Skyrockets in Flight … Towards Me!

Patty in Victorville, California writes:

I recently had a dream where I was out with some friends. I notice music playing, so I leave the group of people and sit down to listen to this band playing. As I sit and enjoy the music, people are staring over at me, so I look around and see an airplane swerve around behind me. Then all of the sudden, everyone, myself included, looks up and sees what appears to be a giant rocket coming straight for me. I am just sitting frozen, saying to myself, “I am going to die, this is it!” Then I wake up before it crashes into me. What does this mean?

Hello Patty,

The fact that you left your group of friends may be the key to the dream’s message. You indicated you’re an Aquarius, a sign known to value (and be influenced by) friendships. It’s also the sign of change. Are you in the midst of a change in your life that entails breaking away from the values of those around you? You appear to be leaving what’s familiar so you can explore something new. This may be a new perspective on life, exploration of a talent you have — or something else entirely. Only you would know what the shift might be.

The out-of-control rocket might be a warning of proceeding too quickly with something in your life. Another possibility is that you fear situations that are beyond your control. Do you feel like a target for forces outside of yourself? Whatever the fear is, just know that you have complete control over how you handle any situations that arise.

Sweet dreams,

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