Your LOVECAST™: Two Stressful Influences

Venus conjunct Mars in loving Libra energizes romantic encounters and other socializing this week. However, two stressful influences — Jupiter opposing Saturn and Saturn square Pluto — can upset relationships because of commitment problems or power struggles. Also, Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, so watch out for miscommunications during the next three weeks. Best days for socializing: Tuesday and Sunday.

Aries: The urge to merge is upon you as the Venus-Mars conjunction energizes your partnership sector. But you’ll likely have to work through a relationship issue (willfulness, perhaps?) before you seal the deal. An exotic ambiance can inspire romance on Tuesday. A group gathering brings romance this weekend, if you avoid being contrary.

Taurus: Your charisma gets a boost of energy as your Venus ruler conjuncts Mars this week. Something you need to take care of may get in the way romance, however. Strive to reach a compromise. A daring approach ignites passion on Tuesday. Love seems stuck on Saturday. A public event can bring romance on Sunday.

Gemini: The lively Venus-Mars conjunction lands right in your romance sector this week — lucky you! Still, socializing may seem like hard work as other influences complicate both romance and friendships. Tuesday is a favorable time for a sexy tryst. Intimacy may seem stilted on Saturday. A spiritual activity can bring romance on Sunday.

Cancer: A security or commitment issue can upset romance this week. Still, with Venus and Mars in your home-life sector, creating an enticing ambiance and throwing a party can bring joy. A rendezvous for two can uplift you as well, except perhaps on Saturday, when you’ll be irritated easily. Friendliness or zaniness inspires love on Sunday.

Leo: This week’s Venus-Mars conjunction fires up flirting and other communications, if you are sensitive to other people’s feelings. Work might hinder the fun, though. A misunderstanding may arise on Monday. Your creativity makes passion sizzle Tuesday. This weekend, your energy may be low on Saturday, but a twosome tryst will energize you Sunday!

Virgo: Letting go of control may be your biggest challenge this week, so strive to be flexible. Also, retrograde Mercury in your sign during the next three weeks indicates it’s time to analyze where you’re headed in your personal life. A cozy tryst can bring delight on Tuesday. Your wit and brainpower draw admirers this weekend!

Libra: Venus conjunct Mars in your sign makes you a magnet for romance, but you’ll need to weed through the people who are abrasive, selfish or just plain bad for you. Your view of love may be undergoing a transformation, so think about what you want in a relationship. Romance will likely swing to extremes this weekend.

Scorpio: Expressing yourself diplomatically during relationship talks and other communications will be difficult this week. Acknowledging the other person’s point of view will help. Romance is steamy on Monday, if you can sift through the mixed messages. Rash words can unhinge love on Saturday. Hosting a gathering beings joy on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Retrograde Mercury can mess with communications at work, so seek clarity. Watch your spending this week, too. Expressing what’s in your heart brings good results on Tuesday. A misunderstanding is likely on Wednesday, however, so be mindful of what you say. Socializing is iffy on Saturday, but flirting heats up romance on Sunday!

Capricorn: Pluto afflicted in your sign can make you self-critical of your personal goals this week. Getting in touch with your sense of purpose will heighten your confidence. Look to see where you need to make some changes, too. Your love life might feel embattled on Saturday. A friend brings joy and insights on Sunday.

Aquarius: Purging negative feelings like anger and resentment this week can place you on a new (or improved) relationship path. Venus conjunct Mars will help you intuit how and where to find a compatible partner. Romance may come from afar. This weekend, your powers of attraction kick into high gear from Saturday night through Sunday!

Pisces: Expressing your desires is the focus this week as the Venus-Mars conjunction heats up your sex life. But first you may need to resolve with an issue concerning intimacy, boundaries or power. Releasing and forgiving old relationship wounds will help. A friend may be troublesome on Saturday. Your whimsical side inspires love on Sunday!

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