How I Turned On a Flashlight With My Mind

Exploring Extra-Normal Powers

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine shared how excited she was after having been able to turn an LED flashlight on and off with only the power of her mind. I was intrigued. It was right up my alley. I’ve personally witnessed telekinesis with children and have had my own telekinetic experience. As a psychic and remote viewer I was eager to hear and learn more about this.

I went to visit my friend. She disappeared for a moment, returning with a ten-inch red, white and blue-starred LED flashlight. She smiled as she shared that she and her seven-year-old niece had recently turned it on and off together within a matter of minutes.

“How do you do it?” was my first question.

My friend replied, “I turn it to the on position without having the light come on. Then I focus on the light coming on by itself.”

“The first time it took longer than it does now,” she said.

“Here, you do it,” and she handed the flashlight to me.

I sat there looking at the thing between my hands, repeating in my head, “Turn on, flashlight, turn on.” I then started thinking, what would a great magician say to it? I came up with some gibberish words when translated into modern day English is the equivalent of “Flashlight, turn on.”

I took my hand and waved it at the flashlight, the way wizards and sorceresses do in movies.

That didn’t help. I noticed I was experiencing a moment of frustration and resignation and caught myself thinking, “Ah, who cares if it works or not? I know that I can remote view and am psychic.” Who cares?

Now, with all my knowledge about the quantum field and knowing the way mind impacts matter, I knew better than to utter those words or even say them in my head. So, I thought about it some more and then chose to inform the flashlight that I wished it to turn on for me, and left it at that. My friend and I soon got into a lively conversation about the things that matter in life and it was then, while having completely forgotten about the flashlight, that I walked over to turn it off! While in the process of unconsciously turning it off, I realized that it had been on! We had done it!

I left my friend’s home and drove past the local hardware store. I parked the car, went in and purchased my own LED flashlight.

Mine was solid black. Colors were not going to interfere with my new obsession.

Later that night, before bed, I placed my flashlight on my night stand. I sat there and stared at it. I requested the flashlight turn on, and then ordained that it would turn on for me. Knowing that information travels best for me when I’m in the alpha state, I put the flashlight near my bed, turned off my bedside lamp, and began meditating and focusing on it while in alpha. At some point I know that I dozed off because I woke up to the flashlight beaming in my face!

I was thrilled to my core and had such deep gratitude for life and for our bodies and for the creations that we truly are. I fell asleep easily and had pleasant dreams that night.

The next morning I woke up empowered and with a strength I had not had about and towards life in years. I felt much younger, more powerful, happier and grateful. I am prepared to take this to the next level and to practice using my flashlight skills in my every day life of teaching people how to access, utilize and trust their intuition on a daily basis. I am determined that we all learn to develop our natural abilities of knowingness, intuition and deep insight. It is my dream and vision that all human beings learn their full potential and that we once again return the world to paradise, where angels, fairies, love and magic rule.

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4 thoughts on “How I Turned On a Flashlight With My Mind

  1. Tracy

    Thanks for another interesting article. I find this subject quite fascinating. My fiancee has had a similar experience. He was sitting at home one day with his parents and younger sister, when there was a storm that knocked out the power for a while. They lit candles all through the house. My fiancee started concentrating on the candle and it went out on its own. He told his sister to watch and he started concentrating on one of the other candles. The candle blew out again, she thought he blew on it and didn’t believe that he was doing it with his mind. So he tried it again from across the room and the candle went out again. His sister was scared and told him to stop. Does this mean he has telekinetic powers? He impresses me all of the time, one time he fixed a blown out light bulb with his bare hands. When he was done it worked again. It is amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it. Thanks again for the great articles, I really enjoy reading them.

  2. Detrices Eberatti

    Outstanding post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Thanks!

  3. Gopinathan k

    That was interesting reading.I have many a times foreseen things going to happen ,it is
    a hunch that tell you that ,it will happen this way and it happens.But some times it
    click that way and sometimes not however most of the times it is true.The answer is almost to me but cannot be disclosed.Some times I have felt that it is the astrologer’s premonition
    or intuitive capabilities that helps me, but the truth is otherwise.Any way I am willing
    to believe this incident reported by the psychic.


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