How to Interpret Water Dreams

Whether you’re swimming in a peaceful lake or running from a flood, a dream about water can offer valuable insights about your inner life. If the water is calm and clear, you’re in a centered state of being (or getting there, anyway). If the water is dirty and/or tumultuous, you’re in need of some clarity during a challenging situation.

Sometimes a water dream will have a luminous quality that’s tremendously uplifting. Those dreams are rare and usually contain a message about your spiritual growth, like a spiritual progress report. More likely, though, if you dream about water, it’s a commentary on your feelings.

Rosenen in Downey, California, who happens to be a Cancer (a Water sign), frequently dreams of water during troubling times:

I notice that every time I am in a challenging situation, I always dream of water. In one dream, I have a bird’s-eye view of a deep blue sea. In other dreams, I’m looking at a flowing river from up above, or walking beside a riverbank with crystal clear water. Recently, I dreamed I was under a concrete structure of a wharf, looking at a tiger walking beneath the water.

This is a wonderful example of how dreams can offer emotional insights. Rosenen’s dreams of being above the water indicate she’s able to rise above troubling situations. This objectivity would be especially useful during conflicts with someone she’s close to. Another positive symbol is the flowing water, which is a sign of being adaptable, as in “going with the flow.”

Conversely, Rosenen’s dream of being under a wharf points to her being closer to an emotional situation, while the tiger may be a warning of some anger under the surface of her consciousness. Or the tiger could symbolize her inner power, which she can draw upon during stressful times.

Rechille in Sarasota, Florida has Moon is in Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune, the god of the sea. Not surprising, she often dreams of water scenarios:

I always dream that I am in water. Sometimes I’m swimming, and sometimes I’m tying to go across and I need to swim. Once I dreamt that I was sleeping and and the whole house was full of clear, clean water. At other times the water is dirty. What do these water dreams mean?

The houseful of water is a powerful symbol for Rechille. Because the Moon rules one’s feelings and home life, and Rechille’s Moon is in a Water sign, she has an exceptional ability to connect with her emotions through water dreams, especially if those dreams focus on her family. What’s more, Moon in Pisces indicates great sensitivity and intuition. As shown in her dreams, Rechille “swims” through life on the flow of her feelings and inner guidance. The clarity of the water reveals the status of her family ties, and perhaps the influence of family patterns, too. Clear water indicates a healthy emotional connection with her family, while dirty water means she needs to clear up some emotional issues, some of which pertain to her home life.

Of course, you don’t have to be a Water sign to have a water dream. Katie is an Aries from Levittown, Pennsylvania. She received an A on her spiritual report card in this inspiring dream:

I am climbing this waterfall, but I keep falling. I have a lot of trouble getting to the top, but when I do, there is the most powerful energy there — I can feel it even in the dream. At the top of the waterfall are thousands of beautiful clear quartz crystals instead of rocks. There are some rose quartz and purple quartz as well. There is also a pond of water so clear you can see right down to the bottom. The water sparkles. It feels so inspiring to be at the top. What does this all mean?

Katie deserves a round of applause for getting to the top! Or at least, that’s where she’ll be if she continues to focus on her spiritual life. To reach such a place of spiritual power, she’ll have to surmount the inner and outer obstacles that hinder her progress. Inner blocks might include issues involving self-esteem, emotional clarity, purpose or faith. Outer blocks will be the people and situations standing in the way of her true path (such obstacles often appear in our lives when we are doubtful of our direction). The rose quartz symbolizes the energy of love, while the purple quartz highlights the spiritual energy of the dream. Katie is definitely moving in the right direction.

If you have a water dream, notice the clarity and stability of the water. Then take note of your feelings in the dream. These clues will reveal the state of your emotional and/or spiritual life.

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  1. Brooklynn

    I had a dream That my boyfriend and I was driving on the bay bridge and it started to crumble and fall apart…My Boyfriend way driving and I told him to put the petal all the way down and he did to jump over to see if we could make it…. we didn’t quite make it so he grabbed me and we fell into the Ocean but before we fell into the ocean he said to me lets swim for that boat right there when we hit the water….When we hit the water I stared to sink and he was swimming…The water was clean and normal very clear blue and calm…Then my dream switched off to another water scene with him and I but it was at night when we jumped in the water together it was dark and scary but he pushed me to the top to help me swim up faster…..What do you think this means???

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