5 Tips for Spiritual Dating

We are all connected on a deep, spiritual level and dating can be a joyful expression of that connection – or it can be a nightmare! By choosing to see dating as a spiritual path, you free yourself of drama and instead open yourself up to enjoy the process of getting to know yourself and another on a deeper, less superficial level.

This practice may even be the key to finding relationships that are more genuine and fulfilling from the start. Spiritual dating versus less mindful dating allows you to take more responsibility for your desires and the vision of what you are honestly looking for in a date (and beyond!). It can help you make the most of your time and help you more accurately weigh your chances of a healthy future relationship.

The beauty of spiritual dating is that it is a constant spiral upward on a journey towards finding your soulmate. It can help you remain balanced, embrace your true sense of self and lead you to experiencing a more positive encounter in love. Now see how it works.

Accept thyself
Treating your body respectfully, like the temple that it is, will display confidence to others. Your posture, manner of dress, and facial expressions are all telling your story before you even open your mouth. We all have things we’d like to change about ourselves, but take another look in the proverbial mirror. Concentrate on your attributes! Accept the gifts that you have been given with gratitude and your flaws will retreat to the background effortlessly. Recognizing the light within you allows others to recognize it too!

Namaste is a Hindu word that means “I bow to the god within you.” Accepting the highest self in your date means acknowledging that we are all connected on the soul level. What you do for another you also do for yourself. A meeting of the eyes or a warm smile can be all that it takes to connect to each other on that deep level. Don’t be afraid to open the door to the connection that is waiting to be uncovered.

Be meaningful
Whether your come-hither look draws them to you, or you are more assertive and do the asking out, keep a few places in mind that will spark your genuine side on a date. Open the opportunity to co-create a memorable experience together by suggesting an activity that you like. Maybe it’s a yoga class, or an art gallery opening or a political rally. This may be a great new experience for your date, but more importantly, it will also give them insight into who you are. By taking the first step and revealing a part of your nature, you encourage your date to share openly with you as well. You don’t have to divulge all of your secrets, just be yourself.

Setting your intentions and visualizing before going out is a powerful tool that will allow you to manifest a more comfortable date. When you visualize you are taking responsibility for your desires. Imagine your date going exactly as you would like, with as much detail as you can muster. How do you want to feel? How would you like your partner to express themselves? What would you like to communicate? When this picture is clear for you -so clear that you can actually feel it – stop and give thanks that it already is. From this moment on, prepare for your date with the belief that everything you have visualized is already happening. During your time together keep your heart open to how you are feeling by trying to stay in the moment.

You prepared your mind, body and soul for this date and imagined it as a memorable experience for you both, now you can rely on your intuition to tell you what the next steps should be. Did you have a nice time? Would you like to see this person again? These are the questions you will ask yourself when deciding if you’d like to take things to the next level.

If you find that this person was not what you were looking for, let them go and make room for someone who is a better fit for you. If you or your date decides to end things here, accept it with dignity and realize this opens the possibility for your soulmate to emerge. If your intuition tells you there is more to be explored with this person, let them know that you had a very nice time and would be pleased to do it again. Whether you decide to “just be friends” or pursue romance with this person, your intuition is giving you the clues you need because you have been open and receptive to this dating experience.

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