Meet Your Spirit Guides: Moving On in Peace

Randi from Mesa, Arizona says:

I’m trying to connect with my spirit guides and to my guardian angels, but I’m not getting a response.

My father is getting home hospice, and I have spirits/ghosts around me that won’t leave me alone. Now they are threatening me, saying that when my father passes on, they will not let him go to the light or continue his journey home. This is so upsetting to me that I don’t know what to do.

Do you know who my spirit guides or my guardian angel are, and how I connect with them? All help is appreciated, as I am afraid for my father.


Dear Randi,

Have no fear for your father! His spirit knows the way to the light, and there are already family members, guides and angels gathering to welcome and escort him. The spirits or ghosts who have been pestering you will have no effect, believe me.

While you don’t need names in order to contact your angels and guides, two have identified themselves. Your guardian angel is Radiance; your “committee chairman” or main guide was, in her most recent life, named after Blodeuwydd, the Welsh goddess of Spring, Life and Death, who is made of flowers. She is a close soul friend from a past life.

Since you have the gifts of a medium, I’m surprised that you’re not receiving the messages from your guides, because they are all around you. Stress is undoubtedly making it more difficult. Oracles like Tarot, Runes, pendulum (if you consecrate the space carefully), psychic hearing, seeing, knowing and body knowing, and automatic writing are but a few which will work for you.

However, Blodeuwydd simply says that you’re looking for messages the wrong way. She suggests that for now you do two things. First, rather than asking what to do, simply ask for your guides’ and angels’ help with specific things, and trust that they hear you (which they do) and will help immediately (which they will). And, second, start paying close attention to your surroundings, watching for messages which you will recognize because the signs – everything from numbers on a clock to highway billboards – will trigger some kind of recognition in the form of intuition or body knowing.

To deal with the unpleasant spirits, I suggest you read and use Psychic Marin’s Candle Burning Basics. Here is a very powerful prayer, addressing the unwelcome spirits, to also help send them on their way:

“Dear one, you are healed and forgiven. You are one with your higher nature, your own Divine Self. You are filled and surrounded with Divine Love. You are filled and surrounded with Divine Light. You are free from pain, fear and the earth vibration. I ask Archangel Michael [or another spirit of your choosing] to take you to your right place… NOW!”

All will be well, Randi. Ask for help, and you will receive it.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Your Spirit Guides: Moving On in Peace

  1. chrissy

    Thank you so much, Yes your right. but thaTS THE thing, my mind or gut is hard for me to see whats right or wrong.. I always reading and this site keeps me up all but I dont knwo if im slow or scaryed but I just cant get what Im looking for, and not sure what I am looking for

  2. chrissy

    Wow, that is very deep, i always wanted to talk to my angels or my guides, I know someone is around me, and when im sleeping I know someone is always in my room. But how do you know if its bad or good… For some reason I always felt I had a gift not sure what type but somethign is sure here….. i wish I just new how to work it better so I can help other ppl to…. My life has been a mess for years, I just wish I could see the light already… Any help out there????????


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