DreamCast: Take a Chance to Be With Your True Love

Christine from Marysville, Ohio writes:

I’m dating a guy right now who I went to high school with. Well, we’re kinda dating. We don’t see each other very often, like maybe once a week or less. We text a little, too. We both have been through two very bad past relationships, so we are trying to take this slowly. We both have older children and both have a toddler from our past relationships. They are only five months apart in age and get along great. My guy and I are both forty years old, and neither of us wants to have any more children. He’s a Virgo, and I’m a Pisces.

Recently, I dreamed I was pregnant with his child. I mean, I could see my stomach moving and feel the baby moving inside me—and it kinda hurt. I knew the baby was a boy. My mother was the only one with me, and I had her feel my belly to watch how much movement there was. Although, the whole time, I kept having doubts that I could carry the baby, and I’m not sure my guy would even want me to carry the baby. He may have not known about the baby, because I hadn’t told him about it.

Hello Christine,

What amazes me about your relationship is that you and your guy are such perfect mirrors for each other. You’re the same age, your children are similar ages and you’ve both navigated through rough waters in previous relationships. I think this is an exceptional opportunity to help each other heal the past—if you both can get past your fears and open up. What’s more, Virgo and Pisces are the signs of healing (Virgo) and compassion (Pisces). They are opposite signs, which serves as a mirror to illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of each partner.

As for the dream, the baby is your relationship. Think about it—the baby is moving (there is movement in your relationship), but it’s uncomfortable, just like taking a chance on love may bring pain.

Your guy not knowing about the baby may point to your inability to express your feelings to him, or it could symbolize his cluelessness about his connection with you. You’re not even sure he wants to be in a relationship! More communication is needed here, certainly.

Your mother likely symbolizes your inner wisdom, which is monitoring the progress of the relationship, as well as your own personal growth. This is very good, because you want to go into this relationship—any relationship—with your eyes wide open, feeling empowered.

Sweet dreams,

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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Take a Chance to Be With Your True Love

  1. mzcuddie

    That really hit me clearly what im going through!!!! Everything except for the dream!!! Pefect thank you god bless!!


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