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Psychic Ariel ext. 9775 came through during a delicate situation. I had to make a covert call — and time was of the essence. You see, I was at my boyfriend’s mother’s home in the middle of the desert for Christmas. He had just stepped out on an errand. I was left alone with his mom, who was in a very cantankerous mood. I could hear her uttering curse words in the kitchen. I only had a few minutes before my man would return. I didn’t want him to know I needed some quick advice to endure his darling mother’s tirade. So I ducked into the bathroom and called Psychic Ariel.

“What do I do about my boyfriend’s mom? She’s yammering at us, and now she’s in the other room clanking pots and pans and cursing.” After I spoke the words, I thought, I don’t want to leave the bathroom, it’s my refuge.

Ariel calmly said, “She became negative because underneath it all she’s a very unhappy person. She learned how to play the victim and make it work for her.”

“Well, what if I just be doting, upbeat, and high energy?” I said.

Ariel responded, “It would take a miracle worker to be that upbeat! Let her flow off and around you, not through you. Surround yourself with a white healing light.”

Then she picked up on something I didn’t say, “Be yourself, don’t modify who you are to accommodate her. Ignore her. Limit your time with her.”

I mulled this over in my head. It was tough for me not to keep striving to make a good impression by altering my candor.

She continued, “Don’t personalize what she says. She cannot help it.”

“Will my boyfriend be OK?” I asked.

“He grew up with it. He’s learning her patterns. He doesn’t like how she is and even sees a lot of himself in her actions. He’s also mimicked her patterns and actions. He needs to make decisions to push his energies in a different direction. He’ll get through this, but he picked up her debris. Let it go, be there, and support him.”

“What does he need besides my support?” I questioned. Ariel said he could use some alternative energy healing, so that he puts up a barrier and doesn’t permit the negative energy from permeating him as much. He also needs other coping methods, like counseling, she suggested.

My time was up because I heard the front door open, and my boyfriend announced his arrival. Since the reading, he’s in counseling and studying healing modalities. I could not have been supportive or sane without Ariel’s insight. Thanks, Ariel!

8 thoughts on “Quickie Psychic Reading

  1. nrusingha charana ojha

    1 my first question is how can remove my nine screct?
    2 how can change negtive energary to positive engargy?

  2. nrusingha ojha

    my qustion is how can change my negitive enegry to positive,u say after winter ur blance may br problem, i also thin that ward,
    how can remove my nine scret in our mind,pl guide me,thank u

  3. nrusingh ojha

    thank u again ur advice is very essetional for me.i will try to remove my negive energy.i am very greatful to u.

  4. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    What a great article! Ariel’s advice to be yourself and allow yourself to be manipulated by another person’s energy to alter your behavior around that person was perfect. And congratulations to you for being able to follow her advice.
    Ext. 9146

  5. Justine

    What a great article! I loved how you were hiding in the bathroom while getting a reading. It’s great to know your boyfriend is trying to rid the patterns his mother helped him inherit. I hope it all works out for the best 🙂

  6. Medessa Bolton Hartsock

    I have been looking for Joe Brillo for the last five years. Will I ever find him. I am 70yrs old and he would be 74 or 75. I knew him about 40 years ago, and would love to find him.

  7. Thinkerbelle

    I wish I’d had that advice when I was married to my first husband. I used to be completely speechless around my former mother-in-law because she twisted everything I said. I especially like Ariel’s advice to surround yourself with white light then just be yourself. I’m keeping that under my hat for future situations where I find myself loosing myself. Thanks so much for sharing Bella.


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