Psychic Bridget: Reveal the Meaning of Your Dreams

Your Dreams Have a Lot to Say!

Imagine you have a close friend who truly loves and knows you better than anyone else, but can only communicate by playing a game of charades. This is a good description of your subconscious mind. It thinks in pictures, myths and metaphors. Although many dream symbols tend to be universal, your dream images are unique to you. Your subconscious sends you these images—like smoke signals from the deeper mind—because it knows what these images mean to you and how they make you feel.

It’s common to dream about water. Water represents how you feel about the subconscious itself and the world of emotion. Swimming is often related to our feelings about our sexuality. Are the waters clean or murky? Is swimming a pleasure or do you struggle to avoid drowning?

Do you dream about a house? A house is often a symbol of our own mind, particularly when it has several floors which often describe the state of our conscious and subconscious minds and the higher self. Driving in a car can represent what our life journey feels like. Is the drive dangerous? Are you bogged down in bumper to bumper traffic? Or is it a smooth, uplifting journey? The state of the car represents our personality and/or physical vehicle and how well it is running and how we feel about it.

There are several ways to unravel your own dream symbolism. First, look for metaphors or figures of speech translated into images. I once dreamed I was introducing my then boyfriend to my father. In the dream the boyfriend was about 18 inches tall and I had to almost lie on the floor beside him to present him. The dream was saying that this man had no real stature. It was telling me that he wasn’t as great as he seemed. Over and over again in my life and the lives of my clients I have seen dreams illuminate the reality of our intimate relationships and foretell their future outcomes.

Another way to analyze a dream is to write it down. Write every dream image in a long column on one side of a page. Forget about the dream and instead read each word separately; for example: horse, bridge, river, fog, sky and ogre. Quickly, without analyzing or censoring your thoughts, write the first three words or phrases that come to mind beside each dream image word. When you look at your list of words, the story that emerges may amaze you. For the horse you might have written freedom, uncertainty and risk. For the ogre you might have written, grumpy, sad and professor so-and-so at school. Suddenly the dream unravels, telling you about your life at college and how to handle that experience in a new way. Most dreams are symbolic messages from the subconscious that can teach you about yourself and your life.

There are four other types of dreams that can be distinguished from our regular dreams once we have become accustomed to analyzing those. Some dreams are literally prophetic and what we dreamed of happens just the way it did in our dream. Dreams of flying, often where we feel we are swimming through the air, are sometimes astral travel dreams. Occasionally they have mixtures of dream images included, but they are often not just regular dreams. Sometimes we dream of another person whom we are actually sharing and communicating with in our sleep. I call these contact dreams, and sometimes they accompany astral dreams. Other times we are talking to the person who is right in front of us, while at the same time texting or talking to them on the phone. This is another example of the subconscious mind’s use of metaphors—we really are having distant contact with this person.

The final, rarer type of dream occurs when we are replaying a memory from a previous lifetime. Past life dreams tend to be recurring dreams and often have a sense of realism to them—no ogres or pink elephants. These dreams can give us clues to heal past life traumas or to bring past gifts and talents into our current life experience.


20 thoughts on “Psychic Bridget: Reveal the Meaning of Your Dreams

  1. jaden

    have had many where my wife told me that she had sex 3x or with people, yes we have been having problems , but she swears that she haven’t been seeing anyone what does that means?

  2. Chandra

    Great article!! I almost never remember my dreams. Occasionally I will but in them I’m with people I don’t know and in a place I’ve never been and something bad or dangerous is going on… storms and tornados, people chasing us or shooting us. I’ve tried finding info online about them but never came up with any real answers.

  3. shanti

    Hi Aisha, 2 months ago i had a dream that a god i worship. it was of his image spinning around the ceiling of my bedroom like a disco light while i was lying on the bed. in another i dreamt i was closing my front door and i swear from my peripheal vision i saw another (goddess Kali) when i think of this i got really scared and confused. all this happened that same week beginning and end (Saturdays night). can you please explain. this i am not sure of, but early last year i was again by the front door and i was closing it, as i turned around i saw a black figure of a man standing hands on hips. just inside the backdoor in my kitchen. he was about 8′ tall maybe 300lbs. lights were radiating around him, i was not scared. a few times i smelled cigarette in my room as i was getting into bed. please explain. thank you.

  4. kathi corban

    ive been dreaming of people from my family who have passed yrs ago, theres becomming more than ever seems like all my dreams are always with them, whats happing to me?

  5. Kathleen

    I was just reading this as I have always been highly intuitive and often dream in color, as well.. I have had a plethora of deja vu experiences of things happening, and then later in real life, thinking to myself, didn’t this happen before? Or didn’t I dream of this? When I was a child, I used to ALWAYS dream of flying.. yet the flying dreams always revolved my house and back yard.. and family.. and I would be flying between the house and the backyard… from the top of the house and swingset.. once I dreamed that my brother and I were driving in a car.. I could see the world in the aspect of viewing it as a planet in the atmosphere.. and we kept driving around and around the world, and I kept wondering why we weren’t falling from it.. and then the car fell when we got to the bottom and I woke up. Many times, I have had dreams of being in buildings, and would see people covered in blood pursuing me and another person, yet I could not identify the other person in the dream that was also being pursued, and in the dream, I feel as though I am protecting or leading the two of us to safety.. I also have had dreams of water.. and in real life, I do not know how to swim, or rather, one time I almost drowned, and since then I have had fear of water, however, in dreams.. I am often swimming and not afraid of the water. Yet, when I was a child.. when I used to have the dreams of flying, I used to also have a “sensation” rather than an actual visual.. that I cannot breathe.. and would wake up gasping for air and realize that I am fine.. with no memory of why I had that sensation in my sleep.. My dreams are often very lucid, and in color.. and as mentioned, I am highly intuitive and my intuition is spot on.. almost always.. it has gotten me out of many, many [bad] predicaments/situations. What I don’t understand is my infatuation with the Orient.. and the fact that I have never dreamed of anything of this nature. Yet I am extremely fascinated with it and often feel as though I should be in the Orient. Odd.. I know.. oh.. and once as a child, I dreamed I was trying to get home before dark, it was twilight and I was walking very quickly and each time I approached a new block and would try to step up to the curb.. I would stumble and scrape my knees.. I would get back up and keep going.. and this kept happening, until I reached home. Once I was across the street from my house, I was hesitant about going over.. I was standing in the neighbors yard, this was very lucid.. very realistic.. I was standing near a shrub and then suddenly, a bear.. with wings.. O.o.. comes out from behind the bush.. I ran across the street to my house, and the front door was locked, so I went around to the back and peered in the kitchen window.. there I could see that my stepmother was being mauled by a bear and she and the kitchen were a bloody mess. Thus I did not enter the house.. I left, going back the direction I had originally came from, and again, scraping my knees at every curb.. Odd.. I know.. I could go on and on.. I have the weirdest dreams.. yet I often wonder if I am psychic and have just not tapped into.. also.. around 5 weeks ago.. I was watching television, I had the windows and curtains open as the weather was like Spring.. I am sitting there, and suddenly, a sparrow comes to my window.. it is pacing side to side at the bottom of the window.. and looking at me very oddly.. it flew away and then suddenly I was drawn away from the television and gazing out to the sky and the atmosphere.. and then again, the sparrow landed on my window.. pacing back and forth again.. the television became loud and he flew away.. I turned the television off, and ended spending quite a long while, just gazing out to the sky and atmosphere. I was “affixed” to it.. like in some sort of Trance.. for a quite a while.. I then proceeded to ask my mother, what it means when a bird lands at your window.. she said she thought it means death.. yet depending on the bird. We sort of did not think of it anymore and sort of wrote it off.. Then a week later.. about 4 weeks ago.. my mother comes to me crying.. and telling me that my younger brother, the youngest of all of us siblings.. had passed away.. I just feel like I have a sense to these things.. and yet I do not know how to completely understand them, or that I have not tapped into the ability. I am also a very good judge of character as well.. I can usually read people the moment I am in their presence, and pretty much know what their character and persona are like.. and whether I want to know them or completely avoid them. And this ability, like the intuition, is usually spot on as well.. Pardon the lengthy post, I just felt compelled to let it all out here, for some odd reason..

  6. Elizabete

    its all soo interesting .I also have many dreams.and always try to understand them.
    when I was younger I use to dream about cows chasing me ,and I would actualy fly over buildings to be able to escape the cows ,and yes I did .
    for the longest time I was afraid of cows real life just because of my dreams .
    I was about 27 the first time I got close to a cow and now I don’t dream about them anymore .
    strange dreams can you help me understand this dream ?txs a bunch
    p.s. read all your comments but was sad not to see anwers to the questions

  7. Deborah Tippett

    I dream about that my family and me are remodeling my ma’s house by knocking off the upstairs and making it be a one level home with only 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms. I never dream of the house being done.

  8. Berkeh

    Dear Friend,
    Last night , I had a dream .A nice guy who was my suiter , called me and he sadly tried to explain to me about his unsuccessful projects and said some excuses about not visiting me at the date. He was crying and he wanted I accept it. What does it mean? Can you tell me the message of my dream?
    Best regards,

  9. Diane

    I got divorced when my kids were 17 and 20, they are 23 and 26 now. Lately I have been having dreams about my youngest son some of the dreams are good with him some are not so good. My youngest son won’t talk to me, or call or visit me since the divorce back in 2008 He says that I know why he is mad at me but I don’t know why and he won’t tell me. I know that around Sept 23 – Oct. 22 of this year I’m going to have a dream of someone telling me how they really feel about me. I sure would like to know who this person is…if it’s my young son or from someone else. The last good dream I had about my young son was about him pulling into my grandmother’s driveway but when I went outside from her house to greet him, he was at a gas station filling up his car, I went up to him and we said hello to each other and he even hugged me. I woke up right after that…the next dream about him was not so nice…he was mad at me for some reason and would not tell me why…tell me why I’m having good and bad dreams about him, and is it September yet? lol

  10. Donald

    I dreamed last night ( June 19th 2013 ) with three crows perched on my shoulder, after walking some distance they got down and went through my legs.

  11. Lynette Bird

    I have been dreaming about my late nephew lately. He keeps coming to sit by me and I tell him he’s not suppose to be here and all he say’s is he’s visiting.
    The last dream I had of him his mom my sister bought some alcohol. They were both drinking in my dream and in real she doesn’t drink, do drugs or smoke. I don’t know what that means can you let me know And when I do dream about him and he comes close I feel scared of him. And before he died I was the last person he asked for.

  12. Jane

    i keep dreaming about my children’s father who we have been divorce over fifteen years.i have no feeling of any kind for him.But in my dream he is always shows up telling me he’s lonely for me or that he missies me a lot or he is crying telling m he loves me and wants me back….just so you know he was unfaithful in our marriage after twenty years and we got a divorce. I have had this kind of dream about for over a month maybe two nights a week.Can you tell me why he keeps showing up in my dreams.

  13. kaylee vanwinkle

    i keep dreaming about my adoped parents. they want nohing do with me. but in my dreams i visit them. and they accept me in. can you help me? they shuld be good dreams but they always make me feel almost scared.

  14. Nancy Retuya

    July 2010 I dreamed I was in a big house with several toilets.I dreamed my 3rd elder brother was there also.But it was dark all over that I can’t recognize the house.December 2010 I visited my 2 brothers in Qatar,the eldest and the 3rd one.Then I realized the house in my dream was the same one that my 3rd brother arranged for me to stay at.I told my sister in Manila about it that I saw the future in my dreams.
    When I was pregnant 1992 I saw a little girl in my dream calling me mommy,little did I know that she was my daughter in the future.She is 19 years old now,my only daughter.
    In 2009 I dreamed that my youngest sister was holding the hand of a little girl,I was wondering who the little girl was because I knew I couldnt conceived a child anymore and my sister was a single with no boyfriend at all.After 3 months my youngest sister adapted a baby girl and I realised it was the girl I saw in my dream.
    Is this what you call contact dreams or astral dreams,or what type of dreams did I have?


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