Dreams Do Come True

Did you know that within your dreams lies a solution to every problem? There is a perfect partner, an ideal home or whatever else you desire. Your treasured memories, perceptions of what is to come, and a limitless catalog of images, sounds and sensations are all available to use as you program your dreams while you sleep.

Here’s a guideline to setting the intention for your dreams and tapping into all you wish as you sleep.

Write a dream plan
This notebook will serve as a dream journal with one big addition. You write down your intention for your dreams right before you go to sleep. Your mind is a tool for whatever goal you want to achieve. It wants to open every door for you.

Keep it simple
Clarity is the key. Here is a suggested phrase to use when you ask the universe to manifest your inner desires:

I give my dreams as a gift to my intention. Tonight I ask for clarity and direction for ______________.

Lullaby yourself
Put yourself under the covers visualizing the result of your intention. See yourself with the problem solved and feel the peace of resolution. This peace is your lullaby. You are telling the universe that you have complete faith in the outcome. You trust your environment to support you completely.

Write before you leap
Upon awakening, don’t move. Don’t leap out of bed. Don’t touch your foot to the floor. Remember the notebook? It’s time now to write down what is in your mind. What dream has stayed with you? What words present themselves with the morning dawn? If you awake with a clear mind, write down how grateful you are for a night of rest and the faith that all your intentions are heard by the universe.

Open your eyes to doubt
We doubt ourselves before we trust ourselves. So if you are in doubt, that’s okay. Acknowledge where you lack faith and then let it go from your mind. The potential energy of your brain is stronger than the ego mind. If you allow your ego to step aside, all the answers will come to you in your dreams.

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So, get some rest, and harness the power of your unconscious!

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