10 Signs of a Good Match

signs of a good match

What makes a good couple is actually rather universal. The ten signs of a good relationship match all start with chemistry, balance, respect and compromise. We all know what it’s like to go shopping and try on loads of different clothes to no avail, but when that one special piece fits like it was made for you, you snatch it up! Finding the right love match can seem like an unsuccessful shopping expedition… yet when you meet that special someone, it just works. And you both know it. Want to know if your partner is a good match for you? Call a psychic to find out right now!

In your quest for finding just the right match in love, try these ten signs on for size and see if you’ve met them.

1. Chemistry
You can’t explain it, but Cupid’s arrow hit hard and you are mad about this person. They are the most beautiful being you’ve ever known and you can’t wait to learn everything about them. Sparks are flying but you also feel a connection that is comfortable and familiar… almost like you already know them – and maybe you do from a past life. You feel at ease with this person and passionate all at once.

2. Balance
Though you desire each other endlessly you also have a harmonious relationship in which you find intellectual and emotional stimulation. As the cliché goes, not just your lover but your friend. (Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, anyone?) You, quote,”simply enjoy time together in a myriad of ways”. No ruts, couch potatoes or bar flies here of course …TV nights and a drink are fun, although you have so many other things to do together you’ve had to Tivo the last five episodes of your favorite program.

3. Respect and compromise
We all get consumed by the flames of passion, but true love also means mutual respect. Do you respect each other’s time? Maybe you have very different careers or interests. Maybe your schedules are night and day, but treating each other with respect and taking each other’s needs into account is key. Compromise is par for the course, be it compromise that is respectful to both parties. If you need the United Nations to settle your disagreements, then maybe it’s not your ideal match.

4. Time
So you respect their time – now do you make time for them and vice versa? It seems like with more ways of communicating these days – email, texting, instant messaging – people have a fast food sense of connecting. Your sweetie not only makes time to pick up the phone and have a real conversation but when they see you, they’re not sending texts and taking calls the whole time. It takes quality time to make a quality relationship work.

5. Muse
Throughout history painters, writers and musicians have created masterpieces, written sonnets and symphonies inspired by their muse. Now you don’t have to be Picasso or Mozart, but if they make you want to try and rhyme a couple of lines or even sing a romantic tune out loud, then maybe you’ve found your muse in this inspiring match.

6. Self-improvement
Remember Jack Nicholson’s famous line in As Good As It Gets – “You make me want to be a better man.” Does your significant other make you want to grow and be a better person for yourself and for the relationship? True love is also love for ourselves so we can be fully present with others. If you keep evolving, so will your relationship.

7. Emotions
When you’ve met the right person, you know you can share your vulnerabilities with them. Not only can you laugh together but you can cry with each other and feel at ease. A good match is not just a fair weather date but someone who can handle the ups and downs that inevitably occur. If so, go ahead and break out the tissues for your Saturday night movie!

8. Laugh
When you see each other, you bring a smile to each other’s faces. Even at the end of a bad day, one look from your special someone has you relaxing already. You make each other laugh and you have a good sense of humor about the relationship. Laughter can get you through a lot because even when you’re perfect together, life still poses challenges. If you can deal with them as a couple and still make each other smile, you have better staying power even when Mercury goes retrograde.

9. Au natural
That same fox or vixen you saw on the town last night sometimes wears sweat pants and a t-shirt sans deodorant. Does their natural scent make you want to pounce on them or break open the fire hydrant? Scent is a driving force in attraction. Get past the clouds of perfume and cologne and find an even better smell that you’d like to bottle… your nose knows best!

10. Family and friends
Usually your friends and family know you better than you think they do and often times, they know when they see a good match for you. If your dates are always garnering disapproval but this one has them raving… it’s definitely a good sign. Does your match get along with your friends and are they eager to be closer to you by being closer to your network? If your date can break open a beer with your buddies or do brunch with your friends, maybe they’ll be calling your parents mom and dad… someday.

Of course, one or more of the above signs will garner an interesting pair, but for your best match, try for ten out of ten.

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4 thoughts on “10 Signs of a Good Match

  1. Claude

    I love this list. It represents our relationship perfectly. IN the past I only managed to hit 5 or less of these points, but with my current (and hopefully final and long lasting) love, we got a perfect 10. There are a few additional things not listed here, but if you can get these ten, you’ve definitely got a winner. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. shanu

    Hey Mark.. things does not got right every time. . Try to find out what is special in ur relationship n how you can improve it. Some time expectation does not match but we always want to be happy

  3. Mark

    Thank you very much, its unfortunate that i am in a relationship that is very rocky. Actually, none of the 10 signs are in our relationship! We have a beautiful kid but we are not happy at all. Advice please!


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