Tame Your Nightmares

Kelly in Charlotte, North Carolina asks:

Sometimes I have nightmares, or vivid dreams resulting in a “knowing,” but they are random at best. How do I facilitate a dialog and keep the communication going during my dreams? Meditation doesn’t seem to work for me. (I fall asleep).

Psychic Marin responds:

In ancient times, dreams were recognized as a method for communicating with the gods. Even dream temples were erected with “incubation rooms,” which would house an individual for an evening in a sacred space adorned with divine images conducive to prolific dreaming.

In modern times, we turn to dream dictionaries and books about dreaming to get advice on the meaning of dreams. Unfortunately, there is no catch-all guide suitable for everyone, as different life experiences and programing can affect the meaning of certain objects that appear in one’s dreams. For example, a large, slithering snake may mean something different for you than for someone who was bitten by a snake as a child or someone pursuing a career in the study of reptiles. Personal experiences and previous associations can have meanings that are uniquely yours. If you are struggling with a particular repetitive image in a dream and you seek clarity, several psychics at California Psychics specialize in dream analysis, coupled with clairvoyant skills, to actually “see” your dreams and interpret their meaning.

Dreams have different categories. Some images can tally daily events, while others can be unconscious explorations of life path choices and soul relationships. There are dreams that offer solutions, premonitions and angelic messages during peaceful slumber. Then there are the daunting and confusing nightmares that leave a wake of night tremors and feelings of emptiness. Not only do these nightmares jolt you out of a sound sleep and leave you unsettled, the images and memories may haunt you for days or even years after the experience. This leads to confusion and the gnawing need to understand the dream’s significance. It is easy to banish the nightmares once we understand what the images represent.

Psychologist Carl Jung developed a technique called “active imagination.” Using this tool, you will be able to recall images from your dreams and address them to unveil their deeper meaning. This healthy method for processing your dreams leaves you feeling relief from haunting nightmares and can return your sleep patterns to normal.

1. Sit quietly with a dimmed light. You may choose to light a candle.

2. Visualize your most recent dream or nightmare. It could be a dream that frightened you, a dream in which you were being chased, or a dream in which you were shot and felt the bullet enter you. What haunting nightmare do you want to address?

3. Next, you are going to talk to another being in your dream. This could be another human, an animal, a lake or even an alien. It is amazing what communicates with us in our dreams!

4. If you’re running in your dream, stop immediately and ask the chaser, “Why are you chasing me?” Wait for the answer. If you’re being locked away, ask, “What have I done to deserve this treatment?” Drowning in a lake? Ask the lake why your life is ending so soon. You get the idea.

5. Do not interrupt the answer with your thoughts. Simply ask in a very firm and direct manor, and listen for the response. If you do not receive a response, allow the dream to freeze or fall into slow motion until you get a response.

6. After you’ve successfully communicated during this practice session, the next step is actually performing this same exercise while you are actually dreaming, unconsciously.

7. Prior to going to bed, tell yourself that you will communicate with the beings that appear in your dreams. Program your mind before falling asleep so your brain remembers to intercept and help you clarify any confusing images or hidden meanings.

8. When you wake up, immediately take the opportunity to reflect upon your dreams while the visual imagery is as fresh as possible. A dream journal can be a useful tool for documenting obstacles that you are attempting to overcome, and later a measure of your growth and progress.

9. Learn to become aware of your dreams.

When taking control of your dreams in this manner, you will typically notice that the bogey man doesn’t get you. Instead, he decreases in size or runs away. This perception of size and shrinking imagery is significant. It is actually an indication of fears shrinking, as you are gaining a greater sense of control and purpose in your life.

“I have had dreams, and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams.”

–Jonas Salk


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