Creative Visualization and Your Third Eye

(This is the second part of Phoenix Adoni’s series about the sixth chakra – read the first part here.)

How many times have we caught ourselves disconnected from the present moment and lost in the imaginings of our past (usually negative)? The occurrences, conversations that we replay, thinking about what we wished we had said is imagination and visualization. Our past greatly affects our mental, emotional and spiritual state in the present. It sets the stage for our future behaviors, perceptions and manifested experiences.

When the sixth chakra is balanced, we are able to harness the workings of our minds and their internalized images. We can put them to good use by directing them consciously and with the constructive energy of spirit into the future of our choosing, which in time will be brought into the physical world of manifestation. An excellent book to read in the development and use of creative visualization is Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain, which has been in print for over twenty-five years.

Our sixth chakra is the center of sight and perception, but it also enables us to manifest the physical plane in a spectrum of color. Colors are made of lights which are created by various vibrational frequencies, and when these colored lights enter our eyes, they produce definite psychological effects. A perfect way to understand this is to think of the paintings of great artists throughout time. When we look at their work, we see fantastic images made of shapes and color. It is from these shapes of color that we feel and perceive the emotional sensations of the artist at the time they were created, giving rise to our own emotional vistas and landscapes.

Each chakra has its own unique color. Color can create incredible benefits in the realms of balancing and healing, not just our chakras, but for our entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Through the use of our imagination, these colors can be used to identify specific issues within each chakra, giving us the opportunity to heal and grow.

Chakra 1: Red
Chakra 2: Orange
Chakra 3: Yellow
Chakra 4: Green
Chakra 5: Blue
Chakra 6: Indigo
Chakra 7: Violet or White

Psychic perception and clairvoyance are by far the greatest strengths of the sixth chakra. Clairvoyance is the ability to see within and beyond the physical world of manifestation, into its energy field and vibrations. By developing this ability to perceive the interconnectedness of the physical and energetic manifestation, it enables us to see things as a whole in their entirety, whereas normally, we perceive only the individual parts of a person, object or situation.

The third eye can be thought of as a television screen. We can change the channel at any moment and images of our past, present, and future will appear. Tuning into a “future TV channel” is clairvoyance. It’s best to consult a psychic with this ability to enhance and develop your own.

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6 thoughts on “Creative Visualization and Your Third Eye

  1. Peri

    I love the gentle snudos of the singing bowl. I listen to this almost daily during yoga, while walking, sleeping, or if I just need a calming effect. I’m 8 months pregnant and plan to use this as part of my labor meditation next month.

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  4. Jacqueline

    Hi Phoenix,
    Great article, I would like to add some great methods that I have used to open up and stay opened is creating a spiritual high energy space, this can be done in a room or your whole home, once you bring in items such as crystals, stones, water fountains, chimes, music, incense, these types of tools can truly help you to open up and see the visions that are trying to come in.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  5. velvetoversteel

    Wow, this subject has always been so interesting to me. You described and explained very well in this post. I’ve been using some of these along with creative visualization techniques for a while now.

    Great job, Pheonix!


  6. chloechloe

    Thank you Phoenix,

    This was a very helpful article. Learning how to open up our chakras is so important. It can be challenging to stay within the present but it’s all we really have.

    Love and Light!

    ~Chloe ext 9421


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