10 Things Men Wish Women Knew

1. Confidence is Sexier Than the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
How a woman sees herself is ultimately how the man will see her. Despite how media and commercialism tries to bend this rule, attraction is only partially about a woman’s physical appearance. Studies have shown time and again that men’s attraction to women is a combination of personality, confidence and body language. In other words, feeling sexy is being sexy!

2. Leave us Alone in the Bathroom
I won’t bother you if you don’t bother me. This is how most men think about the bathroom. Men generally dislike being disrupted in the bathroom, no matter what they are doing. They do not want to be asked how their day was, or if they are going “number two.” In addition, most men prefer their partner to close the door when they are doing their own business.

3. Pornography is not a Replacement for Sex With You
Pornography and self-gratification are very common among men. So common, in fact, that the three-fourths of men who admit to it in studies could very well be the only ones telling the truth. As long as the pornography is not a crutch for a troubled relationship, it is a harmless act. If you are concerned about his involvement with porn, the best approach is to talk about it with an open mind, rather than to make accusations. Set boundaries if you must, but a closet porn-watcher is much more unhealthy than one who is open about it with his partner.

4. The Fastest Way to a Man’s Heart Really is Through His Stomach
Men love being cooked for, which has absolutely nothing to do with the stereotype of the barefoot and pregnant wife slaving away over a hot stove while he’s off doing men’s work. It’s the 21st century, and studies show men are doing more of the cooking than ever before. Men, however, continue to enjoy the privilege of a home-cooked meal. In fact, Australian research shows men sometimes prefer good food to sex. Good cooking may very well lead to the last headache you’ll ever need to fake.

5. We Love the Sound of Your Voice in the Bedroom
You don’t have to go overboard — just let him know he’s on the right track. Unless, of course, he isn’t, then that is a whole different discussion. Many men base their success, in the moment, on their partners’ verbal and visual cues. Studies have shown that men are much more likely to orgasm during their partners’ bouts of verbal ecstasy than while quiet. Your voice may be all the Viagra he will ever need.

6. Men Aren’t Sexoholics, We Just Need to Feel Wanted
While sex is a biological draw in men, it is also an emotional one. Sex is much more than just biology to a man, it is an outlying force which rates his overall satisfaction with life. Men need to feel wanted, and regular sex offers him a confidence that will carry over into everything he does. When he is rejected from sex, he feels rejected as a partner, husband and provider.

7. We Like the Idea of Romance, We Just Don’t Always Know What to do
Most men have tried to be a Romeo at some point in their lives. We know we love you, we want to show you, but we are not always sure how to do it. Sometimes these efforts are hidden within such simple gestures as fixing the kitchen sink, or building a new shelf in the bathroom. Compared to long-stem roses, these offerings may not seem romantic to women, but they truly mean so much coming from your man.

8. Men Enjoy the Challenge of Getting Lost and Finding Our Way Back
This is a big one between many men and women, especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time. Men will inevitably get lost, refuse to ask for directions, and by the time they get where they were going, their partner is fuming with irritation. Relax, men have made it this far in life without anyone guiding us, so why start now. Men love the feeling of self-navigating out of a jam. Don’t rob us of this proud moment, and we won’t rob you of the time it takes to choose a perfect skirt to go with that blouse.

9. “Ok” is an Acceptable Answer to “How Was Your Day?”
Studies show men use the same amount of words per day as women — we just don’t always talk about the same things. At the end of the work day, the woman is anxious to tell him all about her it — ‘this happened, then that, she said this and I did that.’ When she asks him about his day, he shrugs and says, “it was ok,” and this drives her nuts. Remember, if we really have something to tell you, we will. Most men are reserved talkers. It’s not that we don’t want to share, it’s just that we don’t think we have anything important to say.

10. What You See Is What You Get
Most men have run into a relationship where his partner loved most everything about him, except for those one or two things that really drove her nuts. She may have believed that she could change him, or perhaps he even told her that he could change. Truth is, for most men, what you see is what you get. If you don’t like what you see, then you’re probably not going to like what you get! Don’t think you can change us, because you probably can’t.

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