10 Partners to Avoid to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Boost Your Self-Esteem

They’re Self-Esteem Napalm!

It’s difficult enough to maintain healthy self-esteem in today’s society. The last thing you need is to be with someone who makes it even more difficult to maintain a good outlook on life. In other words, please stay away from these 10 self-esteem burglars.

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1. The Narcissist

Nothing is ever the narcissist’s fault. The one person who will always be at fault for everything that goes wrong with their life is you. Forget it!

2. The Guilt Monger

Some people have learned to control their relationships through guilt. The guiltier you feel about what you are not doing for them, the more effort you will put into giving them exactly what they want. They want complete control over you and the relationship. A good relationship needs to be 50/50, so ditch the guilt monger before you waste more effort on them.

3. The Fault Finder

They find everything that’s “wrong” with you and then point it all out as often and loud as they can. There is actually nothing wrong with having a few faults and insecurities; it is what makes us unique and human. However, if you hang around the fault finder long enough, their constant reminders of your faults will eventually make you start to doubt yourself in a very big way.

4. The Grumpy Cat

A positive partner makes you feel positive. But if you’re dating a grump, it’s hard to be positive about anything. With someone who hates the world, hates life, and perpetually gets up on the wrong side of the bed every morning? Dump them! How can you feel good about the same life they hate so much?

5. The Scorekeeper

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner keeps score of every bad thing you’ve ever done, and then brings the bad things up in order to get the upper hand during an argument or disagreement? You are being manipulated by a person who has no interest in maintaining an equal partnership with you.

6. The Hostage Taker

When a partner is constantly holding their love over your head in order to keep you in line, then that just isn’t love anymore. Threatening to end the relationship unless you do exactly what they say is one of the worst forms of manipulation, and if that is how they plan to keep you over the long haul, you’d be much happier with someone who understands the value of a good relationship.

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7. The Ex Evaluator

Some partners compare you to other lovers. This approach to a relationship is not only devastating to your self-esteem, but to the possibility of ever building any trust or security in your relationship. If all those other people were so great, why don’t they just go back to them and leave you alone?

8. The Misery Junkie

If you have a partner who gets a thrill from throwing you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, you’re life is (and will always be) miserable. One minute they are happy in love. The next they are completely over you. This is a relationship that you are just never going to want to be a part of.

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9. The Cheater

Yes, it is possible that your cheating partner loves you. But if they don’t love you enough to give you the kind of respect you deserve, then I would say they just don’t love you enough.

10. The Competitor

The one person you shouldn’t compete with is your partner. If you feel like you have to live in their shadow for the sake of your relationships, get out! And while they may seem more than happy to help you up every time you purposely fall short to keep the peace in the house, you’d actually be better off living alone as your own champion.

11 thoughts on “10 Partners to Avoid to Boost Your Self-Esteem

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article, Eric…..but Eric, I always love your articles….

    Have a nice fall season….

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. Chrissi

    My hubby is a combination of the Narcissist and the guilt monger- not only can I not be right but if I am- or happen to do something better than him, I don’t ‘care’ about him and this has got worse with age- I thought after his mother died things would improve- as we lived with her and she could always find something wrong with me- and then things weren’t quite as bad, but with the financial situation, as now we have the house we need to do loads of work with it – but his work situation- his work doesn’t pay as much as his old one- the one he was medically retired from- I do wonder how much of his attitude is added to by that as well

  3. Helen

    I am unfortunate enough to be living with my mother at the moment, and boy, is she a Fault Finder! Has been that all her life, and I’ve never been good enough for her. Do I need to say what that has done (and keeps doing) to my self-esteem? They say parental love is unconditional; well, certainly not my case…

    Parents can cause just as much damage as partners, if not more. The difference is that cutting off a toxic parent is infinitely more difficult than getting rid of a toxic partner.

  4. Debbie

    I had that guy all roll into one. I called myself an idiot and got out. Never been happier. I would not call them anything or give it any type of credence because they are only worth our indifference, which is lower than love or hate.

  5. Psychic Daphne

    Awesome article Anauel! I liked the way you pointed out aspects that women tend to dismiss. It’s so important for us to FEEL GOOD in our relationship and I think this article is a helpful tool in navigating that. Psychic Seren once said to me, “If a relationship is 75% great, it’s worth it. Less than that, ditch it”. Crystal good for you to be honest and look for clarity on who you are dealing with. I’m sorry to hear that your guy is this way, but the good news is that you get to choose who you date and do life with 🙂 Best wishes with picking your “It Man” 😉
    <3 Psychic Daphne

  6. Debster

    Wow, fantastic article. Spot on! I’ve been in serious relationships with three of those, and indeed, they drag you to the pit of Hades as often as they can. On to better things! Thanks for that insightful and well written piece!

  7. crystal

    what kind of guy do you have if they are all of these all in one?i have the worst guy in the world and he is all of these things i just wondered what you call those kind?


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