Get Rewarded for Your Karma

Let Karma Rewards Work for You!

Are you taking advantage of our Karma Rewards program? As a customer service representative for California Psychics, Karma Rewards points are a big part of my day because many of my customers are already using them to enhance their reading experiences. Karma Rewards points (we call them KR points around here) are a free way to get a lot of savings at California Psychics. Unfortunately, a lot of my callers either aren’t aware of the program or they “cash out” their points in less than effective ways.

So I am here to share the skinny on Karma Rewards: what they are, how to use them, and maybe even more importantly, how not to use them. Read on to learn the when, why and how to use your KR points for optimal results! Use your KR points with one of our psychics today!

Karma Rewards is California Psychics “frequent flyer” program. It is a gift we share with our loyal customers. Once you join the free program, you get points for every dollar you spend with us. Over time, those points add up and you can redeem them for free time with our psychics. On top of that, we  offer exclusive gifts, like a $20 credit applied to your first purchase after you sign up for KR or a whopping 350-point bonus after you make your second KR purchase and that’s on top of any other points you’ve earned.

The points you earn depend on where and when you purchase your time. If you purchase online at or on the reader line, your normally get two points for every dollar you spend. If you purchase time with a customer service agent, you get one point for every dollar you spend. And don’t forget KR Day! Once a month, on this day you can purchase a package (valued at $99 or more) and redeem up to quadruple points.You can redeem points either on the website or with a customer service agent.

There’s nothing to it, right? You gain points and then you cash them out. And, the longer you go without cashing out your points, the more valuable the program is to you. Many callers cash out their points immediately, just for a minute here and there. I don’t recommend doing that. You may gain a minute here and there, but you are losing out over time. Don’t cash out your first 100 points.

Here is an example of a good time to cash out your points: If you have $48 in your account, 230 KR points and you want to talk to a $5 per minute psychic. Here is an example of when you shouldn’t cash out your points: You have 32 minutes with your $6.50 per minute psychic and you are considering cashing out 300 points just to get you $10 dollars more. That’s just about two minutes more of time! If any of this confuses you, don’t worry. Any of our reps. can help you make the most of the points you have!

There is a magic number when it comes to KR points. It’s 1500 points or more. When you hit this amount, your cash out jumps to $75. If you can hold on till then, you get full value. A $75 free reading is substantial. That’s up to 18 minutes of phone time with our psychics! Our psychics are waiting to share important news with you about your future. Lets one of our customer service reps. match you with your psychic soulmate today!

So now you know the secrets of our Karma Rewards program and you should be able to use it like a pro. There are many ways to cash out you points though, so if you have some other ideas, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below. Also, you can always ask one of our customer service reps. about the KR program and they can help you figure out the best way to use your points. There’s plenty of points to go around and we want you to earn as many as you can!


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