7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex

Sex is such a wonderfully misunderstood experience. Allow me to shed some light on what makes this fundamental act such a wonderful, mysterious, and necessary part of a healthy, committed relationship.

1. Sex vs. Satisfaction

Studies show the importance of sex to relationship satisfaction. Sex registers as 90 percent important for “unfulfilled” couples, but is downplayed to 10 percent when the couple is “satisfied.” It would appear that physical sex can hinder a relationship from reaching more spiritual planes (romance, passion, intimacy) when it is neglected altogether.

2. You Scream, He Screams… Let’s All Scream

Research suggests one of the sexiest sounds to a man while “in the moment” is his partner’s voice. Studies show that men orgasm 59 percent of the time while their partner is screaming or cooing, and only two percent of the time while laying quietly, counting ceiling sprinkles.

3. Not Tonight Honey, I’m Not Menstruating

Most couples steer away from “that time of the month,” but research strongly suggests that you reconsider. While men can enjoy good orgasms any time, women are particularly potent during ovulation and menstruation. Ovulation is nature’s way of instigating sex at the optimal time for conception, but menstruation is particularly pleasurable due to the increased circulation in the groin.

4. Reality of Great Sex

The general message out there is to spice up your relationship with a variety of bedroom antics and toys. We also hear an awful lot about the importance of the “O” word. Research suggests, however, that orgasm and sensation are less important than the simple enjoyment of intimacy and “being in the moment.”

5. Favorite Places to Get it On

Men and women have their favorite places to have sex, with the bedroom at the top of the list, and the car in second. North American men like to get busy at work, while women prefer the beach. Australians, on the other hand, prefer sex in the shower, and 40 percent of Malaysian men have a hankering for the porcelain throne. Different strokes for different folks!

6. The Mystery Behind the Female Orgasm

In his book The Naked Apple (1967), Desmond Morris suggests that the purpose of female orgasm is to encourage interest and exhaustion. In other words, it encourages the act, while encouraging her to rest in the horizontal position, preventing sperm leakage. Difficulty in women attaining orgasm is attributed to natural selection, considering that only the most patient and caring men would succeed, and these guys also happen to be the best family providers (in theory).

7. Seven Seconds to Sex

It’s often stated that men think about sex every seven seconds. Which makes you wonder how we can even function, let alone foster a healthy relationship. Thanks to a recent survey of over 28,000 men around the globe, we now know that 98 percent of guys value family and relationships much more than sex.

What do you wish the world understood about sex?

13 thoughts on “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex

  1. ??? ?????

    Good and healthy sex is all we need to be beautiful and super happy ! It works for me every time 🙂

    Safe sex with one awesome partner ! – ??? ?????

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  10. SuzanneSuzanne

    “Sex is natural, sex is fun, not everybody does it but everybody should…” — the great George Michael. Who can disagree?


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