In Memory of Psychic Caralatta

Psychic Caralatta Has Passed Away

Our lovely Psychic Caralatta ext. 5871 has crossed over. We are awfully saddened to share this sad and sudden news. She was born in Wisconsin and lived the majority of her life in Texas. She had an incredible sense of humor and an infectious laugh. Her regular callers said she was really good at making them feel fantastic and welcomed. If you called her, it only took two minutes on the phone with her for you to fall in love with her spirit and energy. She was very warm and comforting in her approach. Caralatta was a woman of honest words and true integrity. She had great faith and believed in doing the right thing.

Illuminating All

Psychic Caralatta’s friends said that they will always remember how she could command any room she entered. With a gorgeous smile, Caralatta’s sweetness and kind nature would illuminate all in her path. To know her was to never forget her. She was exceptionally talented at sharing her vision with others and giving them confidence. She could confirm the most astounding psychic details with profound accuracy. Caralatta’s insight touched people from all walks of life. She used her gifts to enhance the lives of others. She brought love and light with grace. Clients were often left speechless after reading with her. Psychic Caralatta would connect very quickly—she was the real deal!

A Creative Person

In her personal life, Psychic Caralatta was the busy, creative type. She enjoyed working in the film industry for 15 years, and she also appeared in several film and theater productions. She wrote comical columns for newspapers and even penned children’s books. She did marketing for radio and TV and volunteered with several charities. She loved traveling, dancing, spending time at the beach and decorating. Caralatta was never one to let a moment go by without giving it meaning. She truly cared about others and offered guidance with passion.

Survived and Loved by Many

Caralatta began reading with California Psychics in March of 2013. She is survived by a loving family, including her husband, James, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She leaves behind countless friends, her wonderful dog, Zena, and many, many grateful clients.

We will leave her bio page up for the next week so those who knew and loved her may view her on our website again. Please feel free to leave your favorite memory of Psychic Caralatta in a comment below.




50 thoughts on “In Memory of Psychic Caralatta

  1. Haneefah Nixon

    my deepest condolences to your friends and family. I feel like I knew you because of all of the countless kind words and the well wishes sent to you in your new home above I’m thankful that you have touched so many lives May God bless you Always

  2. Petra

    I had the most beautiful reading with Caralatta nearly two years ago. I was suffering deeply due the lost of a friend and Caralatta was able to contact her and give me a message from her that gave me some peace. I only read with her once but the reading profoundly touched my life and i will always remember the kindest and compassion she showed me and the insight she provided.

  3. Lisette

    Sending blessings of peace and comfort in these sad times to her family, friends and clients. May your memories of her stay with you and give you strength and love.

    Many Blessings,

  4. James

    My goodness, so many beautiful lights returned to source this year at CP. They must certainly be needing some powerful help & assistance just now. God bless the light that Caralatta was here and is now. She will enable & inspire those here on Earth from a much more powerful sense of being.
    Healing & comfort thoughts to her family & friends. I believe her soul purpose of service to others continues……….. May she always walk in the light.x

  5. milaniaMilania ext 5409

    My love and prayers go out to Caralatta’s family and friends. May they find solice in the knowledge that every sole she touched will be better for having known her.

  6. Raissa

    What a lovely woman. My blessings to her family, her beloved dog, and her callers. May they all hear her laughter and remember her spirit for years and years to come.

  7. Pilar ext. 5677

    May the Divine Light engulf you in Love and Peace. My prayers go out to everyone that had the pleasure to be in your presence of wisdom and love.

  8. Jimmy

    God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be, so he put his arms around you and whispered come with me.
    With tearful eyes I watched you, slowly fade away, although I loved you dearly, I would not make you stay.
    A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest, God broke my heart to prove to me, he only takes the best.
    From Caralatta’s family , thank you all for your kind words and sympathy.

  9. Psychic Fiona #5178

    Caralotta, I can see your shining light from here. Blessings and condolences to your family, friends, and many clients who loved you.

  10. Abrielle

    To all of Caralatta’s dearest ones, my condolences. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful, loving woman. May you all be surrounded by the angels that surround Caralatta in heaven.


  11. Peyton x5312

    Blessings to you and your family Ms Caralatta. May you be in peace and know that you were an Angel sent from Heaven for so many still here on this Earth. Love you girl!

  12. valouria

    Much love and peace surrounds Carlotta, her physical body is gone but her soul travels on forever, she visits loved ones and celebrates her inner peace with those crossed-over and still earth bound. She will always be with her family, friends, loved ones and her soul is still here….what an incredible psychic, giver of joy – friendship -laughs and much love.. the angels share her love….

  13. Abby-6422

    We have another beautiful angel watching over us..!! May she have eternal rest, Many prayers sent her family and friends..!! Abby – 6422

  14. Mikaela x6405

    My heart goes out to the family and friends of Caralatta!
    You blessed us here on earth, now your talking a wonderful journey with God
    God Bless, sending love and light to your friends, family and even those at CP
    who were graced by your Presence

    With Love,

    Mikaela x6405

  15. Colette ext 5035

    I wish Caralatta’s friends and family so much love and peace during this difficult time. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet her personally, but her light was obviously spread far and wide. I know she must be with the Angels now, watching over all her loved ones. xo

  16. Abigail X9570

    Another earth angel has gone home so sorry for the family, friends and clients who will miss her bright light.

    Many Blessings

  17. Burke @ 5655

    What a beautiful life Caralatta led! What a fitting tribute from Jennifer. Thank you ..
    Her wisdom flows eternal now. May the deep grief felt by family, friends and clients alike be transformed by grace now.

  18. libby 5288

    To Caralatta’s family, I am so sorry to hear of this sudden news, she is today and alway a beautiful Angel in the Great Universe, I am sure she is dancing with the angels using her beautiful sense of humor, I am so blessed that u have touched my life n thank u for the laugh we both share together. U are truly a love and an Angel. I will miss u. Sending love n Light to the family.

  19. Eden ext.5259

    Sending prayers of love, comfort and peace to your family and friends, dear Caralatta. While a light may have been extinguished in this world, the heavens are shining bright with your spirit.

  20. misskrystal

    To Caralatta’s family, friends and clients-I am so sorry for your loss. I did not know Caralatta, wish I could have. Sending prayers. Wishing you all comfort during this difficult time. God bless.
    Sincerely, Miss Krystal

  21. Nancy 6353

    So sorry to hear of her passing. My prayers go out to her friends,family, and callers, who I am sure will miss her dearly. Peace and blessings to all who knew her.

  22. Tessa 5897

    Wonderful eulogy, I didn’t know her, but felt I did after reading it. She touched many with her light and love. Prayers for her family and loved ones.

  23. Psychic Thomasina x6285

    My heartfelt condolences to Carlattas family and friends on this terrible loss. A wise soul once told me that when we loose someone who crosses over, we don’t cry for them- we cry for our loss of such a beautiful soul. Sending love and light x

  24. TeriLynn

    Thank you Caralatta for sharing your Light and Wisdom in such a diverse way, blessings to Caralatta in her transformation and love to her family during their missing her presence, laughter during this time.

  25. Denisha 6038

    My sympathies to the family, friends, and clients at this time of sorrow. Prayers for all who knew this beautiful soul.

  26. Dottie 6239

    Gratitude for her beautiful light in this world & Blessings on her new journey. Prayers of love and comfort to her family and friends.

  27. Whitney ext 6457

    I am deeply saddened to hear of Caralatta’s passing and knowing that her family and friends are grieving deeply. What a beautiful, vivacious soul. I was touched to hear about her life and accomplishments. Please know that the family will be in my thoughts and prays at this extremely difficult time.

  28. aisha x5865

    Having read with Caralatta myself I can say that she was really clear and accurate
    Her delivery was loving and kind but direct
    She had an amazing personality and love exuded from her
    Fly with the angels Ms. Caralatta –
    Sending much love and many blessings to her family, friends and clients of CP

  29. Cecilia Ext 6218

    To the family, friends and clients of Caralatta I extend my heartfelt condolences and prayers for strength in this sad time…
    Too many of our community here have passed over, but, they are now Angels who look to help guide us as we move forward.
    Moriah and Yasmina were there to welcome dear Caralatta with love and hugs.
    Peace and Love be With You All at this Time and Forever.

  30. Nevaeh

    The light did shine around Caralatta and that light will stay with us. She was so gifted and so loved by her family and friends and we will miss her here-and one day we will all meet again.

    With love-
    Nevaeh #5203

  31. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Another sad day for those of us at CP……my heartfelt sympathy and condolences go out to her family, friends, and clients.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  32. robin

    Blessings to you Caralatta ad to your beloved family.

    The many seeds of love and healing you planted on earth will flourish, grow, blossom and bloom into a green garden of gracious splendor.
    May you flow from this world to the next , knowing the seeds you sowed will nourish many.

    Lady of laughter and light

    be blessed


  33. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    What a beautiful spirit, flying high on the wings of angels now, making heaven an even brighter place. We are blessed that you graced our lives. For Caralatta’s family, may her love and precious memories comfort you always.


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