Your Weekend Forecast for September 28 – 30, 2012

Full Moon Alert

Creative energy runs high with the Moon in Pisces as we start this weekend. Our emotions are blazing as the Moon shifts into Aries while the Libra Sun fans the flame.

Full Moon alert: Make the most of the love energy, passion and ability to have great conversations. Outcomes to difficult situations are positive; connections made during this time are strong.


You rest and unwind on Friday night. After a very busy week, you find the weekend to be one that is super charged. An event you had planned to attend months ago turns out to be better than you thought when you made the commitment to go.


Quiet is not your mode at this time as your energy to talk about whatever is on your mind flows with ease. Listening to those you love softens your heart, and you find yourself in a good mood.


Take those you love into consideration as you plan the next few days. Travel lends itself to new experiences that brighten your spirit. Having to deal with a difficult friend gives you insight into their mess, which you’re able to help clean up.


“What me, moody?” No one is going to give you any problems despite yourself. Being able to handle the pouring out of emotions from those around you seems to shadow your feelings, and you put those you care about ahead of yourself crowning you the most unselfish one of the weekend.


Putting the top down on your new convertible attracts lots of attention as you cruise the town. You’re looking and feeling really good. New people come on your path who are very entertaining. The Full Moon lights the way to magic.


Picking out new wallpaper, paint and a few pieces of home furnishing make for a busy weekend. You amaze yourself at how you manage to stay within your budget while acquiring the items you had your heart set on.


With many appointments on your schedule for beauty, grooming and clothes shopping, the weekend moves fast. There is a piece of jewelry you want to buy and put it on layaway. Finish a paper you started to write. It’s a perfect time to express yourself.


You’re more pensive than usual as your thoughts of the past, present and future merge. House guests are fun to be around as they give you an audience to share what you have been pondering.


The Full Moon lights the way, and it’s pointing you in a new direction in the love realm. Your heart is wide open, and you’re ready for what you have been meditating about for the past few months. Emotions are in full force as you move forward in a new relationship.


Loving the Full Moon effect, you put all you magic stones and rocks outside to soak up the moonlight. The weekend nights are lovely as you stand on your new deck and gaze out into the vast universe. All is well in Capricorn land.


This is one of those mystical times, which you adorn with all your intuitive abilities. You take to a game of chance; winning is in the stars for you this weekend. So have fun, and set a limit on what you want to invest.


Your mind, heart and spirit are doing a dance. Engage your body, and you will be complete. A wonderful weekend awaits you with a surprise that only a loved on can bestow upon you.

2 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for September 28 – 30, 2012

  1. sapna

    Thanks for the predictions .But I am sorry to say that whoever wrote this article is teaching readers or people the wrong thing saying put away stuff on jewellry .On the contrary one should teach to be like a squirrel to save first and then look out for what one needs .This way no one would be in debt .And to go and see how many jewellry clothes or shoes one can wear.So plz think of the younger generation don’t put them in more debt .thank you sapna


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