Managing Emotional Chaos

Often when divorce breaks up a family, the shock waves from the split send troublesome emotional chaos to family members, too. The whole family, in reality, is going through the divorce, not just the couple involved. The selflessness of a mother concerned with her daughter’s welfare, in the aftermath of a long divorce, drove her to call a psychic for guidance.

“My daughter’s had a rough time with all the changes in our lives,” Celeste (not her real name) told Clairvoyant and Empath Paige ext. 9158. “Her father is a busy entertainment attorney who has never given her the time she deserves. We have a comfortable home and we are now safe financially, but I’ve noticed something different about her. Maybe, it’s just me worrying too much about one of the people I love most in life. I don’t want my divorce to ruin her future. Does Molly have problems I’m not aware of?” the caller asked, hoping the psychic’s answer would be a simple “no.”

Paige who begins with Tarot spreads as a point of departure and works with a Clairvoyant guide and a Clairaudient guide, says it was immediately clear from the cards that there was trouble in her daughter’s life. Paige’s guides confirmed the obvious. “You know, oh gosh, I’m really sorry…” Paige began, in an effort to cushion the blow, before she continued with tactful honestly. “I’m getting very clearly that your daughter is involved with drugs and alcohol. She has friends who are a bad influence, but she’s open to using them.”

“I was afraid of that,” Celeste sighed. “How long has this been going on?”

“Six months.”

“Really! So, it started when her father and I were in court,” Celeste thought out loud. “Do you know who these friends are?” she asked Paige. The two looked into Molly’s circle of friends and acquaintances.

Celeste called Paige again several days later. “I asked her about drugs and she didn’t deny it, but she refuses to talk about it. Her father’s in Europe and says he really can’t do anything until he gets back, but that’s not for weeks. I called the school and Molly’s grades have dropped. What can I do? How can I help her?”

This time when Paige looked at the cards her guides chimed in immediately.

“Tough love and a recovery program,” the Clairvoyant saw. “Do whatever you think is necessary to get her into treatment.”

Celeste spelled out her plan to have a personal friend, a police detective, talk to her daughter and thanked Paige for the reading.

“Molly’s agreed to go into rehab,” Celeste announced to Paige on her next call. The tough love worked, but now I’m unsure about which of these rehab programs will be successful. I hear it can be a bit tricky… Paige did a series of 78-card spreads to compare and contrast the rehab programs which Celeste was considering for Molly. With each spread the intuitive was able to get an impression of the advantages and disadvantages of each program. She could also read potential for success.

Celeste agreed that her artsy athletic daughter would probably respond best to the rugged outdoor program. The cards showed her bonding with other teens and a counselor, as well as a positive outcome.

After Molly returned from rehab the issue of college came up. Her personal problems had taken a toll on her test scores and grades. “I’m afraid my daughter’s ready to give up on the idea of attending a good art school.” Even so, Celeste read her daughter’s “wish list” as the psychic did Tarot spreads looking for some small hope that the art student’s portfolio might get her into a university.

“My guides say that Molly doesn’t have to be accepted at all five of these schools.” Paige cleared her “psychic television screen” to see what would come up. She saw the mother and daughter in New York. “If you’re willing to get her an appointment to show her portfolio in person, they’ll take her,” Paige understood.

“I don’t know if I can talk Molly into that. She’s so depressed that she doesn’t even want to fill out applications. She doesn’t know I’ve been talking to you…”

“Then you don’t really have anything to lose by trying.”

More than a year after her first call to Paige, Celeste called the psychic about her daughter one more time. “Are you sitting down?” she asked giddy with excitement and gratitude. “Molly got a letter today from the university in New York. She’s in! … and it’s all because of you.”

“Well,” Paige said sincerely, “I appreciate that, but you and Molly did all the work. You have so much love for Molly that in all the calls you’ve made to me you never once asked about yourself. Molly must be a real talent as an artist – I only showed you the possibilities – you and Molly acted on them,” she said adding, “You never stopped believing in your daughter despite everything that happened. That kind of confidence is life-changing.”

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