide you. Those are actions that you can take without regretting them later on.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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