Your Weekend Horoscope: Enthusiasm is a Challenge

Enthusiasm is a Challenge

Your Weekend Horoscope

It is easy to feel burnt out under a Lunar Eclipse in fiery Aries. You could find it challenging to muster up your usual enthusiasm and get things done. A number of stressful planetary influences indicate that this is a good time to keep a low profile and to avoid conflict. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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The Lunar Eclipse in your sign can be a bit of a drain on both your emotional and physical energy. You shouldn’t rush ahead with your usual fervor when your tank is running on empty. Take it easy this weekend. Give yourself ample time to relax and recharge.


Even though you are busy attending to your usual chores and weekend activities, deep down you might be feeling a little bit stressed or uncertain. Your interactions with others may drain you. Make it a priority to spend some quality time on your own engaging in activities that you love.


Your plans to spend time with a friend or group could go awry when someone suddenly flakes out. An even worse case scenario is that your pal shows up and is reckless or unpleasantly impulsive. Your plan B should include a romantic date or spending time working on a creative project.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows the Lunar Eclipse making mischief in your reputation sector. Curb the urge to behave recklessly in front of a boss, parent, or another influential figure. You might think that your actions are bold or daring, but they could come across in a less positive light.


Your quest for adventure can lead you astray if you fail to look before you leap. From taking a tumble while on an outdoor excursion to getting lost while traveling to your destination, moving too quickly could get you into trouble. It pays to slow down and to be prepared.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that the assistance you receive from someone is likely to come with hidden strings attached. It could be days or even weeks before your obligation comes to light. Better to handle things on your own if you can, especially if the matter pertains to money.


It is hard to get a read on what’s happening with your mate. He or she might be consumed with an activity or project that they don’t feel inclined to share. Don’t take it personally. Everyone needs time and space to do their own thing. Take a hint and exercise your independence.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals a need to devote yourself to completing a certain chore or task. However, your energy could be low or, perhaps, you are just not in the mood. Pushing yourself could lead to problems. Better to take a break and get back to it when your have more enthusiasm.


As much as you feel the need to bond with a child or a romantic partner, this weekend you aren’t as in sync with them as you might think. This disconnect also applies to any creative projects that you are working on now. In ether case, don’t force it. Spend time with friends instead.


You feel pretty devoted to a home or family matter. Despite your attention and care, it may be difficult to discern what is really going on and how to properly address the matter. You want to get credit for getting things done, but it probably isn’t going to happen this weekend.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you could be rather impulsive when it comes to discussing your feelings. However, you might not be entirely sure of what your true emotions are, so you are better off sticking to the facts. Think twice before hitting the send button or picking up the phone.


Financial matters get pretty murky under the shadow of an eclipse. You could be tempted to rush into a questionable purchase or you could push ahead with a transaction that really deserves more research and planning. This would be a good time to seek out a second opinion.

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