Your Venus Love Forecast for 2013

What’s Ahead for Love and You in the Coming Year?

Whether you’re looking for love in your life, or just looking to keep the love in your life, it’s important to know when Venus, the planet of love, will really be there to help you out and when you’ll be on your own in the year ahead.


Venus, Mars, Uranus and the Sun will all be ganging up to super-charge your love life in early April. Unexpected romantic opportunities should be all around you, so be sure you enjoy all spring’s romantic blossoms while you can. Just be careful that you don’t put your foot in your mouth in June, when a few misunderstandings could really end up complicating things for you.


Just be aware that things could be getting a little tricky in your most important relationships this February. Your love life will really be starting to heat up by late April though. So don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, take a few risks and try something new. If you play your cards right, it should turn out to be a hot and steamy spring for all you lusty little bulls.


They say that spring is the time for lovers, and this year it’s also the time for Geminis! With Venus and Jupiter working together to heat things up in your sign for most of the month of May, you should be able to charm the pants off almost anyone. And with just a few flirty words, you ought to be able to get the object of your affection to follow you almost anywhere.


With Venus and Mercury cuddling up in your sign through most of the month of June, the early summer is bound to be a hot time for you. If there’s something you’ve been dying to share with someone, it should be the perfect time to open up and express yourself and let someone know how you really feel. Just remember that the right words can really help you get what your heart desires this summer.


If you’re spending too much time pouring all your energies into other endeavors this spring, just be aware that it could cause a few problems in your personal life. Everything should end up going smoothly in your love life this summer though. And things will really start heating up in July, when a few romantic surprises could definitely have you seeing fireworks before and after the 4th.


Be careful that you don’t let other distractions cause you to drop the ball in your most important relationships in May. Things should really be starting to heat up in your love life by early August though, and you could be ready to take a relationship to a whole new level. Just make sure that you’re absolutely certain before you make any major commitments.


If your romantic plans don’t take off quite as quickly as you’d like this year, don’t worry. All your charms will really be coming into full bloom as summer’s twilight days play out in late August. You can rest assured that whoever you’ve had your romantic sights set on, they’re bound to find you almost impossible to resist before the summer’s through.


Things will be starting to get a little tense in your love life this February. And it could be make or break time for you in an important relationship by September. You’ll have to decide whether you’re ready to make a serious commitment or whether it’s time to move on. And you’re the only one who can make that decision, so just make sure that you’re thinking clearly.


Some misunderstandings in March could cause quite a few conflicts in your most important relationships if you’re not careful. Don’t worry though, your love life should be ready to come roaring back strong by October, so get ready for some pleasant surprises. And you can definitely expect to be enjoying more romantic treats than tricks by the time Halloween rolls around.


Your love life really ought to start out with a bang in January, and things should be getting pretty hot and heavy again in November. You better enjoy it while you can though. You could be hitting a bit of a bump in the road in late December when Venus turns retrograde just in time to throw a monkey wrench into any romantic holiday plans you might be harboring.

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Well, it shouldn’t be a long, cold winter for you with Venus doing everything it can to help keep your love life warm in chilly February. It’ll really be the perfect time for you to be on the romantic prowl, whether you’re looking to relight an old spark or to find yourself a new flame. Just be careful that some testy conflicts don’t end up upsetting your love life in late April.


You should be more than ready to get lost in love this March, but just be careful that you don’t believe everything everyone has to tell you. If you expect someone to keep all their romantic promises, you might end up a little disappointed before the spring is through. Don’t worry though, you should be able to sort everything out and get your love life back on track by the time things start heating up again in June.

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5 thoughts on “Your Venus Love Forecast for 2013

  1. ReikiGirl

    Nancy ~ My friend, stop running after him and that will tell you if he’s for you or not. If the relationship is for real you shouldn’t have to run (after him that is). Also, do you two laugh together and about the same things? I have found that is one of the indicators of a partnership that is positive. All the best to you and may you find peace, happiness and comfort all throughout your life. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  2. Randy

    As a pld sag I’ve been through the mill to many times, Love life sounds so good but It has always cost me very very dearly.


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