Tips to Snuggle Up

When the days grow cold, it’s the perfect time to snuggle up and, well… let your imagination finish the sentence. There’s nothing more romanic than a warm, wet kiss in the cold. What about a crackling fire, a blanket and just one other warm body? You get the picture.

Where to begin…
First, move your body. This may sound simple, but in ultra-cold climates, the most exercise many of us get is the dash from the front door to the car idling in the driveway. If you don’t feel good about your body, it blocks you from using it for pleasure. Bodies in motion stay in motion. Get to the gym and run, climb, pedal or stair-step until the warmth of your body gets into your bones and spirit. The warmth of your soul will seduce everyone around you including your lover. Studies show that kids who exercise have higher self-esteem no matter what their body weight. With confidence and the powerful calm endorphins provide, you will be ready for some great bedroom gymnastics!

Now that your blood is pumping…
Here’s the secret to being great in bed – whatever time of the year – keep the focus on you. Think about it, you can only give what you possess yourself. The better you take care of yourself, the better partner you will be in bed and all around. So, get thee to a spa! Holiday tension coupled with the drying out of central heating means you are ready for some relaxation and hydration. Massage, mask, wrap and relax. As your skin exfoliates, you are telling the world you are ready for more pleasure all over. Being healthy and comfortable in your skin is the biggest aphrodisiac in the world. Let a professional rub out the winter from your bones and you will be ready to pass this pleasure on.

Heat up the bedroom
Does your comforter and flannels say, snuggle up with a good book? This is fine for a lonely librarian, but not for the great lover you are underneath those old pajamas! To spark some heat in these long winter nights, a little preparation will go a long way. By investing in satin sheets and a red hot silk teddy, you’re saying, put that book down and snuggle up with me!

Bake anything delicious. The smell of baking bread or cookies or a roasted chicken has been shown to stimulate the loins and no matter how “modern” we become, the animal in us needs to know we’ll be taken care of if we leave our shoes at the door. Now you are ready to give and receive and that’s the key to great lovemaking.

By taking care of yourself and putting a little preparation into things you are ready for love. Your energy will draw your lover to you with just a smile. And if you are longing for a lover this winter, remember that the universe responds to our intentions. Prepare yourself for love and love will come to you.

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