10 Ways to Flirt and Seduce by Touch

The ways to flirt with and seduce a partner are many, but by touch may be one of the most sensual.

Win Your Way to Their Heart the Hands-On Way

You can touch someone in one way and get smacked for your trouble, or touch in another way and be rewarded with soft smiles and sounds of delight. Hips, lips, hair, hands—what makes the difference? How can you make sure you’re flirting and seducing your target instead of ticking them off? Flirt tastefully and respect private space.

1. Remember that a flirty or seductive touch is a replacement for body warmth. If you and she are not quite ready for full throttle, keep your touch light and kind of brief, but don’t give up.

2. When you flirt or your goal is light seduction, keep a bit of space between you and your intended. Don’t crowd, don’t rush. Move in gently, slowly.

3. Touch areas of skin that would never be thought off limits in our culture, but do have lots of sensitive nerve endings. Inner arm. Inside elbow. Cheek. Hands. Even playing footsie is fun and sexy-flirty when you’re relaxed and comfortable.

4. If your touch causes a negative or puzzling reaction, back off. You might try later or watch for signals, but you never know if your intended’s history includes some event that made touching a little intimidating.

5. Try the old-fashioned charming customs that have gone out of fashion. Hand kissing, anyone? Kiss the tips of her fingers? Lots of nerve endings there. So romantic! She’ll remember your panache when she’s daydreaming.

6. Believe it or not, hair touching has been a sign of romance since the dawn of time. He touches hers, enjoying the silky softness. She touches her own, or flips it over her shoulder, making herself open to approach, or inviting his touch. He runs his fingers through his own hair—a classic sign of interest in some lucky she.

7. A kiss can be anything from platonic to ravishingly sexy and hot, so watch it. Plan your approach. Flirting? A quick cheek buzz and a laugh. Seducing? You’ll move in for a soft, slightly lingering, closed lip kiss that leaves your target longing for more.

“Relationships magnify the human experience.” – Quinn ext. 5484

8. Flirting doesn’t involve touching erogenous zones. However, you can cross a few more boundaries with seduction as long as you pay attention to signals. You better be good at reading mmm yes and NO WAY! If yes, try a soft stroke of the hip or waist area, small of her back, back of her neck. Yep, it works on men, too.

9. Use all your senses to stir romance. Speak softly and caringly. Focus your gaze on your intended and forget about checking out the field. Use touch, even casual touching, frequently. Take in her (or his) scent and comment on it. Listen to what is said. Tune in her psychic energies. Get it? It’s a whole package.

10. Hugging is a great come-on when it’s used right, and who can object to a warm hug? Hold that hug a second or two longer than expected. Press ever-so-gently to bind the two of you closer for a second. Let go, step away, and then smile your warmest smile right into his (or her) eyes.

Human beings thrive on warmth of touch, and we’re compelled to procreate, so we’re pre-programmed to enjoy and encourage closeness. A man or woman who understands how to simmer, bubble, then boil over at the right time is really sexy. There’s nothing klutzier than someone who dives in and takes possession without caring if the welcome light is on.

“Attracting sex is simple. The hard part is when someone believes that sex and love are the same or that one will naturally lead to the other.” – Reed ext. 5105

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16 thoughts on “10 Ways to Flirt and Seduce by Touch

  1. Jane

    lol, I am days late reading this, but have to say giggled at the comments, Mark is funny, being proper with societys rules, so I laughed, when I see a mans bald, the urge to rub it is so overwhelming, I cant resist, so I do it, lol, imagine a stranger approaching and rubbing your head?? hahahahah have got a load of laughs doing it….. just one took it as a come on!!!! Sorry Mark, I dont do rules….. make your own, if you want to and its not harmful, then go be open and enjoy touch, most people love openess and grin back,

  2. louann

    i agree with the kissing on the tips of fingers its sends all the right messages even if he/she is not ready to go all the way it shows them that you are and when the are comfortable enough that you will be waiting. and for titilope to me from personal experience its time you find a new mate!!!!

  3. Marc from the UK

    Ha lol, yes I know ! I am a big believer in touch, and a sensual person, you can tell a lot about someone by touch, massage and hair stroking is a huge sensual experience! Grzzzzz lol.

  4. Judy

    Flirting is a wonderful sport. I love it. It’s just a fun and edging thing. And if you do it right, everyone feels good. If you do it wrong, you can get in trouble. ; )

  5. Parvati

    titilope – How can one be described as “lover” when either is repulsed by the other. It is one thing to love – but to be a lover is to be in a state of giving of ourselves one to another in constant exchange. If there is any sort of repulsion it is time to free both of yourselves and walk away.

  6. California

    Mark from the Uk, touch the person when you have a date and ready to know more about that person that you want to enter into your life, not someone at work place or public places.

  7. Chandrakant

    Dear Taryn Gale wind,
    Good afternoon.Just gone through your message.It’s how far applicable in the country like India,where culture,customs,class,cast,color shadows keep moving around every time?

  8. Marc from the UK

    This all sounds great and good fun, however in the UK by law touching anything other than the elbow is classed as sexual harrassment! It;s knowing when to and how too!


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