Emotional Distance

K Becks in London, UK asks:

Hi Red, I have been reading topics and discussions on California Psychics for a few years and this will be my first question! Over a year ago, I have met this man. I would have dreams about him while we were together and it was insane to think that this person has some kind of connection with me. (I even saw him in a vision before we met!) I have made a few contacts, left the country and came back, and have received one response from him a little over a month ago, which was incredibly ambiguous — his timing wasn’t the best, but nobody’s perfect. I have seen some men since then, but nothing ever feels the same and I am torn, more so heartbroken over this person.

I have asked psychics and they have all said it’s an unresolved issue and that he will return. I have felt it so strongly in my soul that he will, but the question is when will he be strong enough to face me rather than constantly running away from whatever it is? I feel certain that I have done nothing to hurt him to deserve this kind of treatment and it is frustrating. I wish for this situation to be resolved and that we could speak again as my time here in London is now becoming limited. Thank you for reading this.

Dear K,

I happen to agree with those who have told you that there are unresolved issues between you and this man. However, things are going to remain unresolved for quite some time. Currently, he is neither ready nor willing to embrace you back into his life more fully. Even though his emotional distance may be confusing and frustrating to you, for now, it is ultimately a good thing. If he were to be more open with you now, things would become even more confusing and painful, because issues would remain unresolved and he would disappear once again.

Life has a strange way of working things out, when the time is right. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do to bring about results more quickly. It will be a couple of years yet, but this man will reach out to you and the two of you will see one another again.

When his life is more balanced, and he is ready is to revisit the past with you, the connection that binds the two of you together will be strengthened by the flames of romance once again. While there is bright potential for a long-term love relationship, at the very least, the two of you will remain close; life-long friends.

I hope this helps!

Brightest Blessings,

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