DreamCast: Your Spiritual Growth is an Act of Transformation

Marina in London, England writes:

I dreamed that I was being suffocated to death. I was trying to scream, but my voice didn’t come out, and I ended up waking up trying to scream. I used to have this dream often a few years ago, but I’m not sure why it has returned. I’m much happier in my life than I used to be. What does it mean?

Hello Marina,

I think there is still a part of you that needs to be expressed. In search of a clue as to what this might be, I looked up your chart. With three placements in Taurus, you’re in a period of expansion that may launch you out of your comfort zone. How exciting!

Jupiter entered Taurus in early June 2011, and will be transiting over your Sun (individuality), Mercury (intellect) and Jupiter (spirituality and education) through spring 2012. You might consider taking some classes, focusing on your spiritual life, starting your own business (or expanding the one you already have), exploring your creativity or expanding your social circle—or all of the above.

What’s more, transiting Saturn in Libra is triggering your natal Venus-Uranus square, which may cause you to question some relationship choices you’ve made. This influence can also prompt you to develop an artistic talent.

In any case, it’s time to explore your inner world and give voice to the part of you that is waiting in the wings.

Sweet dreams,


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7 thoughts on “DreamCast: Your Spiritual Growth is an Act of Transformation

  1. toots

    Sounds like “The Old Hag”. A popular dream phenomenon involving a heavy weight of figure holding you down, causing you to panic, breathlessly without voice and unable to move (sleep paralysis). This has happened to people all over the world. Google it. The old Hag

  2. judy zavala

    My husband past away very young at 25 left me with two boys. my husband was always around me sending a sign when ever this boys were up to something wrong always a deep smell of cool cigretts were every i moved he would follow. i soon began to dream this horrible dream quite often i was fighting the devil for my son always the same dream my son was under bed and i was pulling him from is leg the devil was pulling by his arms. i told him he is my son you can have him each time i said i love my son and said in the name of juses you can have him he would roar louder and louder. It turn out i lost my son at 22 . than in my dream he came to visit me but his father wasn’t with his godmother dad brought him dress in a long white gown my son said to me mom sing to me and dance with me i did that he began to back away and said mom pray for my soul pray for my soul we did a rosie for 7 days. later in time i was having problems with his brother . Later that night my son was sleeping in my room i was lying in thee other bed my son visit me again he took my hand put it on his head and stroke he hair for alittle bit and than he took my hand and put it over his bother head and began to pray for him when he was done praying my son turn to and smile he had braces and his teeth he never ever had braces on his teeth to me this was an answer from god that thier is recarnation and his soul was free to live again in another life. I believe because he was a donor and gave life to 4 people he was given new and better life live that sent from his father is still around i believe that my husband is my guardian angle and my son to he will look after his sisters and bother to.

  3. Steev

    Chrissi, it sounds to me like your somewhat of a fearless soul – which could lead to wrecklesness ( the cats are afterall are ” wild “, but also it sounds like your’e a bit frustrated that your boyfriend is not more of an adventuress spirit than he is. by giving you my take on your dream, i think i might have just answered my own question. huhh !

  4. Laureen

    I dreamt that my husband and I were sitting at a table and we both had on bright orange shirts and had smiles on our faces. The shirts were like a neon orange. Can you tell me what that means. Thanks

  5. Steev

    I’m fifty years old, iv’e had about ten dreams in my life and most of them fade in a very short period of time ( hours ). I had one dream about two – two and a half years ago and it is as vivid today as it was then . what could that be about ?

  6. Chrissi Matusevics

    could you give me any insight on this dream, I dreamed I was at a local friend’s in their front garden, on the wall was what looked like a dark grey resin model of a hare, it wasn’t resin, it was alive, I was petting it and it changed shape to a tiger and walked over into the back garden, where it was joined by another one (there was no fear here at all) there was a row of seats arranged in a half circlein the garden and I sat down and one of the tigers sat in the centre of the seats, other people sat in the other chairs, and the tiger who had been the hare sat on my lap and allowed me to pet it as if it was a domestic cat, after a while the other one changed places with it, at no time did anyone else notice or appear to notice these tigers. the strange thing was quite a few years ago, an ex boyfriend who came from Kenya dreamed that he took me camping in the savannah there, and a pride of lions came into our camp, he told me not to come out of the tent and be quiet, but I came out and again not only was I unafraid of the lions but they all allowed me to pet them there the only one afraid was him.


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